Treadmills for Home Use

Read the elaborate comparison between commercial and home-use treadmills. We have provided a detailed guide to the best treadmills for home use from brands like Cockatoo, Powermax Fitness and Welcare.

Daily exercise plays a significant role in keeping people fit and enjoy a healthy living. When the bad climatic condition and hectic schedules are demotivating you from maintaining your daily fitness regime, the only convenience at your home can keep the zeal intact.

Research shows that exercise becomes a habit when people can accomplish their fitness goals, and nothing like treadmills has topped in inspiring people to keep up their daily healthy activities.

Some of these home-use treadmills have similar specifications to the fitness club but come with the residential warranties. Other treadmills are strictly designed for a home with smaller sized motors, folding frames along with other specifications that go perfectly on the floor space along with fitness funds.

Whether you are opting for a low budget treadmill or a higher budget treadmill, use of treadmills will always proffer the best results. Being a shopper, the first lookout is to select fitness equipment with a perfect blend of electronic features, physical performance, and durability.

To get the best from your investment, you need to make sure that you have made the right choice. So here’s how we have come up with a guide to help you in choosing the right treadmill for home use.

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Elaborate Comparison of Commercial Treadmills and Home Use Treadmills

You will look for treadmills with all the dynamic features like the commercial treadmills do at your home. Well, the basic fact is, these treadmills do not have many variations except a few.

Only the gym treadmills need to have the capacity to stand for hours especially during the gyming hours, whereas, for home use, the treadmills need to work just for a few hours.

So let’s find out in details:

Commercial Treadmills:

Commercial treadmills are designed in a way that it can easily withstand the weight and activities of the people coming there. Just while using these robust materials, you can find how strong these materials are. The frame is made in such a way to take the different fitness activities. Whether you run on the top speed or you are just walking, you will always feel secure on these treadmills.

These commercial treadmills come with a huge price tag because of their designs. These are typically meant for commercial purpose like for gyms, hotel workout rooms or for any other recreational centers. Because of such a huge price tag and a massive size,  home users hardly purchase it.

Most of the commercial treadmills come with a warranty which gives it the freedom to function more than 6 hours a day and therefore the treadmills are built keeping in mind about the runtime.

The weight limits of these high-end commercial treadmills are 400 pounds which allow them to take even the heaviest of weights. They do not require any additional maintenance as they are being designed with the top-notch materials and engineered with a classy design.

If you are looking to purchase one such treadmill for your daily use, you probably need to keep in mind about spending over Rs60,000 to Rs.6,00,000. These are not available in the cheaper version and are not meant for home use.

Home Treadmills:

Home treadmills are designed differently to help you accomplish your fitness goals and have great longevity. These treadmills are available at a much lower price in comparison to the high-end commercial treadmills. If you are an amateur, buying those high-end treadmills is a waste of money, whereas opting for this equipment will help to begin the fitness journey seamlessly. Top home models come with a higher price tag but are affordable for most of the owners.  

As these are the treadmills solely designed for home use, the warranty is going to differ a lot from the commercial treadmills. You definitely cannot expect a runtime of six hours a day from these home use treadmills, but the runtime offered is 30-60 minutes a day. The runtime provided is enough for home users. This is one of the significant reasons for such a massive difference in the price tag.

Even when you are looking for the top home-use models, you need to pay a maximum of Rs1,00,000. However, you can also find treadmills with a lesser price tag if you have a limited budget and want it for regular exercise.

Most of the treadmills with higher price tag come with a sturdy framework and the motor integrated along with runs quietly. Moreover, they are also easy to maintain along with includes some of the advanced high-end features which provide users with the ability to connect with the new age technology.

They do not require tightening the bolts or waxing and hence requires less maintenance. Users generally opt for cheaper ones as they do not want to regret even if it breaks down. Either they get it fixed or buy a new one.

When compared to its size, then the home treadmills are much smaller than the commercial treadmills. Even the high-end home use models will be available in a compact design. These home-use treadmills are for maximum one to two users and which is why you require checking its maximum supporting weight. When you are looking for a treadmill for you and your family, opting for home treadmills is always a better deal for money and space usage.

A closer look at the key differences:

Higher price tag    Available at an affordable price
Uniquely built for heavy duty to improve its longevity    Designed to be able to easily take the home use of the treadmill and for maximum durability
Do not require huge maintenance even after a lot of use    Do not require expert maintenance as well
Come with extensive years of warranties    Come with good warranty compared to the price point
Cannot be folded    Provides with foldable treadmill
Take huge space    Do not take huge space and can be stored easily

As you can observe that there are just some key differences, while most of the features are the same. Residential treadmills have its unique design to be able to satisfy the fitness requirement for the users while do not take less space and give a better return on the investment.

So make sure while buying that the treadmill you have chosen has all the essential features you need for accomplishing your fitness goals.

Treadmill for Home Use Buying Guide

Now when you have understood the significant differences between these two, you need to know the prime factors that need to be considered while buying a treadmill. Make sure you check this before clicking on the check-out button.


The first and foremost thing to consider before choosing a treadmill for home use is the price. You can choose from the high budget to low budget models as they have the features integrated. The choice needs to be done as per your exercise needs.

Design and Size:

While buying a treadmill that you want to install in your home, the top-priority should be provided to its size. It is always a great initiative if you primarily measure your room storage.

This will give you a clear idea of the maximum treadmill size that you can opt for. Upon getting the measurement look for treadmills that will meet the height and width of the product.

You also need to keep in mind that when you are opting for advanced treadmills with lots of controls integrated, stay assured about its bulkiness. It will have all the additional features and therefore might add to your space.

All the advanced treadmills available these days have a top-notch design and thus prove to be an excellent inclusion for your interior and your health.

Track Surface Area:

This depends on the way you will use the treadmill. When your core agenda is to buy for walking, the small surface area will also become comfortable. But, if you want to practice running or you are an athlete, you definitely need to look for treadmills with a longer and broader surface area. This will ensure safety and no falling from the track.


Undoubtedly, you will never want to buy a treadmill that has low performance; hence it is a factor that needs to be considered. When it comes to checking its performance, a motor is a deciding factor. This brings the need for having a look at the power of the motor. You will find treadmills with variable Horsepower as these are meant for different use. Horsepower needed for a treadmill for walkers is different from horsepower needed for a treadmill for runners

  • Walking needs 2.0 CHP and more
  • Jogging needs 2.5 CHP and more
  • Running needs 3.0 CHP and more

Moreover, built quality and a weight capacity of the treadmills need to be checked as it decides the motor performance as well. Therefore decide wisely depending on your needs to enjoy maximum advantages.

Incline and Speed Control:

These two are the most common features available in most of the treadmills available in the market. When it is about the speed variation and its controls, you can opt for the machines that have a limit of 12 MPH. This will be pricier in comparison to other, but if you want to lower your budget, the speed limit will be 10MPH.

When you have the budget of buying a high-end treadmill with 12 MPH, you definitely need to opt for intense sessions. This is the reason why you should make sure that the treadmill you choose can be inclined to a certain degree. It is said that walking uphill helps to burns calories and maintain a healthy you and for intense, the speed with an incline is a deadly combination. So choose efficiently for improved results. For an intense workout, you can also opt for incline trainers

Additional Features:

When you get to see what you are obtaining from exercising, it works as an inspiration for everyone. With the additional features available in these treadmills, you can easily find the calories burnt. This contains some of the high-end programmings that helps to show the various things just with a click. Moreover, there is even bottle space, music system, cooling fan integrated into some of the models ensures a motivated and enjoyable workout.

Following are some other extra features that one can find in the home-based treadmills.


When it is about home use, most of these treadmills come with continuous measurement. A least of 2.0 CHP seems enough for people to continue with their regular exercise routine. Small motors become a right combination for the walkers, and high-end engines go perfectly with runners.

Preset Programs:

Most of the treadmills come with a pre-programmed workout that becomes an excellent choice for an intense cardio session, weight loss, hill training or speed workouts. These automatic programs get adjusted along with the exercise and your body strength. The pre-programmed incline is an added advantage for the people as it becomes guidance for them.

Cushioned Deck:

Keeping in mind about the need of people, these treadmills are designed with high-end cushion. With the only aim to help you burn extra calories and get into a proper shape without damaging your joints or stressing underneath your feet, these deck cushioning is designed. When you have a cushion underneath, no longer you will feel the stress and enjoy your workout.

Safety Line Features:

One of the most significant advantages of exercising on a treadmill is the safety features associated with it. All of these home use treadmills are integrated with some of the high-end safety features that ensure no severe damage.

Emergency stop ensures stopping the motor immediately in case of emergencies, the handrails provided on both the sides keep you safe as these ensure no slip or trip. With these features, you can remain exercise both happily and by taking the right precautions beforehand.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

This is not only an advanced feature that helps to understand the health of your heart, but it is also a safety feature. Since these treadmills can easily detect your heart rate, you will get to know about it and take actions immediately. This makes sure of healthy living with a healthy heart.

Touch Screen Control:

Touch screen monitor becomes an added advantage as you can easily access everything with a touch. You can have a look at the distance traveled, calories burnt, heart rate, speed, incline degrees and can even control your speed and incline from the touchscreen monitor. Opting for these high-end models becomes an advantage for the users.


With the invention of treadmills, companies have started integrating many advanced features. We are no more unaware of the range of advantages of treadmills at our house. Not only it saves us from going outside but makes sure to continue a healthy routine. With easy availability to run without any climatic distraction, people can easily get into the fitness world.

However, it is always recommended to not just go with the brand name and expensive price tag, as some of the low-budget treadmills come with similar facilities along with strong physical parts. Try to find treadmills whose features will fulfill your fitness needs.

Since buying is the key, you always need to make sure that you know your requirements before selecting one for you. Hopefully, the guide mentioned above will help you to make the right choice and enjoy its many benefits.

So choose a home-based treadmill and live a healthy lifestyle.



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