Samsung (MC28H5033CK) 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Convection microwave ovens are known to be more efficient compared to the conventional microwave ovens. It heats or cooks your foods much quicker and, at the same time, retains the quality that they must have. This is why we would like to suggest to you an oven that will surely exceed your expectations. Introducing the Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5033CK), with its great features and modern, sleek look rest assured that you would never go wrong.

This is perfect for your home, especially if you are a busy person who wants to cook quality dishes as fast as possible.

28-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is decent enough to hold a sufficient amount of food so that you’ll not need to redo things all over again.

Ergonomic Handle

You can grip the handle of the door easily and without getting hurt because it is ergonomic and insulated.

LCD Screen

You can see the current status of the oven so that you will be aware if you are already finished with the cooking or heating.


It removes the unpleasant odors that are present inside the oven, especially after using it.

5-Year Warranty

It has an overall five years warranty, which you can utilize in case you discover some issues with the item.

Slim-Fry Feature

It lessens the oil needed in order for you to cook without compromising taste efficiently.

Multipurpose Use

This is good for multifunctional use such as grilling, heating, cooking, and defrosting.

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What Do We like

Wide Window

You can easily see what’s inside the oven if you want to with the help of the wide window that is integrated into this oven.

Spectacular Design

The exterior has an exquisite and sleek style that will add up some wow factor to your dining area.

Affordable Price

Buying this oven will surely not hurt the budget because it has an affordable price tag.


Since this oven is made of topnotch materials, rest assured that it will not deteriorate easily.

Low Power Consumption

Despite the amazing features and efficiency, the electricity consumption of this oven tends to be very low.

What We Don’t Like

The plastic in the door tends to chip off easily.


This oven will truly perform all your cooking and heating needs because of its great features such as 28-Liter Capacity, Ergonomic Handle, LCD Screen, Deodorizer, 5-Year Warranty, Slim-Fry Feature, and Multipurpose Use. All of those are achievable in just an affordable price.

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