Blaupunkt SP212 Home Audio Bluetooth Speaker 

SP212 Home Audio Bluetooth Speaker is from the Blaupunkt. Blaupunkt brand is a renowned German brand that has made cutting edge development in audio technology since its inception in 1924. This German brand has a wide presence in India.

It offers a superior range of quality Audio products. The SP212 Home Audio is a Bluetooth speaker that ensures great thumping sound experience at the comfort of your home. It is a fully wooden speaker that projects a crisp, clear sound, allowing you to enjoy games, music, and videos.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This allows you to stream your music wirelessly from all your Bluetooth enabled devices. Additionally, this Bluetooth doesn’t consume a lot of power, saving you on energy costs.

Sound Quality

The speaker comes with a 40W output that ensures the projection of HD-quality sound with enriched bass. This ensures immersive audio that enables you to enjoy games, movies, and music. The 20W subwoofer enriches the bass even further and hence provides you with 360 degrees stereo sound.

Multiple Connectivity

The speaker comes with multiple connectivity options, including USB, RCA TO Aux-in, and Bluetooth. This allows you to stream your music from several devices, both Bluetooth enabled, and non-Bluetooth enabled ones.

Headphone Jack

The speaker comes with a headphone jack. You can still enjoy listening to your favorite music in case other people don’t want to be disturbed.


This speaker comes with 15.5 x 15.5 x 22.5 cm dimensions making it compact. Also, it weighs 3.9 kg making it convenient to be moved from one room to another if the need arises.

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What Do We like

Easy Control

The easy control feature comes with easily accessible treble controls, volume control, bass controls, and audio control.


The speaker comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty. You can always access after-sales-services from the support staff in case it becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period.


This subwoofer has a unique port-tubed design. It is custom-tuned and comes with front-firing, producing a dynamic bass. These features ensure the projection of distortion-free gaming, music, and movies with deep bass.

What We Don’t Like

Remote control

The speaker doesn’t come with remote control. This can be an inconvenience when you want to change modes, adjust the volume or switch it on or off. You will have to do it manually.


The speaker produces a subversive musical sound. It comes with easy controls for volume or music. To make it juicier, users are guaranteed after-sales-services upon purchasing this product. Looking for that loud musical sound with deep bass? This is the ideal speaker for you.

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