Blue Star BI-3CNHW12NAFU 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Review

Blue Star is a local but world-class quality brand that specializes in cooling systems and is considered one of the finest out there. One proof is this Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. It has lots of good features that are aligned in making you healthier.

It is one of the few air-conditioners that has a lot of filters integrated into it. This will ensure that the air that you are breathing inside your room is not only cool but healthy to breathe as well. It filters out all the possible pollutants that are present in the air quickly and easily at a very reasonable price.


7 Advance Filters

This feature will allow the aircon to minimize the pollutants in the air which is good for the respiratory health

Catechin Filter

It prevents the buildup of bacteria inside the aircon, which will give you peace of mind that it will always give you a hygienic use at all times.

Silver Ion Filter

This allows the aircon to eliminate microbes in the air giving your room a fresher environment

Anti-Acarien Filter

It allows the air to become free from house mites and other allergens

Vitamin C Filter

This ensures that the air that we are breathing is clean and will improve our respiratory health as it removes free radicals in the air

Dust Filter

It traps out dust particles in the air to give you fresher air to breathe


It is a unique air purification technology that will keep you secured from allergens and bacteria while this air-conditioner is in use

Hidden Display

It has a large LED display wherein you can check the current status of the air-conditioner and conceal it whenever you want to sleep already to keep the room dim

I-Feel Mode

This technology automatically senses the temperature around the user and adjust it accordingly to your desired temperature

Comfortable Sleep Mode

It adjusts the temperature automatically while you are sleeping into a more desirable temperature that is just right for you.

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What Do We like

Great Design

The amazing exterior that this aircon has will truly add up some wow factor to your room.

Low Noise

It does not emit that much noise as it only emits 39 decibels while in use, making it perfect to use even at night.

Decent Maximum Capacity

Its 1-ton maximum capacity will allow the aircon to accommodate small rooms of less than 110 square feet.

Environment Friendly

It emits r410a gas, which is proven to be very gentle on the ozone layer.

Ease of Use

It has a remote control that allows you to use it with more comfort and ease.


This aircon does not contain any complex components which will not give you any difficulties while using this aircon.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This premium air-conditioner has a lot of good features that are considered best for our health, such as the 7 Advance Filters, Catechin Filter, Silver Ion Filter, Anti-Acarien Filter, Vitamin C Filter, Dust Filter, Ioniser, Hidden Display, I-Feel Mode, and Comfortable Sleep Mode. Those features will improve your breathing without hurting your budget.

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