Top 9 Swimming Goggles in India

With the busy lifestyles that people have indulged themselves in, it becomes a big issue as to how should one maintain one’s weight?

Those who have a sitting job tend to face greater weight problems due to lack of mobility. Not only does the job profile play a significant role, the appetite that one thrives upon also contributes in a great way towards the weight gain. But after the weight gain game is won, the next game you need to win is the weight-loss game!

Among all the rigorous and sweating weight-loss exercises, the most beneficial one is swimming.

Not only does it trigger your weight loss, but it may also help you in saving yourself and others in case you may face a drowning situation. No weights, no push-ups, no ropes, no rods, just body strokes in water- that’s what swimming is all about! Before you go for a swim or think of joining a swimming course, one thing that should grab most of your attention other than your swim costume is the swimming goggles which you’ll be wearing while swimming.

So, here’s an insight providing you with all the information needed:

why you should get swimming goggles,

the different types of swimming goggles,

the material used in making of swimming googles,

how you should take care of  swimming goggles and

the buying guide - point to be noted before buying one.

Also, we have put a list of best swimming goggles online that you can consider while looking out for one.

The Top 9 Swimming Goggles for you


UV Protection

Unique Feature


Our Choice


Polycarbonate and shatterproof lens

Perfect for myopic people


Provides three nose bridges

Perfect for beginners


Rubber straps with adjustable knobs

Perfect for children


Patented curved lenses with 180º field vision.

Quality on a Budget


Silicone straps

Best Unisex Goggles


Clear or shaded lens for clear visibility even in low light

Ideal choice for all age groups


Anti-fog protection provides clear long distance view

Goggles with Earplugs


Translucent earplugs are provided to protect the ears

UV Protective


A comfortable and easily adjustable fit clip prevents the goggle from slipping



Our Choice

Perfect for myopic people

Perfect for beginners

Perfect for children

Quality on a Budget

Best Unisex Goggles

Ideal choice for all age groups

Goggles with Earplugs

UV Protective

Why Are Swimming Goggles needed?

It’s completely a different world underwater, and for you to see every bit of it, you require to wear swimming goggles, without which you can’t open your eyes. Besides this undeniable purpose served by the swimming goggles, there’re a lot more, which you can’t ignore. Here are a few of them:

1. Protection from chlorine

This is the second line of protection that a swimming goggle provides you with.

Though chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the swimming pools yet a direct encounter with it may turn out quite painful for you. In case, a little amount of pool water enters your eyes; it’s enough to make you a teary, red-eyed person.

Swimming goggles prevent chlorine water from entering your eyes. 

2. Fitting of Corrective Lenses

In case you wear spectacles or lenses, don’t worry that you won’t be able to enjoy swimming because you might not be able to wear them along with your goggles.

Because there’s a solution for it- you can buy swimming goggles which have built-in lenses, which provide you the same experience as your spectacles or lenses would have provided you above water.

In a nutshell, a swimming goggle provides your eyes with a 3 layered protection, which not only provides you with a clear, unstrained view of the world that exists underwater but also helps you to foresee any obstacle in your path (which may help you in changing your course in time!).

What is the material used in the manufacturing of a Swimming Goggles?

Having discussed why swimming goggles are needed, it’s imperative to discuss the material used for making it. Out of all the materials that could be used for its manufacture, only one has had the widespread use – plastic. Plastic renders lightness to the goggles.

Not only this, manufacturing lens using plastic involves just a simple molding process. Polycarbonate, polyamide, and polypropylene are some examples of plastic materials that can be used. But goggles made of plastic can easily be damaged due to scratches, so it is important for you to take right care of them.

How to take care of your swimming goggles?

To keep your swimming goggle scratch-free and durable for a long time, there are a few measures you can take and a few things that you need to avoid. Effective care of your goggles involves safe storage, a thorough cleaning, and a few preventive measures, each one of them is described in detail as follows.

How to store your goggles safely?

Here’s providing you an insight as to how you should store your goggles.

What should be done?

Here’s providing you an insight as to how you should store your goggles.

  • Before storing your goggles, rinse them with fresh, cold water and let it dry.
  • To keep your goggles scratch-free, keep them in the case provided with the goggle or a soft pouch where it doesn’t come in contact with anything.
  • After a swim, do let your goggles dry out.

What should not be done?

  • Don’t expose your goggles to extreme heat as it can melt your gaskets.
  • Also, don’t expose the goggles to sunlight as it can damage the rubber straps.
  • Don’t wipe the inside surface of the lens with anything as that can damage the anti-fog coating and may even scratch the lens.
  • Don’t store wet goggles. Always let the goggle dry out completely and then store it.
  • Never put the loose goggles directly in your swim bags. That’s where the goggles come in contact with the minute sand particles, which scratch the lens of the goggles.

How to thoroughly clean your goggles?

To ensure the durability of goggles, it’s important to give it a thorough cleaning once in a while as that will remove the minute particles stuck in the straps or the gasket. Cleaning of the goggle can be done as a whole, and you can also separate the parts of the goggles too, depending upon its condition.

Step 1: Rinsing of the goggles

  • The rinse ensures that all the chemicals used in the pool like chlorine, which may have come in contact with the goggle are removed. If these chemicals are not removed, they may affect the goggle’s longevity.
  • Another benefit that is provided by rinsing is that it prevents the deposition of minute particles of sand, salt, and dirt on the goggles.
  • Cleansing of the goggles begins with a gentle rinse of the straps, lens, and gaskets of the goggle in freshwater.
  • In the end, the goggles are shaken to remove the excess water out of them.

Step 2: Cleaning of the straps

  • Once the goggle, on the whole, is cleaned, one needs to pay specific attention to the straps.
  • For the cleaning of the straps, they are dipped in soapy water and then rubbed.
  • Care should be taken that only the straps are dipped in the soapy water. The lenses and gaskets should not be brought in contact with the soapy water.
  • After rubbing, rinse with plain water.
  • The goggles are then allowed to dry out. Do not let it dry in direct sunlight.

But what if you have got dirty goggles full of scale and other deposits. Would the above methods work?

Sadly, the above methods won’t turn out to be fruitful in case you’ve dirty goggles! But don’t worry. We’ve got a solution for that. You need to use white vinegar in the manner as has been described below:

  • Fill a bowl with hot water and add five tablespoons of white vinegar in it.
  • Submerge your goggles in the bowl for approx. 2 hours.
  • Remove the solution and wash the goggles with cold water.
  • Shake the goggles to drain the excess amount of water and then let it dry.

What if the anti-fog coating falls off?

The anti-fog coating on your goggles is just a transparent layering. So, don’t worry if it wears off. Here a few things you can do to keep the anti-fog properties of your goggles intact:

  • An anti-fog spray can be applied
  • The Sloshing Technique: Keep a few drops of water on your goggles. That would act as an anti-fog film by preventing the fog from forming a thin layer with water on the surface of your goggles.

Types of Swimming Goggles

Though the swimming goggles provide the same layered protection to the one wearing it, yet it adds on some functionalities depending on the type of swimming. Henceforth, depending on the purpose served by the best swimming goggles, they are categorized as follows:

1. Open Water Goggles

These goggles are known as ‘Open Water Goggles’ because of the wide view that they offer to the swimmer. Also, the wide view from the goggles is enhanced by the wide and curved lens. 

Also known as the fitness and leisure goggles, the open water goggles are the most comfortable and an apt choice for the beginners. They are highly durable owing to their large gaskets.

As another side of the picture, owing to their popularity and demand, there is often a complaint from the swimmers about these goggles- the gaskets don’t suck out water effectively even though they seem to be in good condition. They come in a good variety of lenses that ranges from dark to light and may be colored or mirrored.

2. Competition Goggles

Also known as training goggles, the competition goggles provide better visibility owing to their transparent sides. 

Because of their ability to handle rough water and to stay in shape for a long time, they are worn by swimmers who spend a lot of their time in training sessions.

What adds on to the comfort level is the adjustable nose bridge, which can be adjusted as per one’s requirements for proper fit.

3. Swedish Goggles

The Swedish Goggles is also used in competitions but what makes it different from the competition goggles is the absence of a soft gasket.

The lens and the frame are embodied into a single plastic piece, which makes them the smallest goggles of all the types. As they come in only one size, one needs to make fittings as per requirements.

Interestingly, when it comes to the lifespan, it’s these goggles that top the list with its adjustable and replaceable nose width and straps.

4. Mask

With the same functionality as that of a diving mask, this type is the one that is rarely used. Rarely seen in the pools, they are worn by divers.

The reason being that they are the heaviest and the largest of all types which increases the drag in the open water and hence acts as a hindrance.

The Buyer’s Guide – Things you need to keep in mind before buying one!

Let’s move on to the next part whereby you’ll be given a glimpse as to the things you must look for in a goggle as a minimum requirement before buying it.


The most important part of a swimming goggle is its lens as it is through them that you’ll be seeing underwater. So, for you to make a correct choice, here are some types of lenses that are commonly used in swimming goggles:

  • Metallic Lenses

Also known as the mirrored lenses, these lenses are the most suitable choice for those who swim frequently, or those compete in swimming competitions because these lenses reduce glare. 

For those who do a lot backstroke, these lenses are what you should for in your goggles.

But owing to the lens’ dark tint, it is not a good choice if you are swimming indoors or you’re swimming in the dark as that dark tint reduces your visibility to a great extent.

  • Clear and Light Colored Lenses

For the early morning swimmers or those who swim indoors, the light colored lens is the best choice. 

The clear lenses, on the other hand, ensure the highest level of visibility and hence are best suitable for winter swimming. However, they are not a good choice if you are swimming in a brightly lit place as you’ll keep squinting. In a nutshell, they are an apt choice for the dull lit places.

  • Dark Colored Lenses

In case you’re looking for a multi-purpose goggle, then you should look for the one that has dark colored lens. These lenses don’t pose a blockage to the sun and don’t make the water look lighter to the swimmer.

Hence, they turn out to be the perfect choice on a cloudy day, a satisfactorily lit indoor pool or even a casual swim.

Goggle Types

While choosing a goggle, one must keep in mind the environment in which the goggles are to be worn so that it aptly serves its protection. 

If you are a competitive swimmer, the best choice for you is the competition goggles, while for the beginners or those going for a casual swim, the Open Water goggles or the Swedish goggles are the options for you to choose from.For divers, masks are the best choice as they provide sufficient protection and visibility.


Straps act as a framework that supports the goggle on your face. 

While the Swedish goggles have a single elastic strip that serves the purpose of a strap, most of the goggles have a buckle system that enables you to adjust the length of the straps as per your comfort and requirement.

Some goggles even have a button system that provides for the adjustment of the strap length. Make sure that the straps are flexible enough to give your goggles a solid grip thereby covering your head.


A standard feature that you must look for in goggles is the anti-fog feature. It provides a clear picture of underwater to the swimmer.

Adjustable nose bridge

Always go for a goggle that provides with the bonus of an adjustable nose bridge, as you may have a narrower or a broader nose as compared to the average nose. A goggle with a non-adjustable nose bridge would be a waste of your money!

Comfort and fit

When buying a goggle, make sure you’re comfortable in it as you won’t keep on adjusting it instead of swimming. Check, if the gaskets leave any mark or lines under your eyes. If that happens, don’t buy that goggles and look for another one. If it does not fit you, you can take the benefit of the return option available online.

The color of the lens

Depending upon your visibility requirements and the environment in which you’ll swim, you can make a choice that justifies you at both the fronts. Some of the colors have been discussed below, along with their most suitable application:

  • Orange

This color offers you with the greatest level of visibility as it brightens everything that you’ll see through it.

  • Pink/Purple/Green

They provide a moderate level of brightness.

  • Blue/Black

They are a good choice for swimming on a cloudy day as they don’t make the water look light.


While determining what goggles size would suit you the most, you need to keep a few points in mind- your nose width, eye sockets and the circumference of your skull. The comfort at all the three fronts will give you the best choice.

UV Protection

Every one of us knows the harm that UV radiations can do to us. So, to provide yourself protection from them, you need to look for the feature of UV Protection in your goggles as they’ll act as a barrier for the sun’s glare and will help to see even in bright surroundings.

1. TCOPOZZ 3610 Mask Fit Swim Goggles - Our Choice

For those looking for a stylish look along with ample comfort, the COPOZZ 3610 Mask Fit is the right choice for you. The stylish look is provided by the mirror coated lenses which provide a hassle-free swim to the swimmer by reducing brightness.

The large frame size of the goggles ensures a broader vision to the swimmer. With the comfort that COPOZZ 3610 Mask Fit provides, it also provides you with easy handling and maintenance.

Main Features

  • Mirror coated lens
  • A big frame to fit people having big faces.
  • Easily adjustable
  • Circle
    Polycarbonate and shatterproof lens
  • Circle
  • Circle
    Made with Odorless and Hypoallergenic Silicone & Shatterproof PC

PROS (What we liked)

  • The big frame makes the COPOZZ 3610 Mask Fit a choice for adults, men, women or anyone for that matter who has a big face.
  • Many users have appreciated its perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Anti-fog and water does not go into the goggles
  • Protects your eyes with its UV protection feature.
  • Does not leave marks on your face after you remove them.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Not a good buy for those having a small face owing to its large frame
  • The goggles do not provide with an adjustable nose bridge
  • A user complained about its coating that wore off after some use.

2. AREO – The Anti-Fog coated Swim Silicone - Perfect for myopic people

There have been instances that people who wear spectacles or lens don’t swim just because of the trouble they would face as they won’t be wearing their spectacles or lens underwater. No more missing it because of the AREO Swimming goggles. These goggles are a blessing in disguise for the myopic people so that they can swim without straining their eyes.

The comfort level is enhanced by the polycarbonate frame of the goggles. The lenses are made up of anti-breaking PC material. Also, the AREO ensures a 15-day warranty for its anti-fog feature. In case, you’re not satisfied, you can return the product.

Main Features

  • Suitable for those with a myopic vision in the range of -1.5º to -4.5º
  • A polycarbonate frame
  • Silicone rope
  • Circle
    Provides three nose bridges
  • Circle
    An adjustable head strap
  • Circle
    Tinted lenses

PROS (What we liked)

  • The anti-fog feature gives a clear vision
  • Protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays
  • Fits perfectly
  • Check
    Doesn’t allow water to go inside the goggle creating an issue for you
  • The tinted lenses make it suitable for swimming in bright environments.
  • The quick release strap provides for the comfortable wearing of the goggles.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • They can’t be bought by those who don’t wear spectacles or have 0 power.
  • The dark color of the lens doesn’t make it a good choice to be worn while swimming in a dim environment or at night.
  • A few users doubted its quality.

3. Viva-612 Swimming Goggles - Perfect for beginners

The VIVA Sports provides an amazing combination of fitting and stretch in its model VIVA-612. It provides you with a color choice of black and smoke. The rubber straps provide watertight protection to the eyes, without putting too much stress on your face. Hence, they turn out to be the perfect choice for beginners.

Main Features

  • Tinted lenses
  • Rubber straps with adjustable knobs at their ends for a comfortable fit
  • Detachable gaskets that provide for a thorough cleaning of the goggles

PROS (What we liked)

  • A perfect fit owing to the elasticity of the rubber straps
  • The gaskets are removable and hence can be cleaned thoroughly after a swim.
  • The slight tint gives a clear view in bright sunlight.
  • Durable swimming goggles.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • It does not come with the feature of anti-fog.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not suitable for those swimming in the evening or night as the lens color doesn’t provide sufficient brightness.
  • The nose bridge is not adjustable.

4. Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swimming Goggles - Perfect for children

Providing you with a diverse range in lenses- transparent, smoke and black, the Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swimming Goggles enhances the visibility footprint that you can enjoy over 180º. This is provided by the material used in the manufacturing of lens- Plexisol. It incorporates an advanced smart fit technology. Keep on adding to its technology front- the eye gaskets are based on the EXO-Core technology. Since these are for small face people, they are perfect for children.

Main Features

  • A stabilizing nose bridge
  • Patented curved lenses with 180º field vision.
  • Curved lenses
  • Circle
    Micrometric strap adjustment buckles for a comfortable fit
  • Circle
    Silicone split straps
  • Circle

PROS (What we liked)

  • Anti-fog
  • Complete UVA and UVB Protection
  • Scratch free lens
  • Check
    Offers superior transparency, thanks to its Plexisol lenses.
  • The curved lenses provide a higher degree of visibility

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • The goggles do not come with an adjustment for the nose bridge. So, that could become a limiting factor in its choice.

5. Puma 5287201 – The Rubber Swimming - Quality on a Budget

For those who want to get complete flexibility and yet no compromise on comfort, these goggles are the one for you.

The Puma 5287201 with its polycarbonate lenses enhances the swimmer’s visibility and hence avoids any hindrance in the exercise. Also, the silicone straps ensure that the goggles are not too tight for your eyeballs and hence avoid the appearance of marks around your eyes. Puma has always provided its clients with top quality products and has been rated by the Better Business Bureau(BBB) between A- to A+.

Main Features

  • Silicone straps
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • For the adjustment of the head strap, sliders are provided on both the ends of the goggle.
  • Circle
    UV Protection

PROS (What we liked)

  • Owing to the adjustable nose bridge and flexible straps, it is an ideal fit for anyone- children, adults or middle-aged.
  • A perfect fit owing to the comfort provided by the silicone straps.
  • The polycarbonate lenses make the goggles impact-resistant and light in weight.
  • Excellent quality and durable goggles.

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • Available only in black color, hence you can’t get a choice of colors in this goggles.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    It does not have efficient anti-fog protection. So, that’s as an issue that you may have to consider before making a buy.
  • The lenses can’t be tinted and are highly prone to scratches.

6. Speedo Unisex – Adult Futura Classic Goggles - Best Unisex Goggles

The Speedo swimming goggles, with their rubber straps, provide utmost comfort to the swimmer and can be easily adjusted by the sliders provided at both the ends. Also, the light color of the lens enables the swimmer to see clearly. Also, along with the clear lens, you also have an option of a shaded lens.

Main Features

  • Rubber adjustable straps with sliders that provide a comfortable fit
  • A soft frame for extra comfort
  • Clear or shaded lens for clear visibility even in low light
  • Circle
    Water-tight eye gaskets
  • Circle
    Anti-fog for throughout visibility

PROS (What we liked)

  • Very easy to adjust with the rubber straps.
  • Clear vision underwater
  • Creates a vacuum on the skin so that the water doesn’t pass through
  • Complete protection to your eyes with UV protection lenses

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • A non-adjustable nose bridge
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Some users have doubted the anti-fog feature of the goggles.
  • The goggles are not a good buy for those wishing to participate in races and competitions.

7. PLYR Goggles – The Slip Resistant - Ideal choice for all age groups

The PLYR Goggles is a comfort zone for all- kids, adults, men, and women. They promise to provide a splendid experience by not only protecting against the UV rays but by also providing clear visibility underwater by preventing fog formation on the lens. The lens is made up of silicone that guarantees no leakage. The silicon headband not only provides elasticity but also provides easy adjustments.

The PLYR Goggles offers you a wide range of color options – blue, green, pink and black.

Main Features

  • A silicon headband
  • Mirror lenses provide a wide range of visibility
  • Anti-fog protection provides clear long distance view
  • Circle
    The eye gaskets and rubber straps are held together by the same slit adjustment. So, with a single adjustment, you can not only give yourself a good fit but also change the grip of the gaskets.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Durable glasses and elastic strap
  • Protection to your eyes with UV Protection glasses
  • Water does not enter the glasses, thanks to its sealed silicone protective circle

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • The goggles don’t provide you with the ease of an adjustable nose bridge.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not suitable for diving

8. Aurion Swimming Goggles - Goggles with Earplugs

The Aurion serves you with advanced anti-fog protection which is provided by the latest environmental technology that is used for coating the inner surface of the lens. The silicone used in the goggles not only provides a perfect fit for all the face types and sizes but also prevents water to enter inside the goggles.

Main Features

  • Silicone frame
  • Silicon straps with a buckle for adjustment that prevents it from slipping into the water
  • There’s no knob or slit for adjustment of rubber straps. So, that’s a bonus as you don’t have to worry in case you lose the knob in water!
  • Circle
    Goggles come with a snap-shut case to protect it when not in use
  • Circle
    Translucent earplugs are provided to protect the ears

PROS (What we liked)

  • Anti-fog protection for clear vision underwater
  • Adjustable straps make it an ideal choice for everyone above 14 years
  • The earplugs that come along with the goggles protect ears

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • The goggles don’t provide with the UV Protection.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    There’s no mechanism for adjusting nose bridge.

9. BLT Premium Quality Swimming Goggles - UV Protective

The BLT Premium Quality Swimming Goggles aims to provide its wearers with the best vision underwater through its polycarbonate lenses, that make the goggles a choice even for divers and those participating in swimming competitions.

Main Features

  • Polycarbonate lenses from clear vision while swimming
  • A comfortable and easily adjustable fit clip prevents the goggle from slipping and provides a comfortable fit
  • Comes with a case pack that protects the goggles in between swim

PROS (What we liked)

  • UV Protective shield
  • Strong grip
  • Good quality built
  • Check
    Anti-fog layer that allows vision and clarity while swimming

CONS (What we didn't like)

  • The large size of the goggles makes it a choice limited for only men or for those who have a large face.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    A few users had fitting issues.


Summing up, having provided you with a much detailed picture of the best swimming goggles, your task of making the right choice for yourself would now have become a much simpler task. Depending on your budget and your purposes that you want to be served, the Puma 5287201 goggles is the perfect buy for you. Coming to a mediocre choice that would serve a lesser no of purposes at a manageable price is the COPOZZ 3610 Mask Fit Swim Goggles. Also, you now have all the information you need while looking for all the necessary specifications in a goggle that would enable it to serve in the way you want it to.


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