Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Treadmill Review

The all-new TDM – 97 From the Powermax Fitness is undeniably a useful inclusion if you are looking for similar like the gym workout but at the convenience at your office and home.  This model of Powermax treadmills come with a 1.0 CHP and hence ensure a smooth ride.

You can keep doing your exercise while the powerful LED display will keep showing the distance you have covered, your current speed, your heart rate and the most satisfying are how much calories you have burnt.

If you have no time to go out for the gym, with this quality built, easy operated and foldable treadmills brings gym workout at your home. With the space saving feature and great deck length, it makes running or walking more comfortable than ever.

If you are thinking that since this machine can be folded which the gym equipment cannot and therefore, some features are missing in this one, you are making a wrong decision.

It has all the features integrated into it with an additional feature of folding to keep your workout routine active as ever. All you need is to keep running and enjoy watching your calories getting burnt without moving out.

So let’s check the many features this Powermax Fitness TDM-97 has to offer:

Incredible Features of Powermax Fitness TDM – 97

With a range of Pre-Set programs and strong motor, this treadmill offers great result at such an affordable price range. Let us have a detailed look at the various features that one can avail at this price point.


This sturdy treadmill is constructed with a durable frame. With the steel main frame consisting of 3 layers make sure of not getting corroded along with extended lifetime. The iron alloy used for the frames ensures stronger, reliable and a machine with more longevity.

With a lifetime frame warranty, one year of labor and parts and three years of motor warranty ensure getting the parts replaced in case of any problem with its functioning.

Pre-Set Programs:

You will be benefitted with a great LED display showing the calories burnt, speed, distance, time, pulse and incline. Not only the 12 preset programs help in accomplishing the goals but also helps in focusing on distance covered, calories burnt and time training goals. With this great fitness machine, you can achieve your fitness goals quite easily.

6 Ply Running Deck:

This machine is integrated with 1.8mm of multi-ply weave running belt helps to reduce the shock and works as an anti-skid surface. Now you can run with better endurance and for more time.

With six ply running surface and cast steel resistance, the fitness machine ensures both safety and comfort. This is made in a way that it reduces joints issues and works as great energy conservation.

Tablet and Mobile Holder:

If you are a gadget bug and cannot stay away from them, then here is good news for you. With the dedicated mobile and tablet holder in the treadmill, you can easily keep the gadgets in the treadmill.

Huge User Capacity:

With a max user capacity of 90kg, this treadmill tends to take the weight of the users easily. This treadmill is dedicated to running and walking and hence becomes an excellent choice for variable users.

Heart Rate Sensors:

This sensor works with your grip and detects your heart rate just by placing the palm. All you need is to put the palm on the handle and check the heart rate.

Quiet along with energy saving motor:

With a strong motor developed by the University of Munich, this 99% copper core ensures intense workout. You can also control the noise within 68DB. Enjoy a great running session without any disturbance.

Foldable and manual lock:

With a space-saving mechanism, this compact treadmill has an ideal design to fit on any rooms easily. It can be easily folded and stored inside the closet.

Great running deck:

The deck size of the treadmill has 43.3” x 15.75”. This offers excellent space for comfortable running. It is a low profile running deck, which makes you feel safe and close to the ground

Automatic Stop Mechanism:

This treadmill comes with an auto-stop mechanism. All you need is to directly attach a safety clip with the clothes and ensure normal running. This will prevent from drifting and falling back on the treadmill. With this auto-stop function, it minimizes accidents.

Independent CPU:

With a dustproof, water-resistant and moisture proof CPU, this treadmill ensures providing the best results to the users.

Let us have a quick look:

Categories    Specifications
Running Surface    1100 x 400mm
Motor     1.0 HP
Maximum User Weight    90kg
Running Surface    18mm pre-waxed low maintenance material
Cushioning    6 ply running area and cast steel resistance
Running belt    5 anti-skid belt
Display    5.5 Inches
Preset programs    3 target base and 12 pre-set programs
Functionality    Distance, calories, heart rate, speed and time
Heart Rate Monitoring    Handle grip with heart rate sensors
Holder    Tablet and Mobile holder
Portable    Wheels for easy portability
Storage    Foldable

What Do We like

  • Reasonable price: There is no doubt that this treadmill includes some of the amazing features but still have the price intact. This treadmill comes under the below INR 25000 range. This is quite affordable for anyone who tends to be a great choice for home use.
  • MP3 Connection: With the AUX input integrated into the treadmill, one can easily plug in the buttons and listen to their favorite music from the MP3 player or iPhone while exercising and stay motivated.
  • Roller: Precisely built along with the steel crowned ensure proper balancing ensure keeping the belt in proper place and smooth movement. This improves the running belt and longevity of the bearings.
  • Great choice for both walking and running: We have observed the deck size and cushioning and we will never put a step back to say that it’s a great choice for both walking and running for the beginners. However, don’t opt for longer stride like the pro-runners this is meant for the basic level.
  • Compact and foldable: This treadmill is perfect for home use because of easy storage. We stored it in the closet and quite amazing we could adjust. Moreover, if you have space under the bed, it is also a great choice. Its compact size is great for the people.
  • Has a sturdy look and feel: Being designed with steel, the mainframe seems great while using. We can feel both comfortable and secured while using. Moreover, the 3 level of paints used to ensure no corrosion is quite an impressive one.

What We Don’t Like

  • Belt width is narrower than expected: As mentioned that it is great for runners, we expected a broader or wider belt, but it is not as expected. The width is much lesser or narrower and therefore might make you feel unbalanced at times.
  • While operating the motor makes noise: Whether you opt for normal exercising or intense, the motor will make noise while operating. So, this is not quite impressive and tends to be irritating after continuous use.
  • Speed variation is not much: Don’t expect huge speed variation. It is 1.0 to 10km/h. This means you can opt for running or walking up to a definite level.
  • Speaker could be better: Even when it is not required, as mentioned in the features, the speakers do not perform that well. However, it is always a great choice if you do not expect much from it.


With a combination of positives and negatives, this Powermax Fitness TDM- 97 tends to be an excellent choice for both the runners and walkers. With great multimedia features, running deck and preset programs, this treadmill becomes a great inclusion for home use.

So if you are a beginner and want to train yourself, the Powermax fitness TDM- 97 can be an ideal inclusion for a great fitness regime.


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