IFB 25BCSDD1 25 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

It is tried and tested that the convection microwave oven performs much better compared to the traditional ovens. You will surely have a wonderful time using them because they are more efficient and easier to use. With regard to that, you must go for a truly reliable brand, just like the IFB and the microwave oven we would like to suggest is its 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25BCSDD1). It has a modern contemporary look that will surely add up some elegance to your kitchen. The combination of silver and black denotes simplicity and, at the same time, exquisite look.

The good thing about this product is its amazing reliability and durability. You will save a lot of time and effort when cooking your favorite local or even international dishes.


Child Lock

It acts as a safety feature to protect your kids from intruding the inside components of an oven while in use.


It has a 1-year warranty on the unit and 3 years on its magnetron and cavity.


This oven has a lot of uses such as baking, cooking, defrosting, grilling, and reheating.

25-Liter Capacity

This is already sufficient enough to hold foods that are suitable enough to accommodate up to medium-sized families.

Touch Key Pad

This makes you control the oven much easier because you do not have to put too much effort when pressing the buttons.

Drop-down Door

This will give you easy access to the interior of the oven so that you can put or take out foods from the oven in a hassle-free way.

Disinfect Feature

It will sterilize the interior of the oven to give you cleaner and healthier foods for consumption.

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What Do We like

Roomy Interior

Since this oven has plenty of room on its interior, you can easily put a lot of foods inside the oven, making your cooking experience more efficient.


You have the peace of mind that this oven will not wear out easily because it is made of premium materials that do not deteriorate easily.

Great Style

The amazing style that this oven has will truly add up some exquisite look to your kitchen.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

You do not have to perform any maintenance on this oven for this to function well.

Easy to Clean

You will have the ability to clean this oven effortlessly because it has a smooth surface that can easily be wiped off when it is dirty.


This oven does not have any complex mechanisms in it, which allows you to use it with ease, which is perfect for first-time microwave oven users.

What We Don’t Like

It emits some noise while in use.


This oven has wonderful features, and we have finished discussing it in this review article. To give you a recap, the following benefits that you can get from this oven are the Child Lock, Warranty, Multifunctional, 25-Liter Capacity, Touch Key Pad, Drop-down Door, and Disinfect Feature. You can experience all of those at a very affordable price.

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