LG (MJ3296BFT) 32 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

One thing that you want to do when cooking in a microwave oven is not to redo things all over again. A solution that we can think of is by having a convection microwave oven that has a big capacity. With regard to that, we would like to introduce you to this LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven MJ3296BFT, which is also perfect if you have a big family. This will provide all your needs and functionalities needed for you to create tasty dishes in the easiest possible.

It is equipped with the latest features, both in functionalities and security. So if you will buy this oven, you can expect that it will meet your needs. You will never have to wait a long and time and without putting too much effort. Let us now tackle more of its features as we discuss them in bulleted points below.


Accessories Included

This oven has a number of accessories along with the unit, such as the user’s manual, cookbook, recipe book, shelf, glass tray, starter kit, rotating ring, and many more.

1-Year Warranty

It will protect you from unwanted defects if they are present in the unit after buying it.

32-Liter Capacity

This is decent enough to accommodate big families.

It will allow you to enjoy curd, roti, ghee, dosa, paneer, and many other local dishes.

Auto-cook Menu

This allows you to choose among the various 255 local and 365 international dishes that you love and cook it easily in just a few clicks away.

Drop-Down Door

It gives you better access to the interior of the oven so that you can open or close the oven’s door much quicker.

Charcoal Lighting Heater

It is a great alternative to the conventional material that is used to heat up a microwave oven. This will greatly reduce the radiation that the oven emits.

Glass Touch Panel

When you want to select an option from the oven, making everything easy and quick.

Diet Fry Feature

It reduces the need for you to have healthier food choices.

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What Do We like

Sleek Black Design

There is a belief that having black appliances on your home will surely provide elegance at your home. This is true because this microwave oven will make your dining area look more exquisite and stylish.


This oven will truly last long because of the sturdy materials that are used in creating this product.


It is not that expensive, that is why it will surely for the budget of every person.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

There is no need for you to perform any extensive maintenance on it for this oven to function perfectly.


It does not emit any annoying noise while it is in use, making your usage of this oven truly desirable to use at any part of the day.

Easy Cleaning

You can clean this oven easily with minimal efforts because of its spacious interior and has a smooth surface, both interior, and exterior.

Easy to Use

It will not give you any difficulties while you are using this oven because it is super user-friendly.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


In this oven, we have learned that you will get nice features such as Accessories Included, 1-Year Warranty, 32-Liter Capacity, Auto-cook Menu, Drop-Down Door, Charcoal Lighting Heater, Glass Touch Panel, and Diet Fry Feature. It will give you a promising eating experience that you’ll never forget.

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