LG (MC2846SL) 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

We are currently living in a fast-paced world. This is why we must do things as quickly as possible, especially in preparing our meals. One way of accomplishing it is with the use of microwave ovens. With regard to that, we have a suggestion for you, and we would like to introduce you to this LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven MC2846SL.

It has one of the best modern features that you can find in a microwave oven. As a result, you will get tasty and delicious foods, which will truly give you the satisfaction that you deserve for your hard work.



You can use this oven for various purposes such as baking, cooking, grilling, reheating, and many more.

Touch Key Pad

This promotes minimal effort when you are operating this oven because the keypad is responsive even with a light touch.

Two-Stage Cooling

This is an assurance that your food will be evenly and well-cooked for more satisfaction.

Quick Defrost

This feature will allow you to remove the icy particles on your foods easily and quickly than ever.

Multi Menu Feature

It allows you to choose among various international and local dishes that will give you the best eating experience.

Accessories Included

This product has several freebies included in the deal, such as a cookbook, shelf, milk container, rotisserie bar, and handle, rotating ring, glass tray, owner’s manual and etc.

Quick Start

It allows you to start the oven really quickly, making you save a lot of time.

Steam Clean

This will clear out bacteria and unwanted smell inside the oven for much hygienic user experience.


With the help of this feature, you can create delicious sauces in no time.

28-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is suitable for up to medium-sized families.

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What Do We like


This oven will not deteriorate easily because it has premium materials that will not deteriorate easily.

Extremely Affordable

This oven will truly fit the budget because it is not that expensive.


Since this oven has a 28-liter interior, you can expect that it can accommodate a decent amount of food inside it. This will save you a lot of time and effort in redoing things all over.

Elegant Design

You can surely have a wonderful time using this oven because it looks nice. This will surely make your kitchen looks pretty cool once you place this oven there.

Easy to Maintain

You will surely have no hassles when using this oven on a daily basis because it does not need any maintenance at all.

Not Noisy When in Use

The good thing about this oven is it does not produce that much noise making it very desirable to use as it will not annoy you.

Hassle-Free to Clean

This oven is not that hard to clean because it has a spacious interior in which you can easily fit your hands on when cleaning. The smooth surface of the oven also allows you to clean the oven easily.


This oven does not have any complex mechanisms that will not give you any difficulties when using it.

What We Don’t Like

The outer cover is prone to rust.


This oven has sufficient features that will give you the best experience. Some of its best features are the Touch Key Pad, Two-Stage Cooking, Multi Menu Feature, Accessories Included, Quick Start, Steam Clean, Fermentation, and 28-Liter Capacity. This oven will truly value your money and will not let you down.

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