Safe water is what we want for our family but we also have to make sure we get a water purifier under our budget that has all the necessary features. In order to ensure that you and your family are safe from water-borne diseases, Blue Star Aristo RO+UF Water Purifier is a must-have water purifier at your home. Its unique design can fit anywhere, and also it will give you pure and safe drinking water.


Aqua taste booster

The unique aqua taste booster helps to enhance the taste of water by maintaining the optimum PH level of water by using calcite media technology. Thus you will have an enriching experience of this water.

Child lock function

To avoid unnecessary wastage of water, the product has come up with a unique child lock function. The button is placed on the tap, which, when pressed, gets locked and can be opened later.

Low-pressure alert

When the water is about to finish, or the purified water is totally used, the product will notify you with an indicator so that you will never have to wait for the water to get purified.

Auto shut off

The auto shut off function avoids wastage of water as it is automatically turned off once the water is completely filled and purified.

ABS food grade plastic material

Blue star aristo water purifier is made from ABS quality food grade plastic, which is nonbreakable and safe than the usual plastic.

What Do We like

High capacity filter

The tank has a capacity of 7 liter, which immediately provides water for drinking. Thus, the greater the capacity or storage will be, the more beneficial it is.

Copper impregnated activated carbon

Copper impregnated activated carbon has an anti-bacterial property, which will keep the product free from all kinds of bacteria, algae, and bad odor that, at times, are obtained from such drinking water.

Quick purification

The product is super efficient and quickly purifies the water in no time. As it runs on electricity, the process of purification is quite quick.

Triple-layered protection

Triple-layered protection consists of RO+UV+UF layers that provide safe and healthy drinking water. It removes all the impurities that are present in the water along with other harmful viruses and bacteria

What We Don’t Like

Wastes a lot of water during purification

While the water gets purified, the dissolved impurities are thrown out of the purifier along with the impure water through a pipe. This water can be used for some other purposes, but usually, it is anyway wasted.

No detachable water tank

The product does not come with a detachable tank, which means that the cleaning process will take time, and hence maintenance is quite difficult.


Blue Star Aristo RO+UF Water Purifier has got unique features and has an amazing capacity that will consistently provide safe and pure drinking water throughout the day to you and your family. The triple-layered UV +UF+RO protection will keep all the germs away from drinking water, and the aqua taste booster will ensure that you get the taste you deserve without losing any minerals.