LG P1860RWN5 14.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The LG manufacturers are popular in the washing machine section of most stores and a favorite among customers. The company, which has built its reputation over the years by delivering quality products and services, has also designed this heavy-duty washing machine.

The LG 14kg washing machine has a massive tub that can take a lot of clothes. The washing machine is best for very large families. You can do all your washing at a go to save your time. This LG washing machine also comes with unique wash settings that make it great for delivering clean and sparkling clothes.


Roller Jet Pulsator

The unique roller jet pulsator is designed to give you the perfect scrub. It uses water flow pressure to add friction to your clothes, so they rub against each other gently.

3 Wash Programs

The wash programs come in either gentle, normal, or strong. These three preset functions allow you to easily find a suitable wash setting for all your fabric types. You can easily wash delicate and even strong materials on this washing machine.


You can soak clothes with very difficult stains in your detergent for up to twenty minutes inside this massive tub. It would soften the stains while the washing machine does the rest of the work to remove all the dirt from the clothes during washing.

Magic Wheel

This washing machine is designed with very solid wheels that allow you to move it to any position in your home. The wheels are magic because they can move in any direction because they are 360 degrees wheels.


This removes any soap residue that may be in the washing machine after the clothes have been washed. During the spin cycle, all the residues are washed off completely.

Air Dry

The air dryer extracts all the water from your already washed clothes to reduce the amount of time remaining for it to get dried.

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What Do We like

Magic Wheels

The wheels on this washing machine make it easy for you to move it around, considering its large size. It would be difficult to lift a 14kg washing machine, and so these wheels save your energy.

Lint Filter

You will have clean and fresh clothes coming from your washing machine after every wash. The filter extracts the lint or any residue from your clothes after washing.

Collar Scrubber

The washing machine saves you all the strength you could have used washing collars with your hands. It cleans the collars very well.

What We Don’t Like

Child Lock

This washing machine does not come with a child lock feature to protect your wash settings from being tampered with.


The great thing about this LG washing machine is that it is very easy to set up. It does not require any special installation, and you can start using it immediately you buy it. If you do a lot of washing, this washing machine will be great for you.

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