Post Maternity Ab Belts

Post pregnancy comes with complications and the abdomen, hips, belly and the internal organs need a support to be in place. Also, nowadays getting in shape and staying fit is in trend which definitely lists more merits than demerits. One can keep away from multiple diseases and also look great by following this trend.

As the obvious option of exercising or workout in the gym becomes a bit hectic for women with baby bumps, the post-maternity ab belts are here to help. These belts not only would be a way of getting rid of belly fat with minimal efforts but also help in keeping the belly muscles and organs in place and supporting the abdomen and hip. Along with these functionalities, these belt helps with a few medical issues like back pain, body posture etc. too.

After delivering your beautiful bundle of joy, you may be worried about your post-pregnancy body. The extended mid-section, the loose skin, the stretch marks, and even the painful back. You may actually be wondering if you will ever get back your former pre-pregnant body. Well, worry no more, we have the solution for you.

A post maternity Ab belt or post pregnancy girdle is the answer to all your pregnancy-related body issues. It comes in real handy in ensuring that your abdomen, hips, and back are compressed back into shape quicker than you thought possible.

How does Post Maternity Belt works?

What the girdle will do is help your uterus and tummy shrink back to their original size or to an even smaller size. Being pregnant stretches the skin around your tummy and this may take time to get back to normal.

The Ab belt significantly reduces this length of time and helps you achieve the shape you want at a faster rate.

You do not have to hate your body after pregnancy anymore because this girdle will get you back to where you want to be. It supports and aligns your abdomen and other internal organs until they are able to do their job again.

It also helps with loose and floppy skin and provides a light compression that makes your uterus shrink back into place. The end result is always a much more confident woman who is proud of being a mom and their great body.

If you have had a caesarian section, the girdle will help you as well, so do not fear because of the stitches.

Other important benefits of the girdle:

Boosts self-esteem 

It is natural for a new mother to feel a little flabby because of the weight they gained during pregnancy. It takes time for the weight to burn off and your skin and muscles to get back in shape. As a result of all this, most women may not like how they look and it leads to them having a low self-esteem.

This Ab belt goes a long way in helping you feel much better and more confident as it re-shapes your body and helps it start to normalize.

Recovers muscles 

Because the stomach is deflated, it may take time for your muscles and skin to regain their flexible nature. The girdle holds them in place, promoting a better posture and quickening the process of strength.

Keeps your mid-section in place:

The Ab belt will help to prevent movement of your belly and skin in your midsection area. Skin movement can actually make you feel quite uncomfortable and the stretch marks will actually damage your skin’s elasticity. Preventing this unwanted movement of your skin will lead to a speedy recovery and also promote an attractive looking post-baby bump tummy.

Supports your back:

Most women suffer back related problems as a result of pregnancy and delivery. Conditions such as spinal curvature, radiculitis, and scoliosis actually tend to get worse at this point due to the added pressure on your back.

This belt significantly aids your back to heal by providing the additional support needed.

Helps with C-section recovery:

As mentioned earlier, these Ab belts will help in relieving swelling in your abdominal area by restricting painful tissue movements. It will also help eliminate the fear of laughing, getting up and coughing while still healing from a caesarian operation.

The Ab belt also goes a long way in holding the incisions and stitches intact by preventing them from re-opening which means they will heal faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do they really work?

The mechanism employed by the Ab belts is compression. Compression has been known to be extremely effective when it comes to water retention and other edema related issues.

The firm support offered by the girdle greatly helps with your posture, and the added pressure on your abdomen can actually help in putting the skin back in place and gives you a better figure in the long run. What you should do is try it and see if it shall work for you, but from the numerous customer reviews, this Ab belt does work.

What is the difference between an Ab belt and a maternity support belt?

Most people confuse these two. A maternity belt is normally worn in the later stages of pregnancy, in order to help distribute the weight on your belly. They also help in reducing pelvic and back pain.

The post-partum girdle that we have discussed above should be used after delivery to compress your abdominal area so that it can get back in shape quicker. This is essentially a belt that can also be worn under your clothes to give you a better-looking shape and figure.

Can I use it after a C-section?

Well, you must have heard the myth that most people who undergo a c-section to deliver should not use a post-pregnancy belt. While this may be true in some cases, it is not true for all.

You can find a good Ab belt to use on your abdomen even if you have had a caesarian section, but you must first consult with your doctor. DO NOT use this belt without your doctor’s consent. If used well, it can help keep your incision and stitches intact, which helps in quick recovery.

How often should I wear the belt after delivery?

Wear it every day if possible, so look for a very comfortable belt that can allow you to attend other duties while wearing it. Also look for one that is not too bulky but rather thin and effective as well, in order to wear it easily under your clothes.

Types of Post Maternity Belts

The post maternity ab belts, also known as girdles come in certain distinct types as mentioned below. Consult your doctor before trying any post maternity belt.

Pull-up type belt

Pull-up type ab belt

As the name suggests, this type of belts works like underwear which has a high waist. Although this type of belts is very handy, doctor’s guidance is required as it can affect the abdominal portion.

Wrap type belt

Wrap type ab belt

This category of ab belt is the most common one. With a frontal flap, it wraps around the midsection and fastens at the back.

Corset type belt

Corset type ab belt

For maximum support and recovery to your belly post pregnancy, this type of ab belt will be the ideal one. It is made up of medical grade material and has snap or boning enclosures for proper support.

Zipper type type

Zipper type ab belt

Belts provided with a zip falls under his category. This zip can be either located on the front section or on the sides. One should choose the belt according to the ease of wearing, that is, a front zipper belt will be easier to put on than a side zipper one.


Post Maternity Ab Belts Buyer’s guide

To get a clear idea and a short guide about the basics before purchasing an ab belt, the following points should be kept in mind.


The prime factor to be kept in mind while buying an ab belt is the comfort provided after wearing it. For that, selecting material which will avoid irritation and can be worn for long periods, selecting the proper size and mobility of the body after wearing is important.


As the belt comes in contact with the skin, the material should be taken into notice too. A doctor recommended or medical graded one is always better than the rest. Nevertheless, keep a check on the quality whether it causes irritation or allergies to your skin and is breathable.


While buying the belt, keep in mind the design of the belt according to your need. Following the doctor’s advice, in this case, will be the best.


The product must be supportive to wear for a long period of time. Also before buying, check whether the belt can be worn under clothes or not.


You will need a belt that can offer you support and at the same time provide the right compression on your abdomen. This is a very important point to consider when buying an Ab belt and you should be able to get value from it.

Buy a belt that will be effective in reducing your mid-section and offer support to your back.


A good belt should be able to last a long time, preferably service you through a couple of pregnancies. It should be able to retain its shape even after long-term use and allow you to carry out as many tasks as possible while wearing it.

Ease of use

A good belt should be easy to use, which means that you should put it on with minimum struggle. This belt should also be comfortable on you when you put it on. You should be able to move around freely and carry out your everyday duties stress-free.


This has to do with the materials used in its making. Latex, cotton, and nylon are the most common because they are breathable, they do not cause any irritations on the skin and they are also non-allergenic.


Choose a belt that is within your price range. Do not go for a cheap one because it may end up disappointing you, or a very expensive one that may not deliver what you want. Do extensive research on all the belts in the market, read customer reviews, and finally choose that which will be comfortable for you and your budget as well.

Top 12 Post Maternity Ab Belts to choose from

The following is a list of post maternity ab belts to choose from.

1) JSB BS55 Premium Support Belt (Newly Added)

This premium support belt from JSB Healthcare company comes in 3 main sizes; A medium size that measures between 32-36 inches, a large size that measures 36-40 inches and an XL size that measures 40-44 inches in diameter, so you get to choose what is comfortable for you. It is well designed and can perfectly be worn for long hours.


  • It is perfectly elastic which makes it have an ideal compression and ensures the correct compression of your lumbar area.
  • It offers back support for anyone that suffers back related problems after pregnancy such as; back spasms, dislocated disc, Sciatica Pain, and severe back pain. This is because it is made with Malleable Metal Splints that offer support to the spine from all sides.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is easy to clean. You simply need to wash it in cold water and dry it under a shade on a flat surface. DO NOT hang it for drying purposes.
  • In order to choose the right size, take a measuring tape around your waist, and measure from the waist to the navel area.


  • It offers back relief.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is very comfortable.


  • It is a little bulky.


2) Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset (Newly Added)

This premium support belt from JSB Healthcare company comes in 3 main sizes; A medium size that measures between 32-36 inches, a large size that measures 36-40 inches and an XL size that measures 40-44 inches in diameter, so you get to choose what is comfortable for you. It is well designed and can perfectly be worn for long hours.


  • It is fully elastic and perfectly snug fitting for anyone using it.
  • It is made of high-quality material that is skin-friendly and retains its elasticity after use, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It is very thin and fits perfectly under your clothes. The belt contours your body perfectly and allows you to wear it for long periods of time.


  • It offers a perfect fit.
  • Made of good quality material.
  • Large enough for plus size women.
  • It is very soft and comfortable.
  • It offers support for back-related problems.


  • It is not machine washable.


3) OBLIQ Abdomen Support Belt for Post Pregnancy (Newly Added)

This belt from OBLIQ can also be used as a waist trimmer or a weight loss binder. It provides abdominal support and gives the user a beautifully shaped body. For people with chronic back problems or excessive back can use this belt for extra support on your back and pain relief.


  • It relieves muscle stiffness by providing a warm effect on your sore muscles.
  • It is perfect for waist movement and damage repair. You can comfortably use it while sitting, playing games, walking or even standing. For those who do yoga or lift heavy things, this is a great product to use on your back.
  • It is made of top neoprene materials that are sweat absorbing, lightweight, cold-proof and breathable. It is also soft and smooth and does not irritate the skin.
  • If you use it during exercise time, it will increase your core temperature and improve on sweat production.
  • If you suffer from a hernia or a diastasis binder this girdle belt can help with your belly apron and panniculus by holding the excess and hanging fat from your stomach. This provides a smooth and slimming effect on your stomach and facilitates faster healing.
  • It is highly recommended for post-pregnancy use, and for any other abdominal surgeries.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is made of good quality material.
  • It is a perfect fit.
  • Helps with back pain.
  • It is long-lasting and durable.


  • You must ensure to get the right body measurements, before purchase.


4) Tynor Abdominal Support 9 For Post Operative/ Post Pregnancy

Tynor Abdominal Support 9 For Post Operative/ Post Pregnancy

Tynor Abdominal Support is a compression belt mainly used as a post-operative aid for waistline reduction. It also has an abdominal binder for supporting the abdomen and compressing the abdominal muscles. Apart from these basic functionalities, this belt also provides protection and binding of surgical incisions, umbilical and ventral hernia.


  • Product has a size range from 28 to 48 inches
  • Broad hook and loop tape is provided
  • Belt has strong and porous elastic webbing
  • It is lightweight with a thin construction
  • Product comes with a single panel of elastic
  • Nylon reeves prevent rolling over of the belt
  • Can be worn under the clothes.
  • The product has pleasant aesthetics


  • This belt has multiple medical applications like umbilical and ventral hernia, binds surgical incisions of abdomen and chest and tone up abdominal muscles.
  • The porous elastic webbing of the belt ensures good compression as well as improves ventilation and comfort.
  • The special designed broad hook loop closures help in size adjustability of the belt around the waist.


  • The belt is quite bulky in nature.
  • This belt is used more as an abdominal support than as a tummy trimmer.
  • Size of the belt should be taken care of such that the lower end of the belt should coincide with the base of the spine.


5)  Mee Mee Post Natal Maternity Support Corset Belt

Mee Mee Post Natal Maternity Support Corset Belt

The Mee Mee Maternity Support Belt falls under corset type of ab belts and hence provides maximum support to the abdomen portion. Its premium quality and breathable cotton provide utmost comfort.


  • The belt weighs around 200 gms
  • Material of the product is breathable cotton
  • Adjustable belts are provided for all body types
  • Designed distinctly to be worn under apparel
  • Product comes in the shades of beige and pink


  • The 100% premium quality breathable cotton provides extra comfort in the abdomen region.
  • Not only this belt will support the hip and spine, but also will help in correcting body posture while nursing.
  • This belt will help in pain relief both during pregnancy and post pregnancy.


  • Doctor’s recommendation is preferred for using this belt.
  • Keeps on Folding at back sometimes.


6) Wonder Care Abdominal Belt Binder Body Shaper

Wonder Care Abdominal Belt Binder Body Shaper

The Wonder Care Abdominal Belt comes in a wide range of sizes. This product is exclusively used by women as a post-operative aid after delivery. It is a compression belt which supports the abdomen and compresses the abdominal muscles too.


  • Weight of the belt is 349 gm
  • The belt is lightweight and has a thin construction
  • A broad hook and loop-tape panels are provided
  • Special nylon reeves are supplied to prevent rolling over of the belt
  • Material has an extra porous webbing
  • Designed to be worn under apparel
  • Provides optimal compression of the abdomen
  • The product has a size range from 28” to 48”


  • The extra porous webbing of the belt provides ventilation and additional comfort to the patient.
  • Loop tape panel and hooks provide better holding of the belt and size adjustability.
  • Abdominal muscles are toned up better after surgery because of the optimal compression provided by the product.


  • It can be confusing and hectic to put on and off at times.
  • The belt might loosen up after prolonged usage and hence, a smaller size is recommended.


7) Flamingo Abdominal Belt Medium

Flamingo Abdominal Belt Medium

The Flamingo Abdominal Belt is recommended mainly to be used after surgery or after delivery to support the abdominal region. This product comes in 5 different sizes ranging from small to extra large to choose from according to the requirement.


  • Weight of the belt is 522 gm
  • Product is available in sizes of small, medium, large, XL and XXL
  • The range of size is from 28 to 48 inches
  • The product is recommended after surgery or delivery to support the abdomen
  • Belt reduces pressure on the bladder and backache
  • Product is used as a back support or post-operative belt


  • The belt is proved to be effective in improving circulation during exercising and workouts.
  • The stretchable nature of the belt makes it a comfortable one to wear.


  • This product works exclusively for post-delivery tummy reductions and not for medical purposes.


8)  Cling Post Maternity Corset Belt Medium

Cling Post Maternity Corset Belt Medium

Cling Post Maternity belts are of corset type and the size of belts are categorized by the hip circumferences. This product perfectly supports the abdominal muscles after the delivery and is also useful for various other medical reasons post pregnancy.


  • Product has an increased width of 25 cm
  • It comes in a range of sizes from 70 to 110 cm according to hip circumference
  • Has excellent elasticity and stretch-ability
  • Product is fully elastic and provides a snug fit
  • Material is skin-friendly
  • The product is thin and can be worn under clothing
  • The belt retains its elasticity even after long usage
  • It ensures adequate compressibility and supports weakened muscles.
  • Belt is also useful after abdominoplasty, hysterectomies, liposuction and bariatric surgery


  • The Corset provides compression which increases blood flow to the abdomen and results in faster healing.
  • The increased width of 25 cm is not provided by any other corset belt company. This gives maximum support to the abdominal walls.
  • According to its name, the product clings to the body along the contours for comfort and wearability for long durations.


  • This product is not recommended for waist trimming purposes.


9)  Farlin Breathable Postnatal reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt

Farlin Breathable Postnatal reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt-Medium

The company Farlin comes to you with the Farlin Postnatal reshaping abdominal Girdle Belt to support abdominal muscles post pregnancy and get back in shape. A plus point about this belt is that it can also be used by men for waistline reduction.


  • Material type is of rubber
  • The material is breathable, lightweight and adjustable
  • Waist girdle is made of high-quality rubber and 100% Dacron
  • The product is stretchable in nature
  • Designed discretely to be worn under clothing
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Belt offers support to back and core muscles along with toning them


  • The product is comfortable, convenient and easy to wear.
  • The belt offers toning and support of muscles which helps to reduce stretch marks.
  • The lightweight material and adjustable nature of the belt makes it more comfortable.


  • This product pays more attention to slim down the waistline rather than support abdominal muscles.


10) Wowlife Abdominal Postpartum Recovery Girdle (Medium)

Wowlife Abdominal Postpartum Recovery Girdle (Medium)

Wowlife has come up with a maternity belt that works to support the belly and compress it post-pregnancy as well. Its comfortable and adaptable features make it a hit among the ab belts.


  • This product comes in 3 sizes namely small, medium and large
  • Dimensions of the small size belt are 23*95 cm, medium is 23*100 cm and large is 23*110 cm
  • The belt is hygroscopic, breathable and lightweight
  • Has adjustable closure for easy wearing
  • Product provides adaptable compression and support for pendulous abdomen after pregnancy
  • Product helps to tighten and flatten the postpartum belly
  • Belt provides great back support which reduces a backache


  • The lightweight and breathable nature of the belt makes it a suitable one to wear for long tenures.
  • Its elastic nature allows the belt to be stretched so as to fit the natural curves of the body.


  • The product comes in 3 distinct categories of sizes which put on boundaries to the choice of selecting a proper size.


11) Jern Maternity Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle

Jern Maternity Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle

The Jern Maternity Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle helps to maintain the abdominal muscles in place and also tighten and strengthen the muscles for a reduced belly. This belt is most suitable for exercise and fitness purposes along with post postpartum recovery.


  • The size of belt varies from 12 to 14.5 inches
  • Material is of high-quality nylon, rubber, and multiple chemical fibers
  • Ingredients of the belt have 78% spandex and 22% rubber thread
  • The belt is breathable and elastic in nature
  • Velcro closure is provided for easily adjustable fit
  • Wear resistant and can be used for long periods
  • Belt length and fixed place of the belt can be adjusted


  • The mash and breathable design of the girdle make it a very comfortable one when it is worn.
  • The belt’s elasticity and flexibility are very good which increase the lifetime of the product.


  • It has more fitness and shaping abilities than medical ones.


12) Baby Bucket Corset/ Waist Trimming/ Postpartum Abdomen Shaper Belt

Baby Bucket Corset/ Waist Trimming/ Postpartum Abdomen Shaper Belt

To slim down the waistline or to tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles, the Baby Bucket corset type belt is here to help. The corset type belt will not only give complete support to the ab muscles but also help in getting in shape.


  • Material of the belt is of neoprene and nylon
  • Product is an adjustable waist belt trimmer
  • Can be worn under apparel
  • Made of finest elastic material which is breathable
  • Product is available in a wide range of colors
  • Supports core abdominal muscles
  • Helps in supporting, enhancing and toning waist after a natural birth, C-section, or postpartum abdominal surgeries
  • The belt is ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, weightlifting etc.


  • The breathable fabric of the belt makes it extremely comfortable and the corset type gives complete support to the abdomen.
  • This product will also help in improving breastfeeding posture.
  • The belt comes in free-size which spares you from the thought of selecting a proper size.
  • It generates and retains therapeutic heat for muscles which helps in burning excess fat for waistline reduction.


  • A doctor recommendation is required for using this belt.
  • The free-size belt might be uncomfortable for some stages post pregnancy.



The usage of post maternity ab belts has been practiced for ages. Back in the days, women used sarees or long cloths to wrap around the abdominal region for support but with the advancement of technology, the invention of ab belts have made the situation much easier and beneficial.

These belts not only supports the abdominal region but also helps in tightening the abdomen muscles, reduces back pains, improves posture, acts as a back support and reduce waistline too. Both fitness and medical purposes are served with the post-maternity ab belts.


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