Healthgenie 3911M Review

Staying fit and healthy is the prime necessity of today’s date and which is why running has become a standard way of working out for people. Well, most of the people opt for going out to run every day, but due to various problems they also tend to skip their exercise session most of the days.

The treadmill does the same job as that of running outside, and as a result, most of the people are choosing this treadmill these days. The new Healthgenie 3911M is one such treadmill that has been recently added in the market.

This new Healthgenie 3911M is a great machine having a robust motor of 1.0HP that makes sure of proper exercising and accomplishing the fitness goals within less time. Such a strong motor integration ensures adequate functionality of the treadmill.

If you want to do speed walking or running, this treadmill is a great inclusion. With a LED display being provided in front of the screen, users can keep a track on the distance covered, speed, displays, heart rate and calories burnt.  If you are a beginner and want to accomplish your daily fitness routine, the new Healthgenie 3911M is a choice that can offer great result.

With various other features available in this treadmill, this machine can easily offer great results. Moreover, with such a warranty coming with the product, it becomes a safe bet for investment.

Product Features

Features are the first thing that users primarily observe while purchasing a treadmill. As the users always check it, this new Healthgenie 3911M has been designed with some features. Such amazing features become a great help for both runners and walkers. Let us have a look at some of the amazing features.  


The product is known for its top-notch features, but then again people stay skeptical while buying a new one. This new treadmill is a great inclusion in your fitness regime not only because of the features but also the warranty it comes with. With one year of motor, three years for frame and one year for the other parts, this equipment can suffice tour fitness needs.

43.3 x 15.5 Inches Running Surface:

Even when most of us do not pay attention to it, but the running surface is one of the prime features that need to be checked while purchasing a treadmill. This machine has a running surface of 43.3 x 15.5 inches that ensure a comfortable running. If you are tall, you will not feel insecure while running as the deck surface has been provided with apt length and width.

HP Motor Power:

This treadmill has been equipped with a great 1.0 HP motor that ensures a great workout every day. With such a robust motor being integrated inside the treadmill. This machine gets the ability to perform continuously up to 60mins and needs a rest of 45 min When you buy this treadmill, you can remain assured that you can walk or speed walk right at the convenience of your home.  

95kgs Max User Weight:

This new Healthgenie 3911M treadmill is a great choice for families as it has a maximum weight capacity of 95kgs. Hence if your family members weigh less than 95kgs, then each and everyone can use this treadmill for daily workout.

3 Inches of LED Screen:

The machine has an LED screen of 3 inches equipped in front of it. This is a need for the users as it provides you with ample information regarding the body. On this LED screen, you can check the distance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt. Hence, you can understand how much you are losing every day and how much is left to accomplish your fitness goals.

0.8 – 10km/h:

The treadmill has been integrated with 0.8 – 10km/h which is great for the runners and walkers. Hence when you have this treadmill in your home, you can stay assured that you can workout and do everything that you would do when you go out. This will aid in accomplishing the fitness goals at a lesser time.

Pulse Sensor:

Since having knowledge about your heart condition is a must while exercising especially for the senior people, this treadmill has been integrated with a pulse sensor. You can keep monitoring the heart rate and maintain it. With this measurement tool, you can exercise properly and effectively.

Safety Key:

Safety key is another important addition in the machine as it ensures the safety of the users. Since this is connected with the machine itself along with another end of the clip on your body, it immediately stops the machine as soon as it finds any issues. This is a double protection while you work out and will keep you in proper condition.

Portability Wheels:

These days as most of the people live in a small apartment and do not have any dedicated room in the house, portability wheel can be a great inclusion. Once you need to exercise just hop on to the machine and once you are done, just push the treadmill and keep it wherever you want to store. Hence no longer you have to limit your space as this treadmill provides you with the opportunity to transfer the machine.

Let’s check the features in short:

Warranty3 year for frame, 1 year for motor and other parts
Running Surface43.3 x 15.5 Inches
Motor 1.0 HP
Max User Weight95kgs
LED Screen3 Inches
Display ConsoleDistance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt
Speed0.8 – 10km/h
Noise No
Pulse SensorsYes
Safety KeyYes
PortableYes, transport wheels present
InstallationEasy, as 90% comes pre-assembled

What We Like

  • Great Packaging: We always knew that Healthgenie is a brand name in the treadmill market and is known for its performance and quality. Definitely, before saying other things, we were impressed to see such a great packaging of the machine. The manufacturing company made sure that the treadmill delivers in proper condition to the users
  • Easy Installation: This treadmill has some of the amazing features that are required by the fitness fanatics, and even then the treadmill does not take any additional thing for installation. Pretty simple installation procedure as the machine is not very heavy. Mostly the machine comes pre-assembled, and the rest few bolts and nuts can be easily fitted by the users themselves.
  • 12 Preset Programs: Previously since we did not find anything written about the preset programs, we thought that the treadmill does not have any preset programs. But after we received and used it, we found that the treadmill has 12 preset programs. You can choose your workout mode as per your requirements.
  • Smooth Operation: On receiving this machine and trying it, we found that the machine runs pretty smooth. It does not stop and start abruptly. With its smooth operation, it ensures more safety and security.
  • Bluetooth for audio: As music is one of the most common requirements of the users these days most of the treadmills are integrated with these features. Similarly, this treadmill also has the Bluetooth connectivity for a better audio setting. Hence you can easily connect with your machine with your phone and turn on your favorite music while exercising.
  • Quality is Superb: The Healthgenie 3911M is built with superb quality. Once you get on to it and start exercising, you can understand its robust built. Even when we did some running, the treadmill was stiff and did not wobble even a bit.
  • Does Not Make Noise: Even when you do some intense walking or running at the top speed, this treadmill does not make any noise. We were amazed to find how great the performance of the treadmill is at such a reasonable price.

What We Don’t Like

  • Speakers are not great quality: We liked every other thing about this treadmill expect the speakers. Even when the manufacturers have equipped with speakers on this treadmill but those are not great enough. We were not able to hear properly while exercising. We expected quality speakers.


We would say that overall this is a great purchase. With such high performance and superb built quality available at such a less price, this new Heathgenie 3911M has become an ideal inclusion. At such a less price of below INR 20000, this treadmill has become a new favourite among the fitness fanatics. At such a reasonable price tag, you can get some of the most effective features of a treadmill.

So buy this treadmill today and enjoy a fulfilling workout session.


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