Zoook Rocker Bluetooth Plush Speaker Review

Zoook Rocker plush is an elegant designer speaker that is controlled via Bluetooth with tap and play features. It boasts of a massive 24w sound output power coupled with a stylish artistic fabric feature.

The Zoook brand believes in producing plush, affordable speakers that come with super quality sound that enhance the listening experience; this Zoook Rocker isn’t an exception.



This is a speaker from the Zoook brand that is Bluetooth compatible. You can connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices to it, allowing you to stream your music wirelessly from your portable devices for up to 10 meters of range. Additionally, the Bluetooth 4.1 version is energy efficient since it consumes less power.


The speaker comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty. You can always access after-sales-services from the Zoook brand in case it becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period.

Smart Speaker

This is a smart speaker as it shuts down by itself after ten minutes if it senses inactivity. This ensures that you enjoy the most of your listening experience while conserving energy. Also, it has built-in microphone, making it completely hands free

Sound Quality

The speaker comes with a 24W sound output power, ensuring a crystal clear and powerful sound from the three powerful drivers. The sound remains free from distortion even if you crank this speaker to its full volume.


The speaker comes with a beautiful design that’s made from raw and genuine materials that are carefully chosen to reflect fully on the speakers’ aspect of durability.


The speaker comes with 21 x 18 x 6 cm dimensions making it compact. It also weighs only 848g making it portable as well. This is the perfect speaker that offers you the freedom of musical entertainment while on the move.

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What Do We like

Connectivity Options

The speaker comes with the NFC support, 3.5mm audio jack, and tap and play that allows the easy pairing of your speaker with different devices.

In-built Battery

This speaker comes with a huge 5200mah Lithium-ion battery that allows for extended playtime. You can always carry this speaker with you when going outdoors without worrying about it going off for several hours.

What We Don’t Like

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The speaker doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which may not be ideal for users who love streaming their content from online sources.


The Zoook brand is well-known across India for its top-notch speakers, and it has a widespread presence across the country. This is a petite but compelling speaker that is ideal for home entertainment purposes. If you are looking for a musical sound that doesn’t have so much bass, this speaker is ideal for you.

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