Blue Star 3W18GA 1.5 Ton Window AC Review

Blue Star has never failed to provide us with quality air conditioners since its existence. They are a local brand that promises consistent quality and reliability. This Blue Star 3W18GA Window AC is a good aircon to buy, especially for first-timers and for people that have limited budgets.

Its housing is aesthetically perfect, which will add up some wonderful style to your home. It comes with a responsive remote controller that you can use to turn the aircon on and off and adjust the temperature easily. It has all the basic functionalities that you’ll need to have for a great cooling experience.

The anti-corrosive blue fins are integrated on the condenser to provide superb durability and make the performance more efficient. Despite its low price, the features and quality are not compromised, which one of the attributes that people truly love about this product.

LED Display

This is where you can view the current status of the aircon including its temperature and other essential info while it is in use

Auto Mode

It can automatically set the temperature on your room according to the current needs of it

Sleep Mode

It sets the ideal temperature in your room while you are sleeping for a more desirable sleep

Rotary Compressor

This is known for emitting strong power which will result in high speeds for the aircon to cool the  room easily and quickly

Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper

It protects the condenser from getting destroyed as it will become protected from rust and corrosion.

Dry Mode

This mode will reduce the moisture in the air to ensure that you will get a better quality of air

Fan Mode

This is perfect for saving electricity as you can turn the fan on when the room is already cool which will significantly reduce the energy consumption of this aircon

Copper Condenser

Copper is known for being one of the most durable metals on the planet. This is why it does not accumulate rust making this condenser last for a long time.

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What Do We like

Decent Coverage

This air conditioner has the maximum capacity of 1.5 tons which is perfect for medium size rooms of 121 to 179 square feet

Great Design

It has a nice housing that is surely good-looking and will add up some style to your room

Easy to Use

It does not contain hard to understand components making it very easy to operate at all times

Silent Motor

It only emits 52 decibels of noise every time you will use it making it suitable to use in all parts of the day


Since it is made of premium materials and crafted to perfection, you can expect that it will not wear out easily even if you use it every day.

Easy to Clean

Since it is a window type aircon, you can easily clean it as it has detachable components and a spacious interior that you can easily fit your hands on while cleaning

Low Maintenance

It does not need any tremendous maintenance for it to function perfectly saving you a lot of time and effort


It is rated as a 3-star when it comes to energy-efficiency making you save some money from your bills as it only consumes 1685 watts of electricity

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This economical air conditioner has a lot of decent features that you’ll truly love, such as the LED Display, Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Rotary Compressor, Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper, Dry Mode, Fan Mode, and Copper Condenser. Those will give you a better and comfortable environment inside your room by having some cool and fresh air provided by this high-quality aircon at a very affordable price.

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