High-end Speakers

Are you someone who does not just want to settle for a basic speaker and do you want to rev up your music time by several notches? If yes, then you need to be looking for high-end speakers. Find some cool options for high-end speakers online and of course as you would have guessed premium experience comes at a premium price but it is worth every bit that you put out on your high-end speakers. The cost of high-end speakers could go up to several lakhs of rupees but for our purposes we are going to take a cursory look high-end speakers above INR 5000. 

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Bose Bass Module 500 Speaker Review

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Bose 300 Home Speaker Review

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Logitech AudioHub Speakers Review

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What To Expect From High-end Speakers (above INR 5000)?

From what has been mentioned above it is easy to understand that we are looking at a huge price window. Let us list some of the most common features the top brands offer their customers under this segment of speakers. 

  • The size of the speakers range from the home theatre sized speakers, sound bars to giant tower speakers.
  • Among the high-end speakers you will also be able find party speakers
  • Bluetooth music streaming is a default feature in all the latest high-end speakers.
  • NFC connectivity 
  • Built-in WiFi in most models
  • Audio output could go up to 2000 watts
  • Gesture control
  • Party lighting
  • Number of speakers up to 10

Comparison Between Speakers Under Rs. 4000 and Above Rs. 5000

If you are under a dilemma whether or not you should go ahead with a high-end speaker here is a quick comparison of features that you could find in most of the speakers under INR 4000 and above INR 5000. 

FeaturesSpeakers under INR 4000Speakers above INR 5000
Speaker TypeSingle pod speaker, home theatre speakers and multimedia speakersHome theatre speakers, multimedia speakers, sound bars and party speakers.
Number of speakers5.1 channelsUp to 10 speakers with up to 7.1 channels
Maximum output powerUp to 50 wattsUp to 2000 watts
NFCNot availableAvailable
Gesture ControlNot availableAvailable in some models
Party lightsNot availableAvailable in party speakers


Do not hesitate any further. It is time to indulge, go ahead and order your high-end speakers. Of course, you may have to shell out some extra cash but when compared to the quality of the experience that it offers and also given the fact that what you actually pay is very likely to be a long term investment towards quality entertainment, the price is justified. All that you need to make sure is that you are investing enough time in screening the right brands and the right models.

First decide on your budget. You will be able to find high-end speakers for just over INR 5000 to INR 10, 00,000 or more. Get started by first deciding on your budget. Try to review as many speakers as you need to so that you could pick a brand and model that offers the maximum number of features for the price you pay. 

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