Cockatoo CTM 03 Home Use Review

How about no longer you have to stress yourself about going out for running? When you are looking forward to acquiring a perfect physique, all you need is exercising. The only exercise can keep you away from any disorder and following a regular fitness regime ensures building a great physique.

You can obviously set yourself ready for an intense session by going out and run with your full intensity, but probably half of the times it will go in the skip list. This is where treadmills come into play. These machines are designed and built with extensive research especially about the needs and requirements of the people.

From the many machines available in the market, the Cockatoo CTM 03 is the new one in the market that has been equipped with some of the fantastic features. The Cockatoo CTM 03 is the latest addition in the market available below INR 30000has some of the great features.

With a reliable and robust motor of 2HP, this treadmill tends to prove apt for your fitness regime. Integration of one such motor provides trainees with the assurance that they can perform even the most intense exercises. No longer you need to move out or skip your daily routine thinking of going out for exercising as this new Cockatoo CTM 03 can bring your dreams into reality.

It is ideal for home along with apt for daily exercising. Once you are done exercising, you can just fold and keep in some corner, and it will not eat any extra space. With the many features of this Cockatoo CTM 03, it has now become the prime choice for the users within their budget. Having focused on all the major features, this treadmill has become an ideal inclusion in your home.

Product Features

Treadmills are known to be the ideal substitute of walking outside. Since people face trouble going outside for running or speed walking, they are always looking for a good alternative. Treadmills are a great substitute but checking the features before purchasing is what needs to be focused. So here are the features of this new Cockatoo CTM 03 treadmill.


While buying a treadmill for the first time, we probably go through a thousand items before booking one and just after the price, we check its warranty. Since we just want out investment to go in vain, we all look for some kind of security provided by the manufacturer itself.

Similarly, the manufacturer of this treadmill understands the concern of people and therefore has offered three years for the motor, one year for the parts and lifetime warranty for the frame.

16.5 x 47.2 Inches of Running Area:

While walking, most of the times we are skeptical as we feel we will fall from the treadmill. This is the reason why a wide and lengthy running belt is the prime necessity of people. Keeping this in mind, the treadmill has been designed with 47.2 x 16.5 inches of running area. With such a vast space, you can stay assured that will not fall from the treadmill while exercising.

110kgs of Max Weight Capacity:

To make this treadmill great for everyone’s use, the machine has been designed solidly so that it can carry a weight of 110kgs. Hence when you are buying a treadmill for your family, you can stay assured that other family members can also use this treadmill.

2HP Motor Power:

This treadmill has been equipped with a strong motor of 2HP that makes sure of intense exercising without facing any problems. Such a strong motor ensures performing from a simple running to intense exercising at the convenience of your home.

3 Levels of Manual Inclines:

This treadmill has been equipped with three levels of manual inclines, to make the treadmill apt for pro runners as well as serious trainees,  When a treadmill has been designed with inclines, you can make sure that your body is going to see serious challenges in the coming days. You can adjust the incline and exercise accordingly to accomplish your fitness goals much faster than usual.

1-14km/h of Speed Range:

This new Cockatoo CTM 03 treadmill has become a top favorite for the trainees and the runners. With a wide speed range of 1 to 14km/h, this new treadmill can offer similar results just like that of exercise does. Speed range is always a great choice for people who are solely into training their bodies, and this is where the new Cockatoo CTM 03 makes it bang on entry into the fitness world.

1.6mm Belt Thickness:

When you are purchasing this treadmill, you can stay assured about the longevity of this machine. With a 1.6mm of belt thickness, this treadmill ensures no wear and tear even after years of rough use.

5.5” of LCD Screen:

Apart from offering all the basic aspects in the treadmill, it also has an advanced 5.5 inches of an LCD screen. This huge screen is enough to show you all the required aspects while exercising. You can have a look at the speed, distance covered, time, fat measurement, pulse rate, and calorie detector. With such a huge screen, you can easily understand what to press and what you need.


Making sure about the treadmill not taking ample of space while storage, the design has been done in a way that the machine can be folded and stored. Since most of the people these days have limited storage space due to a small apartment, storage is a vital issue.

If a treadmill has to be kept just in its working position, it tends to eat huge space and which is why foldable design is made just to make sure that people can stay fit without getting concerned about space.

8 Big Spring for Shock Reduction:

The new Cockatoo CTM 03 has been equipped with the eight shock absorption springs. With these spring at the bottom ensure a safe landing, safe exercise along with no issues in your joints. Since practicing for long hours results in causing pain in the joints of your leg that later on can turn adverse, this is why the treadmill has been made with shock absorption mechanism.

Let us have a look at the features of Cockatoo CTM 03 treadmill in brief:

WarrantyLifetime for the frame, three years for the motor and one year for the parts
Display Powerful 5.5” of LCD
Display ConsoleCalories, time, distance covered fat measurement and pulse rate
Max User Weight110kgs
InclineThree levels of manual incline
Running Surface47.2 x 16.5 Inches
Speed Range1 – 14km/h
Belt Thickness1.6mm
ConnectivityUSB Input
MovableYes, with wheels for transportation
Installation Easy and does not require a technician for installation
Shock AbsorptionEight huge spring
Preset Programs12
Body FrameDurable steel

What Do We like

  • Great Wooden Packing: We loved the packing of this product. The wooden packing makes the product seem to be in the best delivery form. Proper packing is what made the treadmill reach us in one piece without a single scratch in the steel frame.
  • Easy to Use Interface: The user interface does not require much attention. It is being designed in a way that people of any age can access it. Every button is clear about its use, and therefore you don’t need to pay additional attention to it.
  • DIY Installation: As most of the high-end treadmill requires expert or technician for installation, this Cockatoo CTM 03 does not require an expert. Since mostly it comes pre-assembled, you can yourself assemble the rest of its part. Moreover, a video link is also provided that can guide you in installing. We did not face any issue while installation and therefore we can tell that this can be done by own.
  • Great Audio Quality: Unlike most of the treadmills that have all the basic qualities run smoothly apart from the advanced features; we were surprised to find such a great quality sound in this treadmill. We don’t know about others expectation of sound quality on a treadmill, but we were overjoyed with it.
  • Little To No Sound: Being provided with such a huge speed range, most of us will expect that the treadmill will make a sound. But to our astonishment, we did not find the treadmill making noise. At the top speed it might make just a little bit of noise which is completely justified, but in general, the treadmill makes completely no sound.

What We Don’t Like

  • Cardio Options are not present: Since treadmills are solely for cardio training, but we did not find many variations in the cardio options. We are a little disappointed about it as most of us do not have a trainer.


The new Cockatoo CTM 03 treadmill has been equipped with some of the fantastic features that make it apt for the trainees. Having the ability to fold and the presence of wheels underneath the treadmill makes this treadmill a great inclusion in your home.

Now just at the convenience of your home, you can practice high speed running and uphill exercising to tone up your muscle and make a fitter body every day.


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