LG (MC2886BPUM) 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

LG believes that their brand is more than electronics as it provides life to us by providing us the best products possible. This South Korean brand has proven its worth since it was founded 61 years ago. It is originally named as Goldstar and underwent a name change in 1995, which resulted in the name LG.

Since then, they became a global brand that is truly trusted by many when it comes to phones and appliances. So if you are currently looking for a convection microwave oven that you can use, then this brand is absolutely a great choice. This is why we would like to introduce to you this LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2886BPUM), it has all the functionalities that you need on a convection microwave oven. We will further discuss more of its features for you to determine if this is the best oven for your home.

28-Liter Capacity

This 28-liter maximum capacity is suitable enough to fit medium-sized to big-sized family meals


There is an overall 5-year warranty on this product, which is composed of a year for the unit itself and four years for the Magnetron.


This oven can be used for cooking, defrosting, grilling, and reheating.

Child Lock

This ensures that your child is completely safe from accidents because it will securely lock the door of the oven so that your child will not be able to open it.

Jog Dials

These dials are used to control the oven with ease. Jog dials are also known to last long, which ensures that it will last long.

LCD Screen

This is where you can see the current status such as time and the temperature.

Autocook Menu

It allows you to choose among the various dishes available in the preset menu of this oven.

Stainless-Steel Cavity

This is responsible for the easy cleaning and high conductivity of the oven, which results in efficient and fast cooking.

Keep Warm Feature

It retains the desired temperature of the foods that you are cooking for more eating satisfaction.

Multi-Cook Tawa

This oven has this tray that is non-stick so that foods that require extra browning will not stick on the tray.

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What Do We like

Easy to Use

Since there are no complex mechanisms that you can find on this product, and it also comes with a user manual, you will have a lot of ease while using it.

Beautiful Floral Design

The façade of this oven has an outstanding floral design that will truly add up a lot of wow factor to your dining area.

Easy to Clean

This oven has a smooth surface, both interior, and exterior so that you can easily wipe the dirt off when they are dirty.

Wide Window

Because of this, you can easily view what’s happening inside while you are cooking.


Since this oven is made of premium materials, you can expect that this oven will last long.


This oven is not that bulky; that’s why it can easily fit even in the tightest areas of your house.

Safe to Use

It is completely sealed; that is why no microwave radiation will leak, keeping you safe at all times.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found.


This oven has nice features that will give you the taste and satisfaction that you want for your foods. Its most significant features are the 28-Liter Capacity, Warranty, Multipurpose, Child Lock, Jog Dials, LCD Screen, Autocook Menu, Stainless-Steel Cavity, Keep Warm Feature, and Multi-Cook Tawa. You will never regret buying this product because of its outstanding durability and affordable price.

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