Bose S1 Pro Speaker Review

Bose introduces the Bose S1 Pro Speaker! The speaker is a combination of a multipurpose PA system and Bluetooth speaker. Whether it’s plugging in a guitar, keyboard or microphone, or streaming your music wirelessly, this is the speaker you need to go for. With the lightweight and a rugged build, this speaker is ideal for travel. The Auto EQ automatically adjusts its tone, ensuring smooth and clear sounds even when you crank up the volume.


Place & Play

The speaker comes with inbuilt sensors and many aiming positions. This ensures that you get optimal sound in nearly all positions, whether it’s on its side, elevated, tilted back, or on the ground. It’s just like having an experienced audio engineer just next to you!

Bluetooth Compatibility

The speaker comes with Bluetooth compatibility. You can stream your music from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

This speaker comes with an inbuilt rechargeable speaker, and you do not have to look for a power socket when you take this for outdoor parties.

Compatible Devices

This speaker is compatible with Android and iOS-enabled mobile devices, TVs, laptops, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and tablets.

Included Components

The speaker comes with the following components:


User manual; this comes with easy to follow guidelines outline connectivity steps and general use

AC power cord

Additionally, it comes with a carry handle that makes it easier to be carried to where the party is.

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What Do We like

Inbuilt ToneMatch Processing

The speaker allows you to connect your guitar or keyboard to it. Additionally, it comes with inbuilt ToneMatch processing that ensures that guitars and microphones project a natural sound.

Auto EQ Feature

The speaker comes with the Auto EQ feature that automatically adjusts the systems’ tone. This ensures a great sound.

Good Bluetooth Range

This speaker has a decent blue tooth range, and it can function well for up to 30 ft.

Good Battery Life

This speaker can run for 11 hours without going off when fully charged. This feature further enhances the portability aspect. You can carry this speaker and use it for outdoor events without worrying about it going off for 11 hours.


The speaker comes with 28.2 x 23.9 x 33.3 cm dimensions and weighs 7.03kg, making it compact and portable. It can be easily carried for outdoor activities without inconvenience.


This speaker comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. You can always access after-sales-services from the Bose support staff in case it becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period after purchase.

What We Don’t Like

Remote Control

The speaker does not come with remote control; if you want to adjust the volumes or switch it on or off, you will have to do it manually, which can be an inconvenience.


It is a bit on the pricey side.


The speaker produces a super powerful sound from a portable, rugged, all-in-one system. If you want a speaker that brings life to the party, this is the ideal speaker for you! Even though it is on the pricey side, given the quality of the audio experience you are likely to enjoy, it is worth investing in this speaker. Get one for yourself, and your parties will never be the same.

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