Panasonic MC-CL563R145 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter Review

Nowadays, with both parents or partners working, it becomes difficult to juggle office work and household chores. Also, with the advent of technology, every work has become easier, simpler, less tedious, and less time-consuming. The same goes for cleaning the house and maintaining cleanliness.

Panasonic is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of home and electronic appliances and accessories. The Panasonic MC-CL563R145 is user-friendly, easily cleans furniture, floor, electronic items like keyboards, computers, etc. Moreover, it is available at a very reasonable price.


Full capture crevice nozzle

The vacuum cleaner has been ergonomically designed, and it is very user-friendly. Its compact design does not occupy much space, and it has a large floor head that facilitates maximum floor coverage. The front cover of the crevice nozzle is usually closed and opens once it comes in contact with the wall. Hence, it enables extensive coverage and cleans every nook and corner of the room.

 1800W motor

The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 1800 watts, which allows strong suction force, facilitating quick and efficient cleaning.

2.0L dust capacity

 The Panasonic vacuum cleaner comes with a translucent dust bowl that has a massive capacity of 2.o liters. One can easily see the amount of dust collected. It can be emptied at once when the pot is full.

HEPA filtration

High-efficiency particulate air used in Panasonic vacuum cleaners forces air through a fine mesh and helps trap 99.97 % dust particles, keeping debris and dust particles away from the filter. This prevents the filter from clogging due to dust collection and facilitates strong suction.

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What Do We like


The vacuum cleaner comes with a has a crevice tool and dusting brush, which helps clean computer keyboard, television, and any other electronic gadgets.

Quick and Efficient Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 1800 watts, and the HEPA filtration, which prevents the filter from clogging. It helps clean quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Steel Tube

The vacuum cleaner comes with an efficient stainless steel tube, which enables cleaning narrow, confined places effortlessly.

What We Don’t Like


The vacuum cleaner weighs 4.9 kg, and the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner are heavy. So it becomes difficult to move the cleaner from one place to the other.

Not easy to clean

It is not very convenient to remove dust from a dust chamber or assemble and dismantle the canister. Cleaning the cleaner is a tedious task.


The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 1800 watt and a strong suction force, which makes it highly efficient. Moreover, the versatile vacuum cleaner has a compact design. The crevice nozzle cleans confined areas easily. The dust bowl has a huge storage capacity, and the NEPA filtration system makes cleaning effortless. All these features clubbed together make Panasonic MC-CL563R145 an ideal choice for every household or office use.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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