Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System Review

Logitech produces products that deliver the optimal user experience. One of such speakers by Logitech we are reviewing is the Logitech Z906 Surround Sound System. This speaker comes with 2.0 dual input multimedia speakers.

This multimedia speakers use 6 watts’ peak power and deliver the best stereo sound. The control of this system is simple, and the volume is convenient to use. It comes with a handy headphone jack for private listening pleasure.


THX Certified

These surround sound speakers have met the THX certification standard. They have met strict performance standards, and it produces ultimate assurance for a cinematic sound experience.

1000-watts Peak Power

The system comes powerful peak power and quality theatre acoustic for your music, movies, and games. It comes with a dynamic satellite and center channel speakers. The system has a 165-watt subwoofer that delivers crystal-clear high end, deep bass, and rich mid-range tones and big.

Dolby Digital Sound

This speaker comes with an excellent Dolby Digital Sound. It allows you to hear every detail all around you. The system has a DTS encoding and 5.1 Dolby Digital to accurately recreate the final surround sound mix in your DVD, Blu-ray, and game soundtracks.

Digital and Analog Inputs

The speaker gives you the flexibility to set up your system the way you like it. You can connect up to six audio sources like music player, computer, game console, and more.

Surround Sound with 3D Stereo

The speakers can conveniently convert the two-channel stereo from your favorite music, old-movies, and games into an immersive surround sound experience.

Easy to Read Console Control

This control comes with a compact stackable design that fits in with your home entertainment system. It allows you to control the volume, power, set inputs, and mute.

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What Do We like

Quality Sound

This speaker provides quality sound for optimal user experience. The Dolby Digital Sound makes every little sound clear and loud. The speaker is driven by a THX-certified speaker system with an impactful 1000W peak power that delivers unique cinematic sound quality.

Rich acoustic

These speakers allow you to hear the faintest of footsteps with the surround sound speakers. You can enjoy your video, game, and music through your game console, PC, Music player, and more.


The system is easy to navigate from the comfort of your couch with remote control. The design makes it easy for it to be placed on the TV unit.

What We Don’t Like

No negative review so far.


This Sound system comes with a good surround mode feature with a fairly compact design. The remote control makes it easy to control, and the sound quality is great.

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