Blue Star IC324YATU 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Review

Blue Star is one of the most famous air conditioning and refrigerator manufacturers here in India. They have various plants across the country, such as in Ahmedabad, Dadra, Himachal, and Wada. The Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is one of their flagship air conditioners in their product catalog. It has a superior motor combined with a white glossy finish housing that is truly desirable to look at.

It has a 3-star energy rating that ensures superb energy-efficiency. This air conditioner also has one of the most numerous premium features; that’s why you can get real value for your money. You will also have the ability to control this aircon precisely as you can set its temperature even to the lowest decimal point.

The ergonomic remote control will allow you to switch the aircon on/off and control its settings easily without the need to manually click the buttons on the air conditioner. This will give you lots of comforts while enjoying this air conditioner.


LED Display

This is where you can view the current status of the air conditioner if it is turned on or not and the temperature.

Anti-Dust Feature

It filters out dirt easily so that you can have a better quality of air inside your room

Cross Flow Feature

This feature will give an even distribution of air inside your room so that all the portions of your room will be cooled accordingly

Turbo Technology

It sets the aircon to the maximum speed so that it can cool the room efficiently especially on hot weather conditions

Auto Restart

In case there is a power interruption, the aircon will have the ability to restart its operation without the need for a manual intervention

Dual Rotor Technology w/ Inverter

This will save you a lot of money from your electricity bills because it adjusts the speed of the motor automatically as needed for maximum energy-efficiency

Precision Cooling Technology

It allows the aircon to cool up the room as quickly as possible to provide you a superb cooling experience.

Self Diagnosis

This will let you know if there are problems with the air-conditioner by showing error codes so that you can troubleshoot it without professional help.

Sleep Mode

It will give you the desired temperature while you are sleeping for better comfort while you are resting at night.

Glow Button

The buttons of this aircon has glowing lights so that you can easily them even on dark environments for easy clicking

Dual Temp Display

It will allow you to view the present temperature of the room so that you will be aware if is still in your desired coolness

Swing Feature

This feature will give the louvers the capacity to move on various directions to ensure that the cool air will be well distributed inside the room

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What Do We like

Wide Coverage

The 2-ton maximum capacity of this aircon can accommodate medium-size rooms

Beautiful Style

It has an eye-catchy look because of the amazing exterior that it has will surely give your room some elegance


It only consumes 700 watts of power which means that it will not add up significant costs on your electricity bills


Since it does have a simple interface, rest assured that it will not give you any difficulties while you are using it

Quiet Operation

It only emits 49 decibels which allows you to enjoy a quiet environment while this aircon is in use especially at night when everyone is supposed to be sleeping already


Since this aircon is made of high-quality materials it is expected that it will not deteriorate easily

Low Maintenance

It does not require you to do any strenuous maintenance on this aircon for it to function perfectly

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This wonderful aircon will give you a maximum cooling experience because of its premium features such as the LED Display, Anti-Dust Feature, Cross Flow Feature, Turbo Technology, Auto Restart, Dual Rotor Technology w/ Inverter, Precision Cooling Technology, Self Diagnosis, Sleep Mode, Glow Button, Dual Temp Display, and Swing Feature. Those features will let you enjoy a cooler environment, even on hot summer days.

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