IFB (20BC5) 20 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

There is no doubt that IFB has been providing high-quality products and services among the various product categories since it was found by Bijon Nag. Since then, we Indians made IFB one of our favorite brand. It was founded in 1974 with the name Indian Fine Blanks Ltd. with a partnership with a European brand. Throughout the years, they have innovated into becoming a manufacturing giant in the industry.

And if you are currently looking to buy a convection microwave oven for your use, then IFB is a great choice. We would like to introduce to you this IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20BC5), it is made of the finest materials that will give you the tasty dishes that you will surely love. The good thing is you can create them super quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.


Multipurpose Oven

It is made to be used for various purposes such as baking, cooking, defrosting, grilling, and reheating.

20-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is perfect enough for bachelors up to small-sized families.

Wide Window

You can easily see what you are cooking because of the wide and clear window that this oven has.

Heater Selection Option

It allows you to choose the proper heat level that is needed in cooking the particular food that you want.

Autocook Menu

There are both local and international menus that you can choose from.

Steam Clean

It removes unwanted smell and grease inside the oven to maintain hygiene in the cavity.

Combination Cooking

It combines power grill and combi technology in its heating and grill modes for better results of what you are cooking.


This product has a year of warranty on the unit and three years on the Magnetron and cavity.

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What Do We like

High Durability

Since this oven is made of the finest materials only, you can expect that it will not deteriorate easily.

Great Design

It has a good-looking exterior and portability that will allow you to add up some elegance to your kitchen.

No Maintenance Require

It is not necessary for this oven to undergo any maintenance, which will surely save you a lot of time and effort.

Quiet Operation

This oven does not produce that much noise when you are using it, which makes it perfect to utilize at any time of the day.

Hassle-Free to Clean

It will not give you any difficulties when you are cleaning because it can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth when it is dirty as it has a smooth surface.

Easy to Use

This oven does not contain any complex components which allow you to use it with ease, its  TouchPad Panel lets you select your options easily.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This oven has wonderful features that you can utilize, such as Warranty, Multipurpose Oven, 20-Liter Capacity, Wide Window, Multistage Cooking, Heater Selection Option, Autocook Menu, Steam Clean, TouchPad Panel, and Combination Cooking. Those features will be experienced by yours at a very affordable price!

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