Bose Bass Module 500 Speaker Review

Who says you must have a big box to enjoy big bass? The Bose Bass Module 500 Speaker takes your movies and music to another level. The speaker comes from the renowned Bose brand. The brand is well known for its affordable and durable speakers across India. The speaker is compact, but it produces a booming bass that enriches your entertainment experience. You can connect your portable devices to this speaker wirelessly.


Cinema-like Sound

Pairing up this speaker with Bose Surround speakers results in a more immersive and enjoyable entertainment experience.

Compact Size & Weight

The speaker comes with 25.4 x 25.4 x 24.1 cm dimensions making it compact. It also weighs 4.99 kg making it portable. It can be moved easily, without much inconvenience. This speaker does not take up much space.

Glass-top Finish

This bass module comes with a glass-top finish, which adds to its aesthetic appeal, giving it a premium look.

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What Do We like

Superb Bass

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This speaker produces a thunderous bass.

Wireless Connection

Connect your speaker wirelessly to the Bose Surround Speakers. The wireless connection feature allows for easier setup as well as placement. This allows you to get your entertainment experience going in just a few minutes.


This speaker comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. You can always access the after-sales-services from the Bose support staff in their retail outlets across India.




It is compatible with Bose Soundbar 700, Bose Soundbar 500, SoundTouch 300 soundbar.

What We Don’t Like

Remote Control

This speaker does not come with its remote control. This can be an inconvenience when you want to adjust the volume or simply switch it or on. You will have to do it manually.


This is a small-sized bass module that produces an amazing and unbelievable sound quality. For music enthusiasts who like entertaining themselves without leaving their houses, this is the ideal spear. With all the must-have features in a home entertainment sound system, this is one speaker worth considering.

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