Bose Bass Module 700 Speaker Review

The Bose Bass Module 700 Speaker has been designed to complement the Bose soundbar 700.  This wireless subwoofer offers resounding, rich bass, enabling you to get a powerful and thrilling musical, TV, and movie experience.

It comes with a superior glass-top finish, offering an elegance that is not easy to find in subwoofers. The subwoofer offers a dynamic range of resounding low notes from its powerful driver, making your entertainment experience more rewarding.


Thunderous Bass

There is a huge difference between listening to the bass and feeling the thunder. This speaker offers a rich, dynamic bass that has an impact on everything, be it rocking playlists or explosive movies. Adding Bose surround speakers to this speaker and Bose Sound Bar 700 offers a complete surround sound.

Powerful Driver

The speaker comes with a powerful, custom-designed driver. This driver is key to the important low notes that ensure the amplification of pulse-pounding playlists, soundtracks, and movie effects.


This speaker comes with an elegant glass-top finish that is durable. The elegant glass finish gives it a sophisticated look. Its compact design blends in seamlessly with your whole Home Theatre setup.

Loud & Clear

The speaker comes with recessed ports that use resistant screens; this reduces turbulent noise while projecting more sound through smaller openings. This results in distortion-free bass even when cranked up to the maximum volume.

Easy Setup

You only need to plug this speaker in, and you are good to go. It connects wirelessly to the Bose 700 Soundbar, allowing you to enjoy the best bass experience in a few minutes.

Line Cord

There is a line cord that comes with this speaker that facilitates connectivity.


It is compatible with Bose Soundbar 700, Bose Soundbar 500, SoundTouch 300 soundbar.

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What Do We like

Cinema-like Sound

Pairing this speaker with the Bose 700 Soundbar and Bose surround speakers makes you feel like you are in a cinema hall. These speakers may be a bit small, but the sound they produce is simply unbelievable.

Quiet Port Technology

The speaker comes with the quiet port technology. This technology eliminates distortion without sacrificing the sound clarity, allowing you to rock your house without unwanted noise.

Compact Size

The speaker is just 29.5 x 29.5 x 32.7 cm, and it weighs 13.6 kg. It is a compact speaker that does not take much space in your living room, which is a great convenience.


This speaker comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty. You can always access after-sales-services from Bose support staff in case it becomes faulty within one year after purchase.

What We Don’t Like

Remote Control

This bass module does not come with its own remote control. If you want to adjust the bass levels or switch it on/off, you will have to do it manually, which can be an inconvenience.


Just for a bass module, it is a bit too pricey.


Imagine feeling the beat-stomping choruses in songs. This subwoofer enables you to enjoy this and so much more! Coming from one of the most renowned brands in India, you can be assured of quality, affordability, and reliability upon purchasing this powerful speaker. It is pricey, but if you are an audiophile, you will certainly not mind the price.

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