Blue 5CNHW18QATX/IC518QATX Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC Review

For many years already, Blue Star has been providing high-quality air cooling products here in India and abroad. So if you are looking for a premium air-conditioner for your home then might as well try this Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It has premium features and looks that will keep you going even on hot weather conditions.

Aside from that, it has the best features to give you a better quality of air in a precise manner. This is absolutely perfect if there is currently a presence of extreme weather conditions. Rest assured that you are getting the maximum experience out of it that is truly a value for your money.

Brushless Motor

It operates on electronic commutation arrangements in order to prolong its lifespan and reducing operational noise.

Precision Cooling

You can set the temperature that this aircon will produce specifically as you have the ability to manage it even on its lowest decimal points.

Dual Rotor Inverter with 2 Compression Chambers

This will give you a silent, efficient, and reliable usage of various speeds with minimal vibrations and energy-saving capabilities.

4D Swing Bar

It is a motorized swinger that will allow you to enjoy cool air across the room in 4 directions both vertically and horizontally.

Special Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins

it allows the condenser to become free from the harmful effects of corrosion.

Cold Plasma Technology

It generates ionic bonds that fight bad bacteria and other pollutants in the air and destroying them when needed.

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What Do We like

Decent Maximum Capacity

It has the ability to accommodate rooms of up to 111 to 150 square meters because of its 1.5 tons capacity.

Premium Look

The elegant design that it has is a truly great addition to your room to enhance its look.

Easy to Use

Its user-friendly interface will not give you any difficulties using this even if it was your first time using this product.

Minimal Maintenance

It will not give you any difficulties even if you use this aircon on a daily basis because it requires minimal maintenance.


It has a portable body that will allow you to fit it even in the tightest spaces.


Since it is made of the finest materials, rest assured that it will not wear out easily.


It does not emit harmful chemicals that will harm the environment.


It is loaded with a lot of features that minimize energy consumption.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This premium air-conditioner is loaded with premium features that will give you the maximum comfort and satisfaction. Some of its features are the Brushless Motor, Precision Cooling, Dual Rotor Inverter with 2 Compression Chambers, 4D Swing Bar, Special Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins, and Cold Plasma Technology.

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