9 Best Touchscreen Gloves

Operating your touchscreen devices like smartphones, tablets, or even laptops poses a unique kind of challenge in bone-chilling, soul-freezing, and mind-numbing winters.

Removing your gloves every time to operate your devices makes it awfully inconvenient while weathering the chilly winds and freezing temperatures.

That’s where, the touchscreen gloves become a necessity as these allow you to take your phone calls, post messages on social media apps, take selfies against the backdrop of picturesque frosty landscapes, or work on your meeting deadlines.

This article explains all the necessary information regarding Touch Screen Gloves including the Importance of Touch Screen GlovesWorking Of Touch Screen GlovesWho Needs Touch Screen Gloves and the Difference Between Regular and Touch Screen Gloves. This is followed by a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for making the task of choosing the right touch screen glove easy.

We also provide the list of top 9 touch screen gloves available on Amazon along with the links to purchase them. The last section comes with the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which will help you get a better idea about the topic.

Top 9 Touchscreen Gloves in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Best For Motorcycle Riding
Best For Motorcycle Riding
Best For Cycling
Best For Mens
Best For Womens
Best For Outdoor
Best For Skiing

Importance of Touchscreen Gloves

Touch screen gloves come with conductive fibers on the thumbs, middle, and index fingers. You can operate your touch screen devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones, and more without having to remove your gloves.

This saves time so that you don’t have to miss out on important calls and more while taking off the gloves. These are very useful, especially during winters, as they help in keeping your hands warm because of its fleece lining and soft woolen material.

Moreover, these gloves come with silicone on the palm so that it ensures a secure grip, preventing your hands from slipping. The non-slip design makes it suitable for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, motorcycle riding, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and many other sports activities.

Working of Touchscreen Gloves

Touch screen gloves use the conductivity of electricity to operate touch screen devices, including tablets, touch screen smartphones, etc. They come with silver or copper threads weaved into the fabric of the thumbs, index, and middle fingers of both the gloves with satin insets.

The threads conduct electricity from your fingers and transfer them to the fingertips of the glove. It allows you to operate the touch screen of the device normally.

Nanoparticles of silver are embedded into leather gloves. This produces full hand conductivity as the leather conducts electricity from any part of your hand. The electricity is then transferred into the tips of the fingers of your gloves.

Who Should Use These Gloves?

People who live in a cold climate or have chilly winters require these gloves. They keep hands warm while also allowing them to operate touch screen devices, including tablets and smartphones, when needed.

These are also suitable for those who love outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding, etc. The gloves ensure a firm grip, warmth. They also allow them to use their phones without having to take them off.

Difference Between Regular and Touch Screen Gloves

Regular gloves do not allow you to operate your touch screen device as it acts as a barrier between you and your device. They only serve the purpose of keeping you warm or serve as a clothing accessory. Thus, to operate your smartphone, you would need to take off your gloves, which is time-consuming.

On the other hand, touch screen gloves have the same features as regular gloves. They can also serve the purpose of keeping you warm, protected, and stylish.

However, they come with conductive fibers weaved on the fingers or the entire glove so that electricity conduction ensures faster access to your smartphone or tablet. You can operate your touch screen device instantly while keeping warm.

Buyer’s Guide

Suitable for Men/Women

Touch screen gloves are designed based on gender to meet the fashion requirements of men and women. Thus, check the suitability of the glove before you make a purchase.

Gloves that come with a fashionable design, including fur balls and laces, are very appealing to women. However, it is also possible to get unisex touch screen gloves that are designed to suit the interests of both men and women.


Check the size of the glove so that it fits you comfortably and securely. Most gloves are available in medium, large, and XL sizes with a chart showing the width of the palm suitable for each size. Thus, you need to measure your palm width so that you find an accurate size of touch screen gloves. They also come in one size that can be stretched to fit the size of your hand accordingly.


Go for a glove made of soft and warm woolen material or something made of leather. They should also come with an inner fleece lining so that it has thermal insulation properties to keep you warm during cold winters.

Having a pair of gloves with waterproof fabric is also great as it protects you from rain or snow. The material should be wear-resistant, making it ideal for daily use, and it should not be too bulky so that you can easily place it inside your pocket or purse.

Anti-Slip Palm

The palm of the glove should come with a silicone gel coating so that it obtains an anti-slip property. This feature enhances the firm grip so that you can hold handlebars securely without the worry of your hands slipping.

Full Finger Touch Screen

The primary feature to look out for in the touch screen glove is the touch screen technology. The gloves should have conductive fibers embedded into the thumbs, index, and middle fingers of both hands with a satin inset.

This allows you to use your smartphone and touch screen devices conveniently without having to take them off.

Zippers and Velcro Strap

Go for gloves that come with zippers or velcro straps as it helps in adjusting the size accordingly. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit while also keeping your hands warm.

Top 9 Best Touchscreen Gloves

1. HIVER Waterproof Teslon Gloves – Our Pick

HIVER Waterproof Teslon Gloves
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This product is a must-have because of the unique features that make it stand out. It has a waterproof material that makes it suitable to use in the rain and snow. It retains heat to keep your hands warm at all times even while you operate your touch screen devices with ease.

The pair of gloves also come with velcro straps so that you can adjust the size accordingly for a comfortable fit. It is stitched with precision so that you can wear it every day without the fear of wearing it out.

Main Features
  • Made using nylon waterproof fabric and comes with an inner fleece lining.
  • The thumbs and fingertips of both the gloves come with touch screen capabilities to operate smartphones and tablets.
  • Comes with a reverse omni Velcro strap at the wrist with a drawstring closure for adjusting the size and fit.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is thin and light-weight.
  • Constructed using 100 gram of 3 m insulation ensuring breathability.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Offers complete waterproof protection that keeps the snow and rain out.
  • It comes with delicate stitching for wear-resistance and durability.
  • The breathable surface and adjustable Velcro straps ensure comfortable secure fit.
  • Ensures maximum heat retention to keep your hands warm.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fitting could be better.
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2. Crumpled Winter Warm TouchScreen Woolen Gloves 

Crumpled touchscreen woolen gloves are excellent winter gloves that are designed to keep your fingers warm and comfortable. These gloves help you to type, tap, and scroll efficiently and effortlessly. 

These gloves feature a special conductive fabric that is woven into the fingertips of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb. This ensures complete and seamless navigational control of your touchscreen devices. 

These gloves are suitable for all types of touch screen devices including tablets, smartphones, and MP3 players. These black colored knit gloves look stylish and keep your hands warm even during severe weather conditions. 

These gloves give you the freedom to type, text, and touch without experiencing any frozen fingers.

Main Features
  • These are touchscreen winter gloves that feature superior acrylic wool knitting for keeping your hands and fingers warm.
  • They are woven with conductive fiber that ensures convenient touchscreen access.
  • These gloves are suitable for working with various devices including all types of smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices.
  • They are stretchable and free size to provide comfortable fitting for all types of hands.
  • These gloves are designed for smooth conductive touch that keeps you warm during working or playing on your devices.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These gloves are treated with an anti-bacterial agent. They are skin-friendly gloves that are free from azo-dyes.
  • The threads of these gloves are infused with metal for making contact with fingers while remaining soft and warm.
  • They feature soft and smooth lint-free wool that is suitable for wearing at home as well as at work.
  • They are easy to wash by hand using a mild detergent.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t work satisfactorily on the touchscreen and touchpad of the laptop.

3. Hiver Motorcycle Riding Touchscreen Gloves – Best For Motorcycle Riding

Hiver Motorcycle Riding Touchscreen Gloves
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This is a great option for a motorcycle rider as it comes with non-slip silicone for holding the handlebars with a firm secure grip. You can easily adjust the size of the gloves for a comfortable fit using the zippers on the back of the pair. The waterproof fabric also allows you to use it in rain or snow as it keeps you warm as well. Moreover, it comes with a three years warranty against any manufacturing defect making it a reliable choice.

Main Features
  • This is a touchscreen glove pair with conductive fibers on the index, middle fingers, and thumbs.
  • The palm of the glove comes with a non-slip silicone for holding handlebars.
  • Comes with zippers on the back.
  • The outer material is leather.
  • Suitable for motorcycle riding in the winters.
  • Has a waterproof fabric.
  • Ideal for men and women.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The size can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.
  • Ensures a secure grip because of its non-slip palm design.
  • Comes with three years warranty from any manufacturing defect.
  • Keeps you warm during winters.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Users have complained about the zipper being defective.
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4. Cycling Gloves Full Finger Touchscreen – Best For Cycling

Cycling Gloves Full Finger Touchscreen
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This pair of gloves are designed to suit the basic requirements for men that love cycling or driving in the cold winter season. It keeps the hands warm and ensures a comfortable fit that is obtained with the zippers as they adjust the elastic accordingly.

The touch screen technology of this glove is present on not just the index fingers and thumbs but also the middle finger. This makes it work well with all touch screen devices including iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones.

Main Features
  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, XL.
  • It is a pair of touch screen gloves for men.
  • The palm of the gloves come with non-slip silicone gel.
  • The touch screen technology is present in the thumbs, index finger and middle fingers of both gloves.
  • Comes with high-grade zippers on both sides.
  • Made using highly waterproof fabric.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works well with all touch screen devices including Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, etc.
  • The zipper allows you to adjust the size accordingly for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • The waterproof fabric allows you to wear it for outdoor activities like cycling even in rain and chilly winters.
  • It ensures a firm and secure grip because of its non-slip palm.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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5. Fansport Wool Winter Gloves – Best For Mens

Fansport Wool Winter Gloves
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The Fansport Wool Winter Touch Screen Gloves is a great buy for men as it not only keeps hands warm but also includes a stylish design in the form of a leatherette belt.

It is made using breathable soft wool that ensures warmth and comfort during outdoor activities in the cold winters. The touch screen gloves are also wear resistant and durable making it an ideal option if you require it for daily use.

Main Features
  • Made using warm and soft wool.
  • Suitable for men to wear.
  • Length: 24.5 cm, hand circumference: 21 cm and middle finger length: 9 cm.
  • Designed with a leatherette belt.
  • Comes with a thermal fleece lining on the interior.
  • The touch screen technology is present on the forefingers and thumbs.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Made using breathable material for added comfort.
  • It is durable and suitable for daily use.
  • Keeps your hands warm during outdoor and sports activities.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality could have been better.
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6. FabSeasons Woolen Winter gloves – Best For Womens

FabSeasons Woolen Winter gloves
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FabSeasons Women’s Woolen Touch screen gloves come with the satin inset touch screen technology on the thumbs and index fingers of both the gloves so that you can use your touch screen smartphone easily while outdoors.

The elegant design with the soft thick inner fleece lining makes it an ideal choice for women who wish to keep themselves warm and comfortable during the chilly winters. You don’t have to worry about the size as it comes in one size making it suitable for anyone.

Main Features
  • It has an elegant design including an accenting color and lace on the wrist making it ideal for women.
  • They are one-size stretchy gloves that make it possible to ensure a secure fit.
  • Comes with a soft and thick inner fleece lining.
  • Ideal for winter or the in-between stage of the cold weather fall.
  • Available in four colors: black, brown, maroon and grey.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They have a comfortable fit that is not too bulky.
  • The gloves are thin enough to place inside pockets and purses.
  • Versatile gloves that work well in operating touch screen devices while outdoors or driving.
  • They are fashionable and also ensure a smooth touch on the exterior.
  • Keeps you warm during chilly winters.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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7. Coromose Men Winter Gloves – Durable

Coromose Men Winter Gloves
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The Coromose gloves are the ideal choice for men who love outdoor activities including camping, mountain climbing, hiking, snowboarding and cycling. The polar fleece and lining provides a comfortable fit while the waterproof fabric enables you to wear it during rain and snowfall.

It also ensures a smooth and secure grip because of its shock absorption property. The light-weight pair of gloves wear resistant that makes it a durable option to consider.

Main Features
  • Size dimensions of this pair of gloves: 26× 12 × 5 cm.
  • It is made using polar fleece and comes with a cozy lining structure which is great for the skin.
  • The palm of the gloves come with a silica gel particle that help in shock absorption and ensures an anti-slip property.
  • It has touch screen finger design for using phones, tablets etc.
  • The surface is made using waterproof fabric.
  • Weight: 150 gram.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ensures a soft and comfortable fit.
  • The waterproof fabric allows you to wear them during rain or snowfall.
  • The windproof and thermal insulation properties keep you warm outdoors.
  • Suitable for various outdoor activities including camping, snowboarding, hiking, mountain climbing and cycling.
  • Has an anti-skid, light-weight and wear resistant design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were mentioned.

8. Handcuffs Fashion Warm Waterproof Gloves – Best For Outdoor

Handcuffs Fashion Warm Waterproof Gloves
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The Handcuffs Fashion Warm Winter Touch screen gloves comes with conductive fibers on the thumb and index fingers so that you can operate your smartphone and touchscreen devices including pads.

The unisex gloves are available sizes with the mentioned size that help you choose the one accurate to your palm width for a secure and comfortable fit. It is made with breathable and warm material making it ideal for outdoor winter activities.

Main Features
  • The pair of gloves are made using a combination of Lyca, neoprene, mesh fiber and microfiber that is completely elastic.
  • The thumb and index fingers come with a conductive metal fiber that allows you to use your phone and other touchscreen devices.
  • The elastic wrist cover design provides an adjustable and comfortable fit.
  • Unisex gloves that come in the sizes: Small (palm width: 2.8-3.1 Inches), Medium (Palm Width: 3.1-3.5 inches) and Large (Palm Width: 3.5-3.9 inches).
  • It is slightly waterproof.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ensures perfect comfortable fit and protection.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities in the winter because of its windproof, waterproof and warm characteristics.
  • It preserves heat keeping you warm and is also breathable.
  • The silicone on the palm makes it non-slip ensuring a secure grip while holding handlebars even on the hard roads.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is non-padded making it unsuitable for riding motorcycles.
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9. asiproper Touch Screen Ski Gloves – Best For Skiing

asiproper Touch Screen Ski Gloves
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The asiproper Winter Touch screen gloves are suitable for both men and women who enjoy outdoor sports such as cycling or even skiing during winters.

It ensures thermal insulation that keeps you warm during in the cold while the soft mesh fabric with the anti-slip design ensures comfort as well as a secure grip.

It also has conductive fabrics in the thumb and index fingers so that you can use your phone comfortably without having to take off the gloves.

Main Features
  • This is a full finger pair of touch screen gloves that is available in medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • It has a unique pattern and zipper based design.
  • The thumb and index fingers have a conductive fabric making it possible to use your touch screen phone.
  • Made using mesh and wool material that is soft and comfortable.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The zipper allows you to adjust the size for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • It can be used for outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, etc.
  • The palm has a non-slip design for grip.
  • It has thermal insulation properties because of the wind-spun fabric.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are touchscreen gloves?

Touch screen gloves are like any other regular gloves that help in keeping you warm and protected from rain or snow.

These are designed to include conductive fibers of silver and copper on the fingertips and thumbs of both the gloves so that you can operate your touch screen devices without having to take them off.

2. Can you wash touch screen gloves?

Yes, touch screen gloves can be washed normally using warm water and mild detergents. It is not recommended to wash them in your washing machine instead it should be washed by hands when they get dirty. They are then to be placed in a dry place.

3. Do touchscreen gloves work?

Yes, touch screen gloves do work well on compatible touch screen devices. They just need conductive fibers that conduct electricity from your fingers or hand to complete the circuit. The complete circuit will help you work your smartphone and tablets conveniently.


A pair of touchscreen gloves is all you need to keep going smoothly and carefree without bringing your life to a stand-still during harsh winters. It allows you to operate your devices with the same efficiency and precision as you would do without gloves.

Say goodbye to shaking fingers while swiping, typing, or tapping on your device’s screen. These gloves are equipped with conductive fibers on the index finger, middle fingers, and thumb region. This ensures uninterrupted access to touchscreen devices along with gloves.

Moreover, these gloves are designed to provide a secure and firm grip for preventing your hands from slipping. Thus, it not only keeps your hands warm but also allows you to engage in various sports activities like cycling, skiing, hiking, climbing, etc.

HIVER Men’s Waterproof Teslon Gloves is our number one recommendation because of its diverse features. You can also go for the Fansport Men’s Wool Winter Touchscreen Gloves if you are in search of a touch screen glove for men. On the other hand a suitable choice for women would be the FabSeasons Woolen Winter gloves with Touchscreen fingers.


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