High-End Treadmills – Above INR 50000

You could consider opting for a high-end treadmill if there is no constraint on price. We provide a detailed guide to the best high-end treadmills above INR 50,000, along with the review of the Powermax Fitness TDA330.

Staying fit should always be the first and foremost priority for people. Today’s busy schedule time fly, even then it is our responsibility to find out the time and maintain a daily fitness regime. Just like the common phrase goes, “Health is Wealth,” finding a bit of time from daily activities tend to keep us fit and healthy.

It is entirely understandable that wearing the exercise cloth, lacing up your Gym shoes, locking the doors for an outdoor walk or run takes too much of time, and as a result exercising generally tend to fall in the skip-list. At the same time, weather issues always add to it. To strikethrough all these issues, treadmills are the only perfect choice.

Treadmills have made walking, running, jogging much more comfortable than we could have ever thought of. No matter whether it’s raining outside or you are feeling too lazy to go out, treadmills can easily sway all the troubles.

At the convenience of your home, now you can also acquire a fit body and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a treadmill for runners. Moreover, if you have a budget of over 50000, you definitely would never end up counting the options you have.

These are typically the high-end multifunctional treadmills that have almost all the features that you want. Since the features and options available at this price range are endless, all you need is read the specifications carefully before purchasing a treadmill.

Let us find out the significant differences between these high-end treadmills and the treadmills below INR 50000.

Powermax Fitness TDA330 Review

Powermax Fitness TDA330 Review

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Brief Comparison between Treadmills under and above INR 50000

CategoriesTreadmills Under INR 50000Treadmills Above INR 50000(High-End)
Warranty3Years of warrantyLifetime warranty
Motor Power2.5 CHP and 4.0 CHP (peak power)2.5 CHP and 5.0 CHP (Peak)
Speed variation0 to 15 km/h0.8 to 16.8 km/hr
Shock AbsorptionStandard shock absorptionDouble power spring with two layered running board
Maximum User Weight115 Kgs130 Kgs
Preset Programs12 pre-set programs24 pre-set programs
Heart Rate SensorHandrailsHandrails with a joystick and wireless chest straps
Running surface49.6 x 16.5 inches54.3 x 22 inches
MaintenanceNormal maintenanceAuto lubrication and portable
Display and tracking5.5 inches of LED display with heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered tracker18.5 inches full high definition OLED display showing speed, distance, calories burn, preset models, incline and heart rate
Additional FeaturesAUX cable or USB Pendrive direct connectivity with the Console speakers.  Tablet and mobile holder Multimedia for music and videos, Wi-Fi for internet, bottle holder and device holder

Top Features of High-End Treadmills:


Do you have the required space in your apartment? You need to know that a standard treadmill available for home use is seven feet in length and three feet wide. Since it is not possible for every owner to spare such a huge floor space for treadmill installation, it is always great to search for foldable treadmills.

Foldable treadmills are generally great for home use. Once you are done exercising, you can just push the running surface in an upward motion for storing vertically. Most of these high-end machines have wheels attached that make it portable. Even when these are heavy enough, one can easily transfer from one room to another.

These days, you can find folding treadmills in a different price range. But then again when you are buying treadmills at such a high price, you can stay assured that the quality will be great enough to be able to move. Even when these high-end machines are typically bulky, the wheels have the strength to carry them seamlessly.

Treadmill Belts:

If you are a fitness lover, you are aware of the range of belt size available in the market. Whether you talk about the width or length, there is a world of choices open for you. Moreover, the thickness of the belt has a lot of impact on our bodies.

Let us find out in details about it.

  • Length: If you keep your search going on, you will observe that the standard length of the belt, especially for the home-based treadmills, is 55 inches. This is primarily for the walkers and joggers, but when you want for runners, these high-end treadmills generally come with a length of 60 inches.
    The reason is that when you speed up, the length of your stride goes higher than average. Well, in some of these advanced treadmills, you might find a length of 62 to 63 inches, which is preferable for the long-legged trainees.
  • Width: Most of these advanced treadmills come with a belt width of 20 inches. Just like mentioned above, some treadmills often come with a width of 22 inches and which become great for the intense trainees.
  • Thickness: Do you know that the thickness of the belt has a direct impact on the performance of the treadmills? Yes, it does. When the belt has one-ply, the chances are much higher than the treadmills will start ripping while stretching.
    When the belt consists of two-ply, the chances are much higher than the treadmill will last longer. Moreover, the extra thickness is the only reason that ensures quiet operation while keeping up high performance.
  • Maintenance: As we all know, maintenance is the key to performance. When the cheap treadmills need waxing or lubricating occasionally for smooth performance, these high-end treadmills just require regular dusting. Since these are low maintenance, these are generally used for home use. However, occasional maintenance will always end up providing exceptional results in return.


Irrespective of how youthful or healthy and fit you might seem now, if not given proper attention to the treadmill cushioning, you might end up facing issues in the tendons and joints. This is where comes the need for checking the deck cushioning along with its power incline.

A proper-built treadmill can easily absorb the shock and ensure comfortable landing on a soft cushion bed. Two of the major advantage of it is more endurance and very comfortable. Other long-term advantages include no joint injuries in the future.

As we have been educated with the third law of Newton that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This meant when you are hitting the ground is hitting back on your feet. If you buy a good treadmill, you will observe lesser shock, and therefore the chances are way much lesser of having a joint ache in the future.

These high-end treadmills differentiate by integrating a cushioning which feels even softer than a grass bed. With great shock deflection, these treadmills tend to become the right choice for better health both now and tomorrow.

Motors of High-End Treadmills:

The motor is the heart of any treadmill and is the one that decides its performance. If you are looking for an intense workout session with longer and faster training, you require treadmills with more motor power. Moreover, if you are heavy and looking for a treadmill to lose excess calories or fats, a strong motor is the prime necessity.

Let’s have a brief insight on Horsepower:

You will generally find that most of the medium to high-end treadmills have CHP written behind the power instead of HP. The reason for using CHP is that it denotes the power of the motor means when a motor has CHP written behind, you can expect continuous performance even when you are running at the peak. This will always have a significant impact on the price point.

These days most of the high-end treadmills are available from 2.25 to 4.25CHP. However, if the user is over 90kgs, opt for:

  • Above 2.0 CHP treadmill for walking
  • Above 2.5 CHP treadmill for jogging
  • More than 3.0 CHP treadmill for running and 4.0 for pro runners


Most of these higher level treadmills come with a lifetime motor warranty. This is certain that your cardio trainer will not be by your side till the next 50 years and which is why it is highly recommended to only opt for a lifetime warranty. Undoubtedly, the treadmills above INR 50000 come with a lifetime warranty, but if not, consider it as poor quality.

Treadmill Incline:

With these treadmills, you will be getting variable incline degrees and therefore will be stimulating uphill routes. With great tilt, you can stay sure of having a lesser impact on the joints. Further, whether you observe the number of calories you have burnt or muscle training, nothing like incline trainer while changing the speed can be a great combination.

You will generally find auto incline in such high-end models. This means, no more you need a coach, with the preset programs and the variable incline degrees, your machine will be your fitness coach.

Steep incline practice results in :

  • Fast burning of calories
  • Better toning of muscles
  • Improved results within less time
  • Gets you in shape

Advanced Heart Rate Monitor:

With the only focus on toning the muscles and weight loss, people tend to forget that actually, treadmills are great for cardio training. With a great heart rate monitor integrated, these help in maximizing the progress while keeping injuries away.

With the touch sensors built on the handlebars, you can observe your heart rate. Even you might find these monitor on the low range of treadmills as well, but they tend to show improper results. Most of these quality built treadmills, not only touch sensors are available but also wireless chest straps that are connected via Bluetooth is provided to keep a continuous watch on your heart rate.


With such a huge array of advanced features available in treadmills above INR 50000, you can practice for a marathon or any other regular workout. These treadmills have not only made the workout easier but fun as well with the integration of MP3 player, AUX compatibility and much more multimedia features. With these treadmills, your body can endure more and therefore acquire great result in within less time.

So, bring it today and let your treadmill be your coach and guide you to living a healthy lifestyle.


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