Eureka Forbes Vogue 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Forbes vogue 1400-watt vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful and robust suction of 2000mm. It has a 5-meter cord to clean places that are difficult to reach, including shelves, grills, etc.

It comes with a powerful suction and blower function with 1400W motor. You can control the suction power as per your need with the assistance of the flexible power control. It has a dust bag capacity of 0.5 liters. 


Suction and Blower

The 1400W motor with a powerful suction makes sure that every tiny dirt particle from the house is cleaned thoroughly with an airflow of 2 m3/ minute.

On-Board Accessory Storage

Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner is designed with an onboard storage facility so that all the accessories are kept handy. The cord can be stored in the unit itself, thus preventing its damage and organized storage.

Variable Power Control

It has a variable power control mode. This ensures that the suction power can be easily managed as per our needs. We can set the power to low, medium, or high speed, depending on the cleaning requirements.

Wide Range of Accessories

Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner has a collection of six additional accessories that can be changed and used as per your requirement.

The accessories include extension tubes, carpet brush, blower adaptor, flexible hosepipe, Crevice nozzle, and multipurpose brush.

Ergonomic design

This product comes with only one color option- Red and silver. It has a plastic body, making it lightweight and thus easy to use.

LED indicator

The smart LED indicates various cleaning modes and power status. It also notifies when the dirtbag is full.

Super Silent Operation

The Forbes Vogue Vacuum cleaner is a noise-free vacuum cleaner, thus making it more attractive.


Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner is warranted against manufacturing defects arising from faulty designs for 12 months from the date of installation.

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What Do We like

Super Silent

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, vogue is super silent; it doesn’t make much noise.

Suction power

The great suction power of about 1400W motor, thus giving it a powerful tool.

Easy to assemble

Very easy to assemble as it comes with a cd to help in a demonstration. Small packaging so can be fit anywhere.


Being very light in weight, so can be used by elderly people, as it is made up of plastic.

Auto shut off

The vogue vacuum cleaner has an in-build auto shut off feature, ensuring it automatically shuts off when the machine gets heated up, or the dirtbag is full.

What We Don’t Like

Blower function poor

The vacuum cleaner has a reduced blower pressure compared to the suction power.

Short Hosepipe

The hosepipe is very short, of about 5 feet, thus making it difficult to use for the ceiling.



Eureka Forbes, Vogue Vacuum cleaner, is a moderate use, lightweight Vacuum cleaner. It uses too much energy yet fails to satisfy as a heavy use cleaner.

It does a decent job in suction but, at the same time, fails in its blowing feature. As it’s gets heated up fast, it can be used only for a shorter period. The small packaging makes it easier to be placed.

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