Treadmills Under INR 20000

Choosing a budget-friendly treadmill from the different types including motorized treadmills, manual treadmill, and folding treadmills, is not easy. Here we have provided a detailed buying guide along with the reviews of the best treadmills under INR 20,000, from brands like Healthgenie, Lifeline and Leeway.

When you want to stay fit without rushing to the gym every morning or without going out for running every morning, you certainly need a treadmill for your home. But, if you are restricting yourself from buying a treadmill just because of a limited budget, then you are making the wrong choice.

When you have a budget of INR 20000 and taking a step back thinking you will not find any treadmill, then you are certainly wrong. These days, if you go online, you will find efficient and capable treadmills available in your budget.

Finding a treadmill best for your needs and available within the budget is no more a problem. You will find an uncountable number of treadmills available under INR 20000.

Since not every one of these is equipped with the same specification, you require checking its features. Make sure that the equipment has the features that suit your health needs while staying within the budget.

Choosing from a range of options becomes a difficult task, especially for the first time. To get the maximum benefit from your investment, there are certain things you need to check while buying a treadmill.

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Tips To Buying A Good Treadmill Under INR 20000

  • Stick to your budget as you will find a variety of options for treadmills with other advanced features. Make sure you go online and write your budget to find the many options available with you.
  • Read the specifications that come with the treadmills. This will help you to comprehend whether that particular equipment will be able to serve your needs properly or not.
  • It needs to have the right belt size to ensure comfortable exercise.
  • The pre-programmed exercise is a must to help users’ attain their goals.
  • A good LCD touchscreen display
  • Installed with wheels on all the four sides to make it portable
  • Learn about the max incline degree of the treadmill
  • Check the core component of the treadmill. Make sure that not only a great motor is integrated, but also it is designed with a robust framework. This makes sure to go for different exercises, whether it is for an amateur or pro.
  • Make sure of the safety features like handrails, and emergency stop is integrated into the treadmill. This will make sure of no accidents while exercising.
  • Go through the advanced features available with the treadmill like
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Big display
  • Tablet and bottle holder
  • Make sure that the treadmill does not make noise while running on the belt.

Features That You Can Expect From A Treadmill Under 20000

  • Warranty: Most of these treadmills under 20000 come with a three years warranty for the frame, one year for the motor and one year for other parts or manufacturing defects.
  • A powerful motor of 2HP: A 2HP motor to help you attain your fitness goal. Whether you are a beginner or pro or whether you are a walker or a runner, these treadmills can efficiently serve your purpose.
  • Preset Workout Programs: The treadmills have more than 12 workout programs integrated into it that help in attaining accomplishing your goal. These programs have a lot of advantages in your health when followed word-to-word.
  • Max Capacity 90kg (walking) and 65kg (running): Most of these treadmills are built with a motor that can easily carry 90kgs while walking and 65kgs while walking.
  • Sturdy Built: Even with such a low budget, these treadmills serve best for heavy-duty purposes. Made with stable steel and side handrails, these treadmills make you feel secure when you ride on it.
  • Foldable treadmills: Being perfectly built for home use, these are designed in a way to be able to fold and store easily.
  • Portable: Integrated with wheels on all its sides, ensure easy transportation from one place to another.
  • Manual Incline treadmill: Some of these treadmills come with a three-level incline, which means one can easily opt for intense exercises.
  • Other Advanced Features: These treadmills come with some of the advanced features that have huge benefits on you. These are:
  • LCD Display
  • Tracking of calories burnt, heart rate, speed, and distance covered    
  • USB port
  • Heart Rate Sensors

FAQs While Buying Treadmills Under INR 20000

1. Are these treadmills suitable for home-use or gym use?

Even when everything about these treadmills is strong and unbreakable but still they are not apt for fitness centers. These are best for home-use with minimal of 30minutes to 1 hour of runtime.

2. Can I expect automatic incline in this price tag?

Well, you can expect manual incline to some degrees in some of the models at this price range, but the automatic incline is not available. You need to manually adjust the incline before going for uphill running or walking. If you need automatic incline than check out best treadmill between inr 20,000 to inr 30000.

3. Are these treadmills strong enough to carry intense exercises?

Obviously yes. All the treadmills, irrespective of its price and makes and models, each and every treadmill can easily carry intense exercises. These are made with highly robust material to make sure of offering similar results by staying at your home.

4. Will I get a touchscreen LED display under this price range?

Yes, some of the treadmills offer touchscreen displays while the maximum does not. All you need is to make in-depth research work.

5. Is the deck cushioning good enough in these treadmills?

Yes! These treadmills are made with proper cushioning to make sure of not stressing on your hips or ankle or any other joints. Unlike the road, these treadmills reduce your joint pain from walking or running to a greater extent.


Even when you have a lower budget, you can always find a great treadmill that will serve best for your purpose. The key lies in doing proper research and checking whether the features of these treadmills match perfectly with your requirements. Even when you will obtain most of the functions under this price range, checking provides an assurance of getting maximum from an investment.


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