Best Flatscreen Televisions

Here we provide a detailed guide to the best flatscreen televisions from brands like Samsung, LG and Sony Bravia.

No more TVs are just for watching the daily series or a cricket match, as these days TVs are more than a square or rectangular box. Nowadays, TVs are available in a sleek form with different size variants, which tends to complement the interior of your house. After spending a handsome amount on the interior, you would not like to bring a box that diminishes your overall look. 

Moreover, if you are a movie bug, especially the animation and Sci-Fi movies, then you will be thanking the TV brands for bringing such hand down models and designs. Watching the animation movies like Avengers feels great when you have a huge flatscreen TV, but these require making the right choice. 

Modern days flat-screen televisions are getting bigger, thinner, and smarter in every aspect. No more do they require a dedicated space in your living room as you have the option to choose from the wall-mounted options. 

How about watching the high-end animation movie on 55 inches of flatscreen television? Isn’t it thrilling? Undoubtedly, better picture quality, great sound system, and a wider screen ensure acquiring an exciting experience. Hold your heart if you are watching a horror movie. Probably, you are going to run out of your own house due to the sound and picture quality.

We are clear that the future is a lot brighter and present days are evidence of the shining future. Starting from the price range to the designs, these flatscreen televisions have a whole world of choices open for you.  Undoubtedly you can make your choice from the many options available in the market, but what if you invest in the wrong item? You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on an ordinary one when you can acquire a better one on the same price range with better picture quality, better sound system, and with more intelligent features. 

If the answer is yes, this guide will become helpful for you. We will try to cover everything that you need to look for while buying a flatscreen TV. Whether you buy from the online stores or the physical, it is advisable not to flow with the words of the marketing person. Listen, check, and judge based on various factors which we will check in the next segment, but before that, let’s find what these Flatscreen TVs are.

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What Are Flatscreen TV?

As the name suggests, these are the televisions that have completely flat screens. Unlike the videos available in ancient days, no more these TVs are huge or box-shaped. The flatscreen TVs are not only thinner but also wider in size that makes it a great inclusion in the rooms. These are the televisions of the latest generation, and hence, it is imminent to have some of the great features being integrated into it. 

Having so many features in one thing might make it convenient for us in the long run, but it becomes very difficult for us to understand whether paying the amount is worthy or not. To help you make the right investment, all you need is in-depth knowledge of these devices. So let us delve more into this and find out the things that one needs to check. 

Technology Used In LED TVs

The technology used in Plasma and LCD TVs is the same

Most modern TVs are available in a flat format. These days TVs are available in thin body frames, which is a lot different from the CRTs. There are generally three major types of these televisions. 

  • PDP TV (Plasma Display Panels)
  • LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • LED TV (Light Emitting Diode)

Plasma TVs, LED TVs, and LCD TVs functioning is a lot different from traditional CRT TVs. Compared to the CRT TVs, these flat-screen TV does not make use of the electron beam which runs back and forth to produce the picture. 

Both the Plasma and LCD TV make use of similar technology of exciting the many tiny picture elements which are known as pixels off and on for producing the moving picture that we can see. These pixels are available in different colors like green, red, and blue, which depends on the light which falls on them. The only distinguishing feature the way the pixels in both the TVs switch off and on. 

Features of a Good Flat Screen TV

Viewing angle

Most of the manufacturers keep the viewing angle in mind while designing the screen of the TV. Since a big sized family needs a wide viewing angle, these are available in various viewing angles. Most of the flatscreen TVs are available with a 170-degree viewing angle, which ensures that people sitting on the sides do not observe distorted images and enjoy watching the movie or video throughout. 

Supported Display Resolution

Different videos are made with different resolution and which is why there is a need for people to buy a flatscreen TV which various resolutions. You do not want any distorted image, and therefore mostly the televisions have been integrated with 480p, 60Hz; 480i, 60HZ; 720p, 60 HZ; and 1080i, 60Hz, which makes sure that you can watch videos seamlessly of different display resolution. 

Sound System

Unlike the previous TVs that require concentration and where the sound is in a definite direction, these Flat Screen TVs are integrated with exceptional sound technology. Most of the common feature when it comes to the sound system is the Dolby Digital and Virtual Dolby Surround. This makes sure that you can hear every sound and enjoy the movie or video or audio. 


Since speakers are one of the most important features, most of these high-end televisions have 2 or more than that built-in speakers. This ensures that the viewers can get the most from the television. The high-resolution video, along with the perfect sound is what makes a great entertainment zone. 

Screen Finish

There are different types of screen finishes available in the market. With the matte finish, you can experience better as it eliminates the ambient glare and other reflections. However, the high-end plasma and LCD TVs come with a glossy finish. 


These are the connecting points with which you can easily attach the peripheral devices. All you need to remember is to find a TV that has multiple HDMI ports. With this, you can easily connect the video player, video game system, and the home audio system. More the inputs more are the chances of playing different videos or music. 

Picture Controls

There is always a need for having a TV where you can control the pictures. Different people like different kinds of picture quality as some prefer brighter while others prefer darker. With the controls with you, you can enjoy the picture just like the way you want. This is the reason why having the picture control is an important feature. 

Different Playback formats

We cannot deny that TVs are made for watching movies, but if you want to do more with your TV, it should have that compatibility. Most of these TVs have variable playback formats some of which include JPEG still pictures, slideshow files, and MP3, which means just by connecting with the TV you, can view your files that you wish to see on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is considered as a flat-screen TV?

Well, even when we have come a long way, some people will be perplexed about the different categories of TV. Let’s be very precise and clear that flat-panel TVs are the set that makes use of various technologies to display the content in a thin and flat format. Most of the latest models belong to the flat panel and the common technologies used are LCD and Plasma for these displays. 

2. What is the major difference between flat screen and flat panels?

The flat-screen display is generally similar to the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays that you can generally observe in the desktop PCs. However, the glass screen is completely flat, whereas most of the CRT has a slightly curved display. 

Flat panels are the displays whose screen and case are completely flat. Like these have the shape of a huge book. Most of the modern flat panel display makes use of LCD technologies. 

3. What is the right size of the flatscreen TV?

You always need to keep in mind that bigger is not always the better. Before buying a flatscreen television, especially when it comes to choosing the right size, you need to be very specific about the size. If you have a huge room and a spacious one, large-sized will be a good inclusion. Depending on the size of your room, you need to decide on its size. Undoubtedly watching the Football Finals on the big screen is a great experience but when your room is smaller, it will be very much uncomfortable.  

4. Is it important to consider viewing angle while purchasing a Flatscreen TV?

Yes, it is one of the factors that people do not consider but should consider while buying. When you have your friends or family coming home, you cannot expect that everyone will sit in the middle and therefore you need to make sure whether the person sitting on the sides can view the screen properly and without any distortion. Make sure you read the feature properly to understand the viewing angles. 

5. What is the main difference between an LCD and Plasma TV?

Plasma screens are the different types of pixels or cells where every cell are composed if the there subcells which again produces colored lights, namely green, blue, and red. When electricity is produced, it excites the gas present in the cells, thereby resulting in glowing and shows the images that are seen in the screens.

With this technology, televisions can be thinner and wall-mounted when compared to the CRT displays. Towards the edges these TVs might produce distorted images along is much brighter than the LCDs. Its viewing angle is up to 160 degrees and is not being affected by the magnetic fields. 

()The LCD screen or the Liquid Crystal Display is made with liquid crystal solutions that is being placed in between two thin sheets made of transparent polarized materials. When electricity passes, the crystals align in a way to clock the shining light, thereby showing the colored images. These are generally thin and very lightweight but do not have much viewing angles. ()

6. Which is the Best Flat Screen TV Brand?

There are not a single brand to mention as the names are many. With every passing day, the brands are coming up with newer models, and each one is surprisingly somehow better than the others. However, some of the most known brands are Samsung, LG, and Panasonic.

7. What is the prime difference between a Smart TV and Flat Screen TV?

Smart TVs are the television sets that provide access to the internet making use of a Wi-Fi, whereas digital TV cannot. The added facility of a Smart Tv and a Flat Screen TV is that smart TVs are smart than digital TVs as being connected to Internet Smart TVs can do a little bit better than Flat Screen TVs. 

8. Do all Flat Screen TV comes with HDMI?

Most of the old CRT TVs have these, and even some of the latest Flat Screen televisions have been designed with these ports. The composite AV is now being replaced by the HDMI ports so that you can easily connect with your laptop and watch things on the big screen. 

9. What is the biggest flat-screen TV size available in the market?

Till now, the Samsung 110 inch Ultra HDTV has the largest and largest flat-screen TV available in the world. It’s huge and undoubtedly has some of the amazing features integrated into it.  

Flat Screen TV Buying Guide:

Before you choose a TV and pay for it, you need to know whether the TV will be able to fulfill your desires or not. Since you don’t want to end up regretting, make sure you check everything precisely for a better result. 

Carefully decide on the Screen Size: 

Modern days most of the TVs are available in thinner sizes while the screen is getting bigger. This is the reason why you need to keep the size in mind as it one of the important parameters that you need to check while buying a new TV. 

So while buying a TV especially when you are thinking how to decide on the screen size, you need to know that it will depend on how big your family is along with the placement of your TV. The most common size 40 inches as it will take a small space and suits almost all sized room. You need to note down the viewing distance, resolution, and screen size to understand the right screen size. In case your living room is bigger in size and spacious, you are free to consider a larger sized television. 

Check this table to make the right choice on size:

Viewing Distance in FeetScreen Size in Inches
3 – 624”
4 – 8 32”
5 – 1040” – 43.”
6 – 1249”
8 – 1355”
8 – 15 and above65” and above

Check the Setup: 

You need to decide whether you are looking for a wall-mounted setup or you have a dedicated space for TV; you can choose a TV that can be placed on the table. If you are placing the TV on a table, you need to look for a stand that will be a good fit. Normally, your TV should be placed near your peripheral devices like gaming console, DVD player, set-top box, and much more. This will ensure cleaner space with fewer wires spread here and there. 

Check the Audio:

Check the audio quality is the next big thing as without listening to the different sound effects you actually cannot enjoy a movie or any video. Check whether the TV has built-in speakers along with support external audio devices. The sound is good for everyone, but if you are looking for stellar experience consider using addition sound system with the television. 

Check the Video Quality:

You can choose from the range of plasma, LED and LCD TVs. Undoubtedly every type has exceptional video quality, but if you still have preferences, you can go for it. 

The prime difference is LCD TVs consist of various sources of light. Picture quality is almost the same in LED and LCD TVs. However, these days, LEDs are the most selling quality. Plasma TV, on the other hand, has hands down picture quality along with available at a cheaper rate. 


A few days back, the highest resolution available was HD or Full HD. But no more it is as there are various other high-resolution options available in the market. Also, you don’t have to pay a huge amount as the prices are quite affordable. 

4k TVs which are also popular as Ultra HD resolution TVs offer four times better resolution than the full HD TVs. This again means that the picture qualities of these TVs are sharper than the average ones. Sharper text and stunning details are the pros of these televisions. If you are thinking to buy a 50 inches large TV, 4K resolution is what you should buy.  

Let’s keep it simple:

  • HD TVs are great if you have a standard set-top box
  • Full HD televisions are great if you use the streaming services or have HD set-top box 
  • 4K or the UHD televisions are great if you are gamer and having the high-end gaming consoles

Check the connectivity options:

There is a huge number of outputs and inputs available in modern-day televisions. Most of the TVs have these panels either on the rear wide or on the sides. Check for the HDMI ports, and it’s great if there are multiple ports as you will get more room for connecting different peripheral devices. Also check for the USB port availability as this will give you the freedom to connect with your laptop and even your phone. 


FlatScreen TVs are widely available in the market today. Different brands are offering different options to the people, and hence, all you need is to check properly and match if the available options are enough to fulfill your needs. Moreover, do not ever forget to check the sound quality and resolution when you are investing in such a huge size TV. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you to make the right choice. 


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