Blaupunkt GTB 8200A Subwoofer Review

Looking for a portable and compact subwoofer system that still offers the sound benefits of huge subwoofers? You need to look no further! Blaupunkt brand brings you the GTB 8200A that brings together an eight-inch subwoofer with the Class D amplifier.

This subwoofer comes in a ported enclosure that takes up little space. This amplifier has a rating of 75W RMS power output, enabling you to enjoy a powerful and unforgettable sound experience. Simply put, this speaker is a little giant, small, but extremely powerful!



This subwoofer comes with a year manufacturers’ warranty; you can easily access after-sales-services in case the subwoofer becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period.

Sound Quality

The amplifier in this subwoofer comes with a 75W RMS normal power output, 200W maximum power output, and a 30-200 Hz frequency response. These features ensure the projection of clear sound without any distortion.

Sound to Noise Ratio

The speaker comes with a sound to noise ratio of 96dB. This feature ensures that there is no distortion in sound quality even when you crank this subwoofer to maximum volume.

Automatic Fuse

This subwoofer comes with a 7.5 amplifier that comes with an automatically installed fuse. This fuse ensures that the amplifier doesn’t get destroyed in case of power failures, ensuring durability.

Separate Filters Controls

The subwoofer comes with distinct controls for low-pass, gain, and phase filter. These filters ensure the projection of clear sounds without distortion.

Metallic Protectors

Strong metallic protectors protect the subwoofer. These metallic protectors ensure that your speaker doesn’t get damaged in case it falls or from external damages.


This subwoofer comes with 2.83 V/m power sensitivity. This feature facilitates a wide power range that produces a great and reasonable sound without getting it overworked. The subwoofer can achieve excellent volume and musicality without straining it. This, in turn, ensures better performance in terms of sound and durability.

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What Do We like

Smart Impedance

The subwoofer is constructed with a design that calls for smart impedance. It features an impedance switch that enables you to choose among the available load impedance options. The feature allows users to fully configure the subwoofers’ system by simply flipping the switch.

Blaupunkt logo

The subwoofer comes with the unique Blaupunkt logo that is stitched beautifully on the top of the speaker.

What We Don’t Like

No such negative cons were observed so far


This is one of the most sought after subwoofers in India because of its small size yet big sound. If you are looking for a powerful sound that you can easily install since it comes with all the installation materials, this is the one you need to go for. Looking for durability, affordability, portability, powerful sound, compactness, and quality? This one comes with all these features.

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