Zebronics Speakers

If you are keen on purchasing speakers made by Indian companies but at the same time if you want to ensure that the quality of the products you purchase is top notch, then you will be able to find what you are looking for in Zebronics. As a company with more than two decades of experience, Zebronics has gained a significant footing in the IT peripherals and audio equipment industry. Zebronics, an Indian firm offers a good range of products for those who are looking for reliable audio equipment. This company was founded in 1997 and since then they have been experiencing a steady growth. 

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How Does Zebronics Fair As A Speakers Brand?

Zebronics is known to most Indian computer users as the brand initially ventured into this field only as a computer accessories brand. Today, it has a diverse range of products including speakers and audio equipment. Zebronics products are appreciated greatly for its quality and this applies to Zebronics speakers too. This brand enjoys a decent level of popularity among customers who are interested in finding entry level speakers to mid-range speakers. The positive traits of this brand are listed below.

  • The brand offers wide range of speaker systems to suit everyone’s needs. 
  • Decent quality speakers for the price range
  • Very affordably priced speakers
  • Stylish designs
  • Very good service network spread across the country for good post-sales support.

Zebronics USP

Over the years Zebronics has grown tremendously as a brand. This brand takes all the efforts required to carefully study the needs of the customers and create products that meet the preferences and the needs of the target group. 

Zebronics positions itself very carefully and tries to reach customers who are looking for entry level to mid-range speakers. This has enabled the brand to specialize in speakers in this price range. This has given the brand a significant advantage in the industry. The brand also ensures that the quality of the products is good. 

Another USP of this brand that could be noticed easily is the regular launch of new products. The brand comes up with new products regularly and Zebronics tries to offer more value for money so that customers are continually interested in the brand and its products. 


Zebronics is a very dependable brand if you are looking for entry level speakers. The brand offers decent quality speakers at very affordable prices. However, if you want high end speakers, then Zebronics may not be the right brand for you. As far as Zebronics is concerned, the brand does not over promise and under deliver like many other brands. It delivers exactly what it promises. Moreover, the brand itself has positioned itself and targets to reach the entry level customers. As long as you are clear with your requirements and if you see that the brand matches your requirements you will be happy with your purchase. It is therefore important to do some basic research on what the brand offers so that you could make the right choices.