Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip+ Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner has an incredibly stylish design with a capacity of 2 liters. It is specially designed for compact places like cars as well as apartments. It also claims to remove hidden dust particles along with harmful allergens.


The Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner comes with a voluminous capacity of 2 liters.

Suction Power

The Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip+ models come with a super powerful motor of 1000W that helps in the removal of dust that is deeply rooted.

Automatic cut out

The Trendy Zip+ models come with an automatic cut out system that ensures the vacuum cleaner is shut down when it is overheated. This helps in preventing the motor from getting damaged.


As the Trendy Zip+ 2-litre canister model is made from ABS plastic, it is very lightweight and thus handy. Its weight is about 2.5 Kgs.


The Trendy Zip+ model from Eureka Forbes has an in build indicator that shows once the dirtbag is full.

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What Do We like


As this Trendy Zip+ model is made from ABS plastic, it is very light in weight of about 2.5 kgs only, thus making it easily portable.

Ultra-modern design

As the name suggests, the Trendy Zip + model comes with a very sleek design and a bright red and silver color that gives it a modern era look.

Accessory storage

This model from Eureka Forbes comes with a compact storage for all the accessories in a single place, thus taking up less space.

Automated power off

The Trendy Zip+ model has an automatic power-off option once it gets heated up more than average. Thus preventing the damage of the unit overall.

Deep Cleaning

The Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip+ models come with nozzles of different sizes, which ensure a deep and thorough dry cleaning.


The Trendy Zip+ 2-litre canister vacuum cleaner comes with a dirtbag made of cloth, unlike most dirtbags that are made of paper and thus are easily damaged. This dirtbag can be used and washed easily.

What We Don’t Like


The Trendy Zip+ model makes a high-pitched noise, thus making it difficult for a peaceful cleaning.

No Wet surface cleaning

The Trendy zip+ model is a single surface cleaner; thus, we can’t clean wet surfaces with it.


This Trendy Zip+ 2-litre canister model is perfect if you are looking for a compact and portable and stylish vacuum cleaner for your car or home. It can be useful when used moderately.

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