Inalsa Micro WD10 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Inalsa Wet and Dry Micro WD-10 Vacuum cleaner is a multi-surface cleaning device. It can clean both dry and wet dust. It can also be used to blow-dry the floor with its powerful blower function.

It also has a smart Buoy technology, which stops the suction of water once the tank is full. It also has powerful suction and blower.


Multi-Surface Vacuuming

The Inalsa Micro WD-10 comes with two kinds of filters that enable it to clean both wet and dry surfaces. For wet cleaning, it uses a sponge filter, and for dry cleaning, it has to be equipped with a blue textile bag.


Though the Inalsa Micro WD-10 has a high functioning suction power of about 130 air watts and a compelling blower function, it has a motor of only 1000W. 


Inalsa Wet and Dry Micro WD-10 come with a potent blower function that enables it to reach the corners and hard to reach places. It can also be used to blow-dry the floor, carpets, and other fabrics.


The Inalsa Micro WD-10 1000W has Swivel caster wheels that allow the vacuum cleaner to move around and in itself is flexible.


The Inalsa WD-10 has onboard tool storage, located above the wheels that ensure all the nozzles and attachments are kept organized in the same place.

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What Do We like

Smart Buoy Technology

The Inalsa WD-10 comes with an in build smart Buoy technology. This technology allows the cleaner to stop the suction once the tank is full, thus preventing overflow.


The Inalsa WD-10 has a capacity of 10 liters which is enough for daily household needs. It is also made up of active, durable polymer that makes it sturdy. 


As the Inalsa Micro WD-10 is made a polymer, the vacuum cleaner is very light, weighing only 4 kg. It also has a stylish and hard handle, thus making it very easy to carry around.


Inalsa Micro WD-10 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a wide range of accessories like different nozzles for small corners, sofa, wet cleaning, extension tube, and flexible hose.


Although the Inalsa WD-10 has a suction power of 130 air watts and a motor of 1000W, it does not create much sound. 

Suction and Blower Function

The Inasa Micro WD-10 has a suction function of 130 air watts. Along with it, it comes with a very powerful blower function. This blower function can be used in blowing dry fabrics, the floor, etc.

What We Don’t Like

Changing Filters

The Inalsa Micro WD-10 comes with two types of filters, a blue cloth filter for dry cleaning and a sponge filter for wet cleaning. As a result, one has to change the filter every time to switch. This interrupts the vacuuming process.


Inalsa Wet and Dry Micro WD-10 1000W Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect machine for everyday use. With its unique buoy technology, it saves the motor and makes it more user-friendly.

Being a multi-surface cleaning device and less noisy, it is undoubtedly worth the price.

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