LG 24 Inches HD Ready LED TV 24LJ470A Review

Go through the detailed review of the LG 24 Inches HD Ready LED TV 24LJ470A if you are looking for the best 24 inch HD Ready LED TV models.

LG TV are popular in every modern household. They have proved to be a suitable and convenient platform to obtain entertainment in the best possible way. There are a wide number of LED TV model designed by LG to meet the requirements of its users. The LG 24LJ470A is the perfect example of such an LED TV model.

This 24-inch LG led tv model features an HD Ready display that ensures a stunning image quality. It also comes with a special mosquito away technology that emits ultrasonic sound waves to protect your family against mosquitoes. Thus, you and your loved ones get a comfortable viewing experience.

LG led tv 24 inch specifications comes with an audio out feature which allows easy connectivity of your TV to an external home theatre for a more enhanced sound experience. On the other hand, the cricket and Bollywood mode enhances the sound and image while watching a cricket match or a movie respectively. We now explain the features of this LG TV model in detail.

Features for LG 24 Inches HD Ready LED TV 24LJ470A

24 Inch HD Ready Display

The model comes with a 24 inch LED Screen that is enhanced with an HD Ready display. This display provides a stunning picture quality with a resolution of 1366 x 768 p. You get to enjoy watching your favorite content on TV with immense clarity and vivid live colors.

Metallic Gold Finishing

The LG TV comes with a slim and narrow bezel design that is enhanced with a metallic champagne gold finishing. Thus, it proves to be a show stopper element that blends perfectly with the modern home decor.

Audio Out

The model has an audio out feature that enables you to connect the TV with active speakers or external home theatre devices. This enhances the overall sound so that you get the best audio experience while listening to your favorite tracks or while watching movies and blockbuster hits.

Cricket Mode

You can turn on the cricket mode while watching a cricket match on TV. It ensures that you watch every detail of the match clearly with its enhanced stunning picture and sound quality. Thus, you obtain a live stadium like experience in the comfort of your very own living room.

Bollywood Mode

The Bollywood or smart sound mode automatically selects the sound EQ that will go perfectly well with the movie you watch. You don’t have to set the tone as turning on this feature will fix it according to the genre of film or Bollywood song. Thus, you get a three dimensional realistic sound that ensures a cinematic visual experience to the viewers.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size24 Inch
DisplayHD Ready, LED
Resolution1366 x 768 p
Refresh Rate50 Hertz
Audio10 Watt Output, Audio Out
Additional FeaturesAll Round safety, Mosquito Away Technology, Regional Languages, cricket Mode, Bollywood Mode, built-In Games
Connectivity Ports1 HDMI, 1 USB
DesignMetallic Gold Finish
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Mosquito Away Technology- It comes with a Mosquito Away Technology that releases ultrasonic sound waves to protect your family against mosquitoes. Hence, it ensures the safety of your loved ones by using a chemical free, odor free method of keeping away mosquitoes that is not harmful to your health.
  • Regional Language Option- It has a number of regional options to select from including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and Assamese. This makes controlling the operations of the TV convenient for those who do not know English.
  • All Round Safety Protection- The model is well protected against lightning, moisture, summer heat, dust, and electric shocks. Thus, it is the safest and most durable options to consider buying because of its all-around protection.
  • More Entertainment With Built-In Games- The TV comes with built-in games that you can keep adding and upgrading for free from the LG websites. It ensures that you are always entertained with the immersive gaming experience that you enjoy on the LG TV.

What Don’t We Like

  • 1 HDMI and 1 USB Port- This TV comes with only a single HDMI and USB port. Hence, you cannot connect the two different USB devices at the same time. It is the same with the HDMI port as you cannot connect the set-top box and gaming console at the same time. You need to switch cables and devices which is not convenient always.


This LG TV model is an excellent option for a 24 inch LED TV. It has an HD Ready display that ensures a good picture quality, and it also has unique specifications that enhance the entertainment experience. The best part about the TV is its safety features like the Mosquito Away and All Round Protection making it a must-have.

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