Sony (SA-D20 C E12) Multimedia Speaker System Review

Sony manufactures high-quality products for maximum consumer use. One of such product by Sony we are reviewing is the Sony Multimedia Speaker System. This speaker comes with a 2.1 channel multimedia speaker, Audio-in, USB, and more. With this, you can enjoy music streaming through its Bluetooth media. It boost-up your sound experience with its feature. The speaker is stylish, space-saving, and compact to use.

2.1ch system

This speaker comes with 2.1 channel multimedia speakers and a 60 W power output. This feature allows you to enjoy the best quality sound when used. It produces good bass and voice clarity. The volume of sound from this system is also great.

USB and audio-in playback

The speaker comes with a USB port and an Audio-in. These features are good to use, and it also makes playing music from another device hassle-free. The USB is excellent for devices with USB features like USB drive, Memory cards, and more. Audio-in is excellent for users with Audio-in features.


This Bluetooth is excellent for wireless streaming. Now, you can enjoy the best of music on your mobile device through the Bluetooth media. These features are hassle-free and effective to use.


The remote control feature allows the user to control the sound system at his convenience. With this, you don’t have to move close to the device to control it, and you can control the device from any distance. The settings and playback can be done easily without any issue.


It comes with a pleasant stylish black gloss finish. This design adds beauty to where it is placed. The sound system comes with two beautiful sets of speakers and an excellent button pattern.

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What Do We like

Two set speakers

This sound system comes with two sets of speakers for optimal comfort. These speakers produce high-quality sound and ensure you’re entertained at all times. You can connect the system to your PC, TV, and more for convenience and enjoyable experience.


The capacity of this device is excellent and good to have. The system weighs 5 kg and comes with a dimension of 40.5 x 26 x 36 cm. It has a power of 60 watts, and it requires one lithium-ion battery to operate its remote.

Sound quality

The sound quality is top-notch. The bass comes out great, and voice clarity is good.

What We Don’t Like

Volume Control

There is no Volume control on the woofer, user can only control it with remote. In case you misplace the remote you will have no control over the volume.


This system is excellent and has an amazing sound. It comes with a good feature, and it is affordable.

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