Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI Review

With advancement in technology, things have become much more comfortable for people. Unlike previous days, when people had to go out to run miles after miles to lose their body weight and burn their calories, nowadays with the emergence of treadmill no longer people have to move out to live a healthy life.

When you have a sturdy built treadmill, it is enough to help you get into a proper shape. With the many choices available in the market, these days you will be rewarded with lots of choices but then again making the right choice is a necessity. Welcare is a popular brand offering some of the high-end treadmills that have been helping people to live a healthy life.

From the many choices, Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI is one of the latest products in their collection that has been equipped with a range of features.

This new treadmill has a motor of 1.5HP which means it can easily carry the intense exercise without showing any problems in the machine. Having such a high endurance is what the people at pro level seek for. Being designed in a way that ensures least storage space while maximum performance, this new Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI has become a valuable and fundamental choice for the serious trainees.

Its speed and inclination ensure accomplishing your fitness goals right from the convenience of your home. This is from the high-end machines that have most of the features required by the pro level trainees.

You are waiting to check out all the different features available in this treadmill. Arent you? Just like the other high-end models, this treadmill again comes with a range of features. Let us find out some of the amazing features that come with this treadmill.

Product Features

With some of the exceptional features been integrated into this treadmill, this machine has become a choice for family users. People who are looking for a family machine, the Welcare WC2277MI can offer the best result without spending differently on different people in a family.

1.5 HP  Motor:

This new treadmill has been designed with a powerful 1.5HP motor that provides it with the power to carry all the intense exercises. Moreover, this treadmill also runs at 3 HP in its peak which makes it apt for the pro trainees. A powerful motor is a principal thing to be integrated into a machine as it decides the strength. More powerful a motor is, much will be its strength to endure the intense exercises.  

100kgs of Max User Capacity:

Being designed with a strong frame, this treadmill got a capacity of enduring 100kgs of weight. This is the reason why it becomes excellent for family use. As the weight variation is huge, one can easily hop on to the machine and start practicing their daily fitness routine.

15 Auto Incline:

Incline has become a necessary thing in the treadmill available in today’s date. Especially if you are a pro trainee, you need different incline levels to strengthen your body muscles.

Moreover, being auto incline one, the treadmill will itself decide the incline degrees once it finds your body can take the previous incline degree. This brings a new challenge to your body and ensures accomplishing the best results within less time.

Folding with Soft Drop System:

The treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily folded and kept in some corners. Folding machines are specially designed for home use and integrating the soft drop system ensures easy folding without the need of anyone else.

1 – 16km/h Speed Range:

The new Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI has been equipped with top-notch performance aspects. It has an impressive speed range of 1 to 16 km/h that makes it great from both beginners and pro trainees. Therefore once your body gets accustomed to a speed range, you can quickly bring variations to it by speeding up and changing the incline degrees.

9 Preset and three modes of Body Fat Programs:

The treadmill is designed for all the users and which is why it has been integrated with nine preset programs. These are valuable for everyone as these have been designed keeping in mind about the needs of users. Moreover, it also has three modes of body fat programs, that is exclusively designed for people who want to lose weight within less time.

5 Inches of LCD:

Apart of the all the basic aspects that are required for the serious trainees, this treadmill is also provided with some of the high-end features. It has a 5 inch of an LCD screen that shows all the different body functioning happening inside your body. You can easily find everything without the need for pausing or stopping.

48 x 17 Inches of Walking Area:

The treadmill has been designed keeping in mind regarding the needs of people. Since the running area is something that ensure safety and which people feel uncomfortable when they do not find adequate space, this treadmill has been provided with 48 x 17 inches of running space. Even the tall people can easily walk and run on this treadmill without the fear of falling down and breaking their bones.

Long Lasting Fabric:

The treadmill has been designed with a great fabric that ensures its longevity. Hence even when you choose an intense workout, you can stay assured about its durability.

Box Content:

Even when the treadmill has been provided with every other thing that ensures a great workout session, it also comes with some other things. You will also be getting a Massager, a sit up, and a Twister. This ensures users to maintain their full body just by buying a single machine.

Safety Key and Auto Stop Button:

This treadmill has a safety key and auto stop button integrated into it which ensures the safety of the users. This protects you doubly as in case of any issues in your body observed by the treadmill; it will immediately stop and stop you from further damage.

Let us have a look at its features in brief:

Max User Capacity100kgs
FoldableYes, with a soft drop system
InclineYes, with 15 auto incline degrees
Top Speed1 – 16km/h
Preset ProgramsNine preset, three body fat programs
LCD5 Inches of an LCD display
Display ConsoleCalories burnt, heart rate, time spent, distance covered, speed covered
Multifunctional elementsMassager, twister, and sit-up
Running Surface48” x 17.”
Safety KeyYes
Treadmill CoverYes

What Do We like

  • Great Build Quality: We were pretty impressed to find such a great built quality of this treadmill. You will feel its strength from the moment you get onto it. Even we started running on the top sped and on incline degrees, but still, it’s strong built never made us feel uncomfortable or insure for a single time.
  • Quiet Motor: When it comes to looking for treadmill especially for home use, we generally look for a quiet treadmill. We were pretty surprised to find that this treadmill has a quiet and noiseless motor. Even when you run at high speed, you cannot still find any noise. We just loved this feature about it.
  • Can easily be folded: Unlike the other heavy machines that users find difficult to fold because of its weight, this treadmill does not take much energy to fold. Due to its amazing mechanism, it barely requires some energy to fold.
  • Durable stitching: The manufacturer declared that the treadmill has impressive longevity and which is visible on the way it is being stitched. It’s durable no matter how much you run on top speed and different incline levels.
  • Comes with a cover: Not every brand offers a cover with it, but this machine impressively does. Since the chances of getting damaged due to dirt and dust are higher, covering it is a safer practice. The Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI provides with a cover that fits perfectly. You can easily cover the machine once you are done exercising to maintain its longevity.
  • Plenty of room for stretching your legs: While running, you will never feel that the treadmill has less leg space and which can become a problem for you. The reason is that the treadmill has been designed with ample leg space to make sure of comfortable walking and running.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited Preset Programs: Even when this is considered as the high-end treadmill, we are a little bit disappointed to see only a limited number of preset programs. The manufacturer needs to focus on providing much more preset programs in the treadmill as it becomes helpful for everyone.

Final Verdict:

The Welcare Motorized WC2277MI has most of the features that become valuable for the fitness fanatics. Even if someone is a beginner, this machine can become a good choice to start with. With some of the fantastic features like great speed range, auto incline degrees, and sturdy build quality, this treadmill provides you with ample of chances to train your body and lead a happy and healthy life.

So don’t wait any further, just place your order for the  Welcare Motorized WC2277MI treadmill and give new challenges to your body.


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