Powermax Fitness TDM 100M Review

The Powermax Fitness TDM 100M is a motorized treadmill featuring a sturdy framework. Here we provide a detailed review of this model that is suitable for beginners and pro trainers.

Doesn’t it feel satisfying when you fit into any dress and manage to look extremely appealing? But, is it that easy to get into a proper shape or to stay perfectly fit even at your 30’s or 40’s? No, right. Nothing comes for free or easily, you need to put your dedication and time to achieve the dreams.

Only regular exercising can keep you fit and healthy along with ensuring staying in a proper shape. However, with a hectic schedule, exercise becomes much harder for people and which is why people tend to skip their daily routine every alternative day. This is the reason why treadmill has become an ideal replacement for the people who want to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Deciding on buying a treadmill is definitely a worthy move, but in the world of so many choices available for you choosing might becomes a difficult task and which is why we have found one of the best options for you.

The Powermax Fitness TDM 100M is the new one in the market that have been equipped with some of the high end features and strong framework. With tremendous power of 1.5HP motor, this treadmill has become an ideal choice for the people who want a machine for their family with beginners and pro trainees. Being such a versatile machine and having the ability to offer great results, this machine can become an ideal inclusion for the people.

We have already heard about the range of features that have been integrated into this machine, but now we will have a look at some of those features. There is no doubt that the features of a treadmill are what decides the price tag and which is why let’s have a look at what will you get with this treadmill

Product Specifications

When a product is chosen by a buyer especially when it is a treadmill, the first thing they look into are the features integrated it.

When the features meet their requirement, they buy a treadmill. This is the reason why the new Powermax Fitness TDM 100M has been equipped with the top-notch features. Let us have a look at the specification of this new treadmill.

Lifetime Warranty:

This product has been designed in a way that it becomes great for the people. But even then since it is necessary to make people understand its worth, the manufacturers have provided with a great warranty. The treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for frame, 1 year for labor and year parts and 3 years on the motor.

1.5HP Motor:

In order to make the treadmill great for people starting from beginners and the pro level trainees, these treadmill has been equipped with a 1.5HP motor in it. With such a great motor, you can even opt for the high-level training to make sure that you accomplish your fitness goals within less time.

5 Inches of LED Display:

This machine has great inches of the display provided in it which makes sure that the user can easily get complete information regarding the progress. On this display, you can find the information like time, speed, heart rate, distance, and calories burnt. This becomes a great way to keep yourself motivated with the display.

105 Max User Weight:

The treadmill has a great maximum user weight of 105kgs, which become a valuable addition for the families. Since 105kg is a good weight limit, families can stay assured that their motive will be fulfilled with this treadmill.

Since it is a machine both for running and jogging, this is why it is suggested by the manufacturers to keep a buffer of 20kgs when opting for intense running. This will ensure no wear and tear of this machine.

0.8 – 14.8km/h of Max Speed Limit:

There is always a need for the manufacturers to keep a great speed limit in the treadmill in order to make it a versatile machine. To become the only answer for every trainee, this treadmill has been designed with a speed limit of 0.8 to 14.8km/h. This means you can easily practice intense training sessions without going and running outside.

12 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has been designed with 12 preset programs which become a great choice for people who do not have any trainer. The treadmill has different options set with also the 3 target based modes ensure acquiring the best results. With the preset programs designed in this treadmill, you can easily switch the modes and train yourself.  

49.6 x 16.9 Inches of Running Surface:

The treadmill has been provided with ample running space. This is necessary as while running on top speeds, we tend to put longer strides and there are many chances of accidents if the running surface is not long enough. In order to make it comfortable and safe for the people, this treadmill has been provided with a 49.6 x 16.9 Inches of the deck surface. With this, you can stay assured that you can run comfortable irrespective of your height and weight.

Manual Incline:

The treadmill has been made in a way to become the best substitute for the people. Not only the speed range has been quite extraordinary, but also the incline has been provided in this treadmill can help the pro level trainees to accomplish their result. This treadmill has an impressive 6 level of manual incline that makes way for intense training and ensures a fast result.

Top Notch Shock Absorption Mechanism:

While running on the top speed, you tend to put more stress on your knees and ankles. This, as a result, can seriously damage the joints and result in a much worse scenario. To make sure that people can run comfortably without hurting their joints, the machine has been equipped with a dual spring mechanism that ensures better shock absorption. This actually becomes a great choice for people.

Let us have a look at the features in brief

Warranty1 year for the labor and parts, 3 tears on the motor and lifetime for the frame
Speed Range0.8 to 14.8km/h
Incline6 Levels of manual incline
Display5 inches of LED
Console FunctionTime, speed, calories, heart rate, and distance covered
Maximum User Weight105kgs
MaintenanceSemi-Auto Lubrication
Preset Programs12 Preset Programs and 3 target based modes
Running Surface49.6 x 16.3 Inches
Connectivity AUX
Shock AbsorptionDual Spring Shock Absorption
FoldableYes with HSS folding system
Auto StopYes
InstallationEasy installation
Heart Rate SensorsYes on handrails
Multifunctional ElementsStomach, Thigh and Hips massager and with sit up brackets

What Do We like

  • Easy to Assemble: As soon as we received the treadmill, we were primarily skeptical about its assembly. Being a treadmill equipped with so many features might become difficult to assemble. But to our surprise, we found that this treadmill was very easy to assemble as most of its parts come pre-assembled and therefore the rest can be easily done by us.
  • Noiseless Motor: When it comes to buying a treadmill for home use, we always look for a treadmill that does not make noise. Well, definitely this treadmill is a great choice for people as even on top speed, this machine does not make any noise. You can easily practice high speed running, and no one will be getting disturbed.
  • Sturdy Material: We would definitely like to say that the treadmill is made with strong materials. While running on top speeds, we could very easily feel the strength of this material. There was no wobble or tremble in the machine.
  • Easy folding: The treadmill has a great folding system available in it which makes it quite easy to access. Hence, you can fold quite easily with this without the need of taking any help from anyone.
  • Running Track is very comfortable: We were pretty sure about the running surface of this treadmill, but even then we wanted a taller person to try running on this treadmill. As usual, we found it was very comfortable for them to run on the top speed. Therefore, you can stay assured that you will not fall off from the surface while running.
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication: This treadmill is a great choice not only because of its efficient features but also the way the manufacturer has taken care of its utility. Since often times we fail to maintain the treadmill, and as a result, it goes through damage. By putting the semi-auto lubricating features, the manufacturer has actually eased the job to a huge extent and increased the lifespan of this treadmill.

What We Don’t Like

  • Speakers do not work properly: We were very much disappointed to find such a speaker being integrated into the machine. The speakers should have been better in quality as it would help us to listen to better music while exercising.


With some of the amazing advantage being added in this treadmill, the new Powermax Fitness TDM 100M has become a choice for many users. Except a few, each and every feature has been designed in such a way that becomes ideal for the pro as well as the beginner level trainees.

Whether you talk about the running surface are, or the robust built or the design or the folding ability, each and everything is worth the price you pay for it. All you need is to choose the treadmill and start running to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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