Best Fitness Apps that makes workout easy!

Trying to gain muscle, lose weight and push yourself to higher intensity of workout?

The three golden rules to stay fit and healthy is to eat healthy food with proper nutrition, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly. This is the only way that would make you look ten years younger and will keep you away from all the diseases.

Everyone needs a little push and help when it comes to getting fit. Fitness apps help you in getting fit by reminding your goals and encouraging you to achieve them.

It also provides you essential tools like a calorie counter, heart rate counter and also a trainer who plans your workout regime and trains you. Without investing too much money in a gym, you can train yourself at home and stay fit and healthy.

Below is detailed information about how does fitness apps works? and what are the different types of apps available in India? Also, to make it more convenient, we have provided a Buyers guide, which includes points to be considered before downloading the fitness app.

Also, we have provided our top 10 fitness apps recommendations.

How does Fitness App work?

The fitness app is an application that is designed on Android, iOS, Windows. These apps help you to keep track of your health and tell you about your fitness daily.

There are some Fitness apps specific to Android users and some fitness apps for iPhone users or both on the play store and app store, respectively, for you to download. But ever imagined how these apps work that helps in calculating your fitness?

These fitness apps use different kinds of hardware that are assembled in nearly all the smartphones available in the market today.

Fitness apps measure your motion. They measure how many stairs you have climbed up and down, how many steps you have walked, how much you have worked out in the gym etc.

Sensors enable these kinds of functions.

The greater the number of sensors a smartphone is stacked up with, the more accurate your fitness app will work.  After the collection of data, all the data is compiled, and you get a result of your fitness.

Some major sensors our smartphones are equipped with are accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses.

Accelerometers help in tracking the patterns of your movement and measure acceleration.

Gyroscopes help in calculating the body’s orientation and rotation. This sensor adds extra information to the information obtained from accelerometers thereby making the data more accurate and correct.

Compass helps in measuring the cardinal direction. It uses an additional sensor called a magnetometer which guides you your way depending upon your physical orientation.

With the help of these sensors, the apps calculate your speed, the number of calories burnt, your pulse and heartbeat, and the number of distances traveled.

Smartphones are equipped with optical sensors that help in measuring your heartbeat. These optical sensors come in conjunction with an LED in the smartphones.

To measure the heart rate, you must press your skin against the LED in a way that the light gets into your skin.

In the meantime, the sensor looks for a rhythm that changes the color of light when there is a pulse. The difference in the intensity of the light is counted, and this gives the heart rate.

Another hardware used in a smartphone that helps in the working of fitness apps is a barometric altimeter which helps in height or altitude tracking.

Altitude tracking is a technique that tracks how much you have climbed up or down. It simply measures the atmospheric pressure and calculates your elevation.

They are very accurate and helps in giving you accurate results.

However, the accuracy of fitness apps is still not very accurate. Most of the results are based on guess-work. Our technology is still developing in providing you with the best and accurate results.

There are more sensors in smartphones, but the above sensors are the most basic ones.

Types of Fitness Apps

Personal trainers

If you do not want to invest your money in a gym membership, then these types of apps are the best for you.

These types of apps have a prearranged set of formats for you to choose from. They are videos, illustrations, text, and 3D models. You can select the preferred choice and start working out.

These apps also have a level of difficulty which enables you to choose your most preferred option and guides you with exercises according to the level you select.

Most of the apps have 3D models from which you can choose the body parts you want to train, and the app would suggest you exercise for those body parts.

Fitness tracking apps

Fitness-tracking apps help in tracking the physical activities like steps taken; distance traveled, workout sessions throughout the day.

All this data is used in calculating the total calories that you have burnt in a day. It has a barcode scanning option which helps in giving you the number of calories you are about to intake.

These apps also motivate you so that you keep coming back to it. They also have push notifications so that you do not forget your diet and workout plans.

Nutrition and diet apps

There are many apps available that help in tracking your nutrition habits. They would help you in eating healthy and thus making you fit.

They will nudge you from time to time about your diet plans and pills if you take any.

Logbook apps

These types of apps help you in planning your exercises and recording them so that you do not have to follow what the app says, and you can work out according to your will.

These apps do not distract the users from working out as it does not demand too much attention.

Workout fitness apps

These types of apps are suitable for people who adhere to strict routines. These apps also keep them motivated and help them to follow a proper workout routine.

These apps encourage them to follow their workout session in their busy schedule.

These apps enable with music which helps in working out better. It creates a playlist of songs which have consistent beats for rhythmic workout sessions, cycling, and running.

Some of the apps have a variety of famous athletes and fitness figures from which you can choose and workout with them.

Points to be kept in mind while downloading a Fitness App

Personalized Homepage

All fitness apps should keep a record of your age, gender, body weight, any past diseases, age, and other personal information. This information should be recorded as soon as you open the app for the first time.

This will help you in getting more accurate results for your body.

Does your app keep you motivated?

It is essential that an app should motivate you to work out every day. Working out is something that people tend to restrain themselves as days pass by.

So, it is vital that an app should always imbibe you with positive energy so that you keep coming back to it. This motivation helps the best in cases where you want to lose weight.

Customized diet plans

Along with working out, it is very important that you follow a diet chart. Most of the fitness apps come with a personalized diet plan that helps in planning your personalized meals depending on your body requirements.

These apps also allow you to choose ingredients that are required by your body to give it proper nourishment and help you in staying fit and healthy.

Push-notification system and reminders

Everyone has a busy and hectic schedule in which people forget about their workout and diet routine.

With the help of push-notifications and reminders, it will always remind you about your workout and diet regime so that you never skip a meal or a session.

Keeping track of your daily activities

This helps in keeping track of your total calorie intake and tells you how much calories you have successfully burnt. You can insert different physical activities in the app which can be performed outside the home.

Does it have good reviews

Before downloading any application it is always good to read its reviews on the app store or the play store. So that you always download the right application that guides you the right way.

This also helps you in knowing the details of every application so that you can make a wise choice.

Steps tracking

It is very important that your fitness app can track the number of steps you have walked in a day and can calculate the total calories burnt while running, walking, and cycling.

Sleep Tracker

This feature helps in calculating how many hours you have slept. Sleep is very important to stay fit.

You should know how much sleep is required by your body so that you can stay healthy and fit.

Top 10 fitness apps

1. Google Fit- Fitness Tracking 

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is a fantastic app to track your workout routines. It is perfect for people who want to invest their time in working out at home rather than going to the gym.

Experience the all-new plethora of healthier, more active, and fit life with Google Fit- Fitness Tracking. Google fit has worked with WHO to develop two main activity goals based on Physical activities recommendations shown to impact health – Move Minutes and Heart Points

Main Features
  • This app contains no ads.
  • This app tracks all the steps you have covered in a day. It has a move minutes feature which allows you to earn points as you move. So, you earn points while climbing the stairs, going for a walk with your friends, etc.
  • It has a heart points feature which allows you to earn points each minute of moderate activity like picking up the pace when walking with your dog etc. You can earn double points for more vigorous activities.
  • You can easily track your workouts and exercises with this app. This app enables you to have a look at real-time stats of your own running, biking and walking
  • This app uses your smartphone’s sensors to record your speed, pace, route, etc.
  • You can check your daily progress for move minutes and heart points.
  • This apps helps by giving professional tips and also helps in setting your goals according to your daily workout regime.So, now you do not need a personal trainer.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can provide you with information from other apps like Lifesum, Strava, Nike+, etc.
  • This will help you in getting a summarized view of your fitness information from all the fitness apps in your smartphone.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The move minutes and heart points are not very consistent and accurate.

2. Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker 

Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker is the perfect app if you are looking for something that tracks your daily running, cycling, jogging, etc.

It is an excellent app for people who love to exercise daily. The free version of this app unlocks numerous features.

Main Features
  • It uses the GPS function of your smartphone to running, biking, walking, and jogging routes.
  • It enables you to set your yearly running goal, and it would help you to reach your goal with your sports tracking app.
  • It has a voice coach that provides you with audio feed-backs while running.
  • It keeps tabs on your daily running performance by analyzing your training patterns and
  • It shows your progress using detailed graphs and tables.
  • It also helps in tracking miles for your running shoes and the app will remind you when its time to buy a new pair.
  • You can also use this app while you are on the treadmill and it will track your performance.
  • This app enables you to join a group in the app and start running with your friends. You can check on the leaderboard which of your friends has run the farthest.

Features for premium users

  • It keeps you motivated and boosts your energy with your favorite power song.
  • This app would not contain any ads.
  • It has training plans according to your fitness level so you can select one and start your running training.
  • You can get your personal training plans and nutrition plans.
  • You can find different running routes from other users and can save your own tracks and routes.
  • You can start your interval training with this app.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This app is free.
  • It has an exercise tracker that keeps track of your personal records.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It can only be used if you are too much into running, biking, and jogging and not for other purposes.

3. Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans is an amazing app for people who want to indulge in intense workout sessions.

It has numerous workout routines that allow you to choose the one that suits you the best.

Main Features
  • This app is equipped with more than 185 workout routines to gear you up with strength, endurance, and mobility.
  • It has Nike Master Trainers in every workout routine to guide you professionally so that you can achieve your targets.
  • If you dream of a perfectly toned body, this app will help you in adjusting yourself to proper training plans. 
  • It will guide you with a proper schedule to stay fit even if you are a beginner.
  • This app allows you to workout anywhere at any time. It will not ask you to use any equipment for working out.
  • This app will show you some top “Picks for You” which is entirely based on your workout routine and schedule. These personal recommendations depend on how much time you spend in working out with this app.
  • This app will give you a personal plan. It would help you in adapting yourself to the plan and would continuously tell you about your progress.
  • In case you are looking for some expert advice and some professional help then you have come to the right place. This app would provide you with expert advice so that you can concentrate on your workout regime and motivate you to achieve your set goals.
  • This app has all the levels for the workout. These levels are: Body-part focused workouts targeting your abs & core, arms & shoulders, and glutes & legs Boxing, Yoga, Strength, Endurance and Mobility workouts. Workout times ranging from 15–45 Minutes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced LevelsBody weight only, Light and Full EquipmentTime-based and Rep-based optionsLow, Moderate and High Intensity
  • You can get motivated and inspired by the workout routines of many famous personalities.
  • You can enter other activities you perform in this app like playing any sport, etc. This would keep a record of all your fitness-related activities.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This app gets synced with Google Fit so you can get a holistic view of your workouts.
  • All your activities get automatically recorded in your workout history.
  • Working out with this app only requires your time and no money.
  • You will also get fitness tips from experts.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sometimes your plan does not pop up, or maybe it takes a little time to load.

4. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer 

If you want to track all of your workouts, then Map My Fitness Workout Trainer is the perfect app for you.

It is a brilliant app to train yourself to have a healthy and fit body.

Main Features
  • This app has more than 600 activities from which you can choose whatever you want to like running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, gym workouts, yoga, and more.
  • This app uses the GPS feature of your phone to track workouts like running, walking, jogging, biking, etc. It provides you with audio feedback for a more personalized experience.
  • It can get synced with more than 400 devices and import all your data and information in one place.
  • It has a Gear Tracker to track your mileage. So, add your running shoes in it, and you will get notified when its time to purchase a new pair of shoes.
  • You can easily find out nearby routes or places to workout with this app. This app also allows you to add your favorite route and share those routes with your friends.
  • This app allows you to connect with your friends by joining the app community. You can see what other people are doing and keep yourself motivated and inspired.
  • You can share your workout routine with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get involved in a healthy competition with friends and check your daily score on the Leaderboard.
  • This app can easily get connected to other apps like Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, and more.
  • It can also get linked to MyFitnessPal so you can very easily monitor your number of calories burnt and consumed every day.
PROS (What we liked)
  • If you are a premium member, then you can track your heart rate and adjust your training according to your goal.
  • Premium users can use a feature of live tracking so that their real-time workout location can be shared with loved ones.
  • As soon as you reach your fitness goal, your personal training plan changes according to your fitness level.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The app contains a lot of ads.
  • The distance tracking starts very late.

5. Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk 

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk is one of the best android app used by 50 million people across the globe.

You can use this app if you are a beginner or a trained coach. If you are planning to stay fit then install this multi-functioning app without any second thoughts.

Main Features
  • This app uses the GPS of your phone to track your activities like running, biking, walking, jogging, workout sessions, and other fitness-related activities.
  • This app calculates your running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation, and the number of calories burnt for any activity performed by you. The calculation is in real-time and is highly accurate.
  • This app enables you to find a pre-planned route so that you can start following it instantly.
  •  It has some pre-planned workout training in the app. You can either use that or insert your own audio clip for coaching yourself.
  • While you workout, this app gives you audio updates of your mileage, calorie count, pace, speed, etc.
  • Your Polar Heart rate monitor can be easily synced with the app which enables you to track your heart rate.
  • This app easily syncs with your smartphone’s music app so you can listen to music while running or working out.
  • You can add your entire workout routine in the app so you will find an entire training log in the app.
  • This app motivates and inspires you to achieve a particular goal.
  • You can sync this app with other apps like nutrition apps, sleep tracking apps, weight apps, etc. This will help you in getting all your information at one place.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can share your fitness activities with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • This encourages healthy competition with your friends.
  • It allows you to set your goals and check your progress from time to time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not sync with Fitbit.
  • Sometimes all the user data is erased in this app.

6. Strava GPS: Running, Cycling and Activity Tracker 

Strava is a fantastic app if you want to track fitness through cycling. This app will guide and train you to achieve your targets and will keep you motivated.

Main Features
  • You can easily record your running and track the number of kilometers you have covered with this app. You can track your cycling routes, your pace of swimming, your speed of cycling, how much elevation you have gained, and the number of calories you have burnt.
  • You can find the world’s largest trail network in the app and combine your running, swimming, or riding.
  • This app motivates you to accomplish the monthly challenge and encourages you for healthy competition with others.
  • It has a Leaderboard so that you can compare your daily progress with others.
  • This app uses the GPS of your smartphone to count the number of miles you have covered and tracked your running performances.
  • You can set your fitness challenge and customize your training plans.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This app supports other sports activities other than cycling as well like swimming, hiking, alpine ski, rock climbing, cross-fit, kayak, surfing, yoga, indoor running and cycling, gym workouts, and many more.
  • You can record routes, and challenge yourself and compete with others.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It depends on the GPS of the phone, so if your GPS does not work correctly, the app might get crashed multiple times.

7. Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans 

Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans is the best app if you are too busy to go to the gym. This app will plan your workout routine and will work just like your gym’s personal trainer.

This app is rated #1 by a recent study assessing fitness apps based on the parameters for safety, stretching, progression, and more set by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). 

This app is the solution to all your fitness-related issues.

Main Features
  • It comprises three different levels. So, you can choose from beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Choose the one that suits you the best.
  • These three levels have six-week programs that will help to build your strength, make you leaner, and fitter.
  • It has a humongous database for bodyweight exercises. This apps does not require any equipment for you to workout. You can use this app to exercise anywhere you want and at any time. All it requires is your time.
  • CircleThis app allows you to make your custom workout routine. You can add exercises with which you are comfortable with and follow your routine without depending on the routine the app suggests you.
  • CircleThis app can be used for small workouts that are powerful enough to keep you healthy, active, and fit.
  • CircleThis app has many health and wellness coaches like personal trainers, sports trainers, physical therapists, PE teachers, and many more.
  • CircleThis app guides you in how to customize your own workout plans by providing a bunch of options to choose from.
  • CircleIt has some exclusive workouts and exercises to train you like a pro.
  • CircleYou can customize your workout intervals in the app.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It allows easy access to workout exercises without any ads.
  • You can easily access the Sworkit’s web page.
  • In case you seek some professional help you can ask the trainer in the app itself.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They have a free trial version of the app only for a month.

8. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner 

JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner is a personalized gym training app that tracks your fitness and guides you like a pro.

This app has many fitness programs that would help you to stay fit and help you to progress in every session.

Main Features
  • This app is easily accessible from the app and even from the web. You can track your fitness with the help of the app and can easily change your workout routines from the web page.
  • Tracking your workout with this app is a child’s play. You can track your weights and reps and easily set your exercises.
  • This app will show your daily progress in the training sessions
  • CircleIt comprises some intuitive tools like Rest Timer, Supersets, Interval Timers, Body Measurements Log, Notes, Schedule Planner, and Notes.
  • CircleThis app keeps you motivated by awarding you with cash prices if you complete their monthly fitness challenge. You will also get supported and inspired by other gym goers in the JEFIT community.
  • CircleYou can also add your friends to the community and compare your routine and fitness with them and achieve your goal by staying active, toned, and fit.
  • CircleJEFIT has a custom journal where you can set your goals like losing weight, getting buffed or ripped, building up your strength, etc.
  • CircleThere are many programs available in the app so that you can choose your preferred program. These programs have a full instruction manual that guides you like a professional and not just any random and basic training.
  • CircleThis app has 1300 exercises with HD videos of each exercise so that you get trained properly.
  • CircleIt summarizes your progress every week and gives you results so that you can challenge yourself for more hard targets.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It gives you a personalized record of your PR tracking.
  • It can work offline.
  • You can sync all your app data with Cloud.
  • CheckIt gives you personalized charts of lifting heavy volume.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You might encounter some errors while saving your performances.
  • Exclamation TriangleYou cannot sync it with myfitnesspal and Fitbit.

9. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal 

This amazing app is exclusively for people who want to lose weight and lead a healthy and fit life. It has information for over 6 million food items.

So, you get to know how many calories you are consuming with every food you gulp down.

Main Features
  • It has a barcode scanner that allows you to scan the barcode of different food items. This app is capable of recognizing more than 4 million barcodes so you can quickly know how many calories you are consuming.
  • It allows you to add the nutrition information of every recipe you cook at home.
  • This app suggests you eat healthier food than the food you are eating.
  • CircleThis app allows you to create your food items, your own recipes, and meals. You can even save your favorites in the app.
  • CircleThis apps quickly log the menu items from your favorite restaurants.
  • CircleApart from tracking calories, it even tracks other nutrients like fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and more.
  • CircleYou can create your own meal timetable in this app. You can log your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in the app so that you eat healthy food every day.
  • CircleYou can even add the amount of water you have consumed in a day.
  • CircleThere are many goals in the app from which you can choose your goal like weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance.
  • CircleThis app will help you in creating your own goals, or it can even prepare a goal for you depending on your eating habits.
  • CircleThis app can get linked to more than 50 other apps or devices. So, its simple to link your workout app with this app.
  • CircleIt supports more than 350 exercises so you can select the one which suits you the best.
  • CircleYou can add your cardio and strength exercises like running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, pilates or sets, reps, and weight per set.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This app allows you to connect with your friends and get motivated by them.
  • It provides you with a history of your intake of calories, macros, and nutrients.
  • This app is very helpful as it automatically tracks the calories you are consuming every food you are eating.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not have good functionality.

10. Home Workout – No Equipment 

Home Workout – No Equipment is an excellent app if you want to work out at home and lack equipment. This app makes sure that to have a healthy body.

There is no requirement of spending money on fancy gyms and equipment. You can stay fit and happy by just downloading this app and following a proper workout routine.

Main Features
  • This app has a whole tonne of warm-up and stretching out routines.
  • This app will automatically record your progress in training sessions.
  • It has many customized charts that will track your body weight patterns.
  • It has detailed and animated videos for a better understanding and training you properly.
  • This app has a build muscle app that will train you in muscle building workouts like a professional.
  • CircleIt also has a strength training app that will help in making you stronger and build up your strength.
  • It also comprises many workouts routines for men. These workout exercises are simple and easy to follow at home.
  • It has many fat burning workouts and HIIT workout exercises.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can share your progress with your friends on social media.
  • It has some exercises like push-ups, squats, sit-ups, plank, crunch, wall sit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges and many more.
  • This app will give a virtual personal trainer who will help you in losing weight.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has too many advertisements.


Working out and planning a workout regime can get difficult if you are not guided properly. In the above article, we have provided you with the top 10 fitness apps that would help you to achieve a fit and healthy body.

It might get intimidating while downloading a fitness app as the options are enormous. For your convenience, comfort, and ease we have included all the details that are required for you to know.

These apps will help you in planning your workout and diet routine and will also remind you about your pre-planned sessions. So, train your body and start staying fit and healthy.

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