Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Here is a detailed guide to the best gifts you can surprise your boyfriend with for his birthday.

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and you want to gift him something that will show him how much he means to you. However, selecting gifts for men is not an easy task. You think about getting creative, but you may wish for a little help in deciding.

If you are having a tough time choosing a suitable gift for your beloved boyfriend, this article is for you!

Here we have listed a list of birthday gift ideas for men that he will love, and it will bring a huge smile on his face. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the following section of this article.

We have listed:

Gifts for boyfriend under INR 25,000

Gifts for boyfriend under INR 10,000

Gifts for boyfriend under INR 2,500

Gifts for boyfriend under INR 1,000

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend


A camera is an excellent gift for anyone who loves photography. There are different types of cameras available in the market, ranging from DSLR cameras, point and shoot to 4 K cameras. However, price plays an essential factor in this case. So, if you have a constraint on price, there are many budget-friendly cameras that you could consider going for.

The type or model you choose to buy should be according to the prowess of the user. There are different camera models designed to suit the requirements of a beginner or even a professional.

Ensure that the camera has an excellent resolution and can capture images and record videos in exceptional quality with enhanced clarity and depth. Moreover, it should be easy to use. You could also go for an instant camera, as it can capture high-resolution pictures and provide image print instantly.


You can quickly get a laptop under 30,000 rupees. Ensure that you choose a laptop size based on your boyfriend’s requirements. You can go for a 15.6 inch or even an 11-12 inch laptop if you wish to opt for a more compact size laptop. There are laptops designed especially for gaming as well.

There are a few essential factors to consider before you make a purchase. These include- the RAM, processor, graphics, display, etc. Also, go for a light-weight model with good battery life, so that it can easily be carried around for business trips, or any other purpose.



This is a stylish, light-weight, and portable touch-screen device designed to perform all the tasks of a smartphone or laptop. Gifting a tablet to your boyfriend is an excellent idea since it will allow him to perform all his daily tasks efficiently. He will also be able to carry it around with him and show off his valuable gift.

While buying a tablet, it is essential to choose a display size according to your preference. The display should be made of gorilla glass so that it is resistant to scratches and falls. Other important factors like expandable memory, long battery life, Android OS, and budget will play a vital role in deciding a suitable model.

Amazon Devices

Amazon has introduced several devices to make every household smarter. So, if your boyfriend is someone who loves innovative and tech-savvy devices, this is the best gift he would probably receive. Decide your buy based on the uses and types of amazon devices, namely Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Kindle E-Reader.

A Kindle e-reader will be a suitable choice for anyone who loves reading while the Amazon Fire TV stick is a must-have, for enjoying entertainment more smartly and conveniently. A compact Amazon Echo with Alexa’s voice control, on the other hand, will be your boyfriend’s best friend. It is designed to answer every question, control smart appliances, news and weather updates, play music, and a lot more.


Everyone loves listening to music! So, headphones or wireless earphones will be a good birthday gift for your boyfriend. A good set of headphones will not only provide him with comfortable listening experience but also allow him to answer calls with ease while working.

Before making a purchase, you should know about the different types of headphones available in the market-including, over-ear, in-ear, on-ear headphones. Consider going for a headphone with a noise-cancellation feature. It cancels out all the noise from the surroundings to ensure an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. Also, the headphone should provide good quality and clear sound.

VR Headsets

This gadget will be a great gift idea if your boyfriend loves playing video games. The headset is designed to give the users an immersive, realistic gaming or viewing experience by taking them into the world of virtual reality. It comprises of head motion tracking sensors, stereo sound, and a stereoscopic head-mounted display.

There are different types of VR headsets for you to choose from. You need to check if the headset you are planning to buy is compatible with your boyfriend’s phone, play station and other devices.

Ensure that the VR you plan on buying is durable and under your budget. A VR headset with a tracking feature will enhance the user’s visual experience by mimicking real-time movements.

Fitness Bands

This is one of the most popular devices, which will be loved by anyone who is a gadget and fitness freak. It is a great way of keeping track of one’s fitness and physical activities.

The bands are cool to wear and also manage to monitor calorie gain or loss, heartbeat, steps along with monitoring sleeping pattern. They come with sensors, that are capable of recording activities for providing an accurate reading.

While buying a fitness band, ensure that you choose a sleek and stylish yet light-weight and comfortable design. The band should be waterproof with an LED display and must have long battery life.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are devices that provide a high quality crisp and clear sound quality when connected to smartphones, laptops, and tablets via a wireless transmission. It proves to be an ideal gift for men, especially if he loves listening to music.

These speakers are compact and light-weight designed to be the perfect travel partners. One can easily carry it around with them outdoors. The Bluetooth connectivity is the primary factor in deciding on a travel speaker. It should have the latest Bluetooth 4 or 5 versions so that there is a stable connection with no interference in the performance.

Also, the speaker should have a good battery life that will ensure continuous playtime for a long duration. TF card slots, smart features, and aux line inputs are a few other essential factors which you should consider before making a purchase.

Gym Shoes / Sports Shoes

Lotto Classica V Men's Tennis Shoes

A pair of shoes is one of the most important accessories of a man’s style statement. Hence, a pair of shoes is probably one of the best gifts for men. You could gift your boyfriend a pair of comfortable gym or sports shoes if he is into fitness or sports. There are different types of sports or gym shoes designed for different sports and requirements like running shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, etc.

It is essential to know his shoe size before you make a purchase for ensuring an excellent fit. Moreover, the sports shoe should have a sleek and trendy design, something which he would love. Check for its material of construction and durability. Shoes made using breathable mesh material with cushioning in the interior will be comfortable to wear.

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is a good option if your boyfriend owns a laptop. There are different types of laptop bags available, including- laptop messenger bags, backpacks, totes, briefcases, etc. You should know the size of your boyfriend’s laptop before you decide on the bag.

The bag will be used for carrying the laptop and keeping it safe. Hence, ensure that the bag you go for has a good quality, durable, and waterproof construction. You can consider an anti-theft backpack, to ensure the complete safety of the laptop against theft.

The laptop bag must have ample storage space and additional pockets for storing accessories like chargers, USB cables, keys, wallets, etc. Also, the comfort of your boyfriend is essential. Go for a bag with adjustable shoulder straps and cushioning so that it is comfortable to carry around.


Consider gifting your boyfriend a helmet if he owns a motorcycle or sports bike. It is the essential accessory for a biker. There are many different types of helmets available for you to choose from- including a half-face helmet, open face, and full-face helmets.

Ensure that the helmet is light-weight and comfortable to wear. It should be molded using foam, and the outer shell should be constructed using hard polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or Kevlar. The foam will absorb the impact due to sudden falling. Safety should be given the utmost priority. Hence the helmet should be certified.

Also, it is important to keep in mind factors such as strap and buckle type, ventilation, inner padding, etc. while selecting a helmet to buy.

Bike Gloves

You can consider choosing bike gloves as gifts for men. This will serve as a stylish yet useful gift for your boyfriend if he owns a bike. Ensure that the pair of gloves are well padded, to offer protection against accidents. Moreover, gloves are designed to provide comfort and a firm grip to the rider.

There are gloves available in different materials. It is important to ensure that the gloves are of good quality so that it is resistant to wear and tear. The most common glove materials are polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and fleece.


A backpack is the most useful gift you could present to someone. You can opt for a travel-friendly backpack or even a camera bag. The backpack you buy should have ample storage space with compartments so that the items can be stored in an organized manner.

A good quality backpack will be resistant against wear and tear, enhancing its durability. Also, consider factors like adjustable straps. A strap that is well padded and adjustable will be more comfortable to use. It will distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders.

Grooming Products

Grooming products for men include a wide range of products, including aftershaves, hairdryers, hair cream, shampoo, deodorant, etc. You could gift your loved one a grooming kit which usually includes all the basic grooming essentials. An electric shaver and a beard trimmer are also considered useful gifts for men.

Before going in for a trimmer, know about its types. The trimmer should have an ergonomic design making it comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, it should be easy to clean and maintain. Also, check for different features and speed settings.


We hope that you have already decided on what you should gift your boyfriend for his birthday, by the end of this list. So, without wasting much time, start shopping!

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