Leeway 4 in 1 Manual Jogger Treadmill Review

In today’s date when the world is running after making a great physique, regular exercise is as important as having food. The celebrity looks truly inspire us, and therefore we all make sure that we don’t look bad and become a part discussion. Moreover, because of the hectic schedule, most of us tend to have different health issues. Only exercise can help you stay away from health issues and other problems. But this again requires running outside, which is again a hazard for most of the people.

We are more comfortable in doing everything at home, but when it comes to moving out, most of us tend to skip it. This is the reason why nothing like a treadmill can be a better choice. In case you are a beginner, manual treadmills can only become the right inclusion in your home.

The new Leeway 4 in 1 Manual Jogger Treadmill has been designed in a way that offers great result. Especially for the people who are looking for a gym workout at home, this manual treadmill can offer the best result.  Having some of the amazing features integrated into it, this treadmill can offer perfect results.

Even when it is non-motorized, this machine can perform some of the extraordinary performance. This is perfect for your home as the treadmill is compact and can be folded which saves the space along and also help you maintain a great physique.

Since a treadmill is known for its features, you should always have a look at its specifications before buying it. Only features of a treadmill decide its price and which you need to consider before buying.

Product Features

Even when most of the manual treadmill has limited features, this new Leeway 4 in 1 treadmill has some of the useful features. It is not only a running platform but also a twister, stepper and has pushup bars.

With more effective elements, this new treadmill has become the final choice for most of the trainees. Let us have a look at some of the most important and advantageous features of this treadmill.

46 x 13 Inches Running Area:

This new multi-functional treadmill has been designed in a way that it becomes great for all the users. As the running area is a pivotal factor, the manufacturers have designed a running surface of 46 x 13 inches. This means that even when you are tall and have longer strides, the treadmill still can suffice your needs.

1.8mm Thickness of Belt:

To ensure its longevity, the treadmill has been provided with a thick belt. It has a belt thickness of 1.8mm. Made with a polyester satin weave, this PVC non-slip surface can ensure the fiction and non-slip. This means that even if you opt for high-speed, intense practicing, the belt can endure it and offer great results.


To ensure smooth movement of the treadmill, it has been provided with rollers. The steel crowned rollers ensure keeping the belt move smoothly and in the center. This again becomes great as it reduces both wear and noise.

Proper LCD Display:

To make sure that you keep a track on everybody function, this treadmill has been provided with an LCD. This screen provides you with information about the speed, time, distance covered pulse rate, calories, and heart rate. The more you stay informed about these, the more you will be motivated.

Space Saving:

To make the treadmill great for home use, the product has been integrated with a great space saving design. This machine can be easily folded and thereby saves the space to a huge extent. Even you have a limited or small apartment, and you are not buying treadmill thinking about its storage space, this can be a great choice.

Great Running Experience:

Since most of the people purchase a treadmill because of running ability at the convenience of their home, the prime thing to see is its speed. As this is a manual treadmill, therefore you are supposed to move the belt using your body force. But then again this new treadmill has been precisely made with great rollers that ensure smooth running.

Sturdy Frame:

This treadmill is constructed for everyone and which is why it has a sturdy built. The robust steel frame and handlebars offer added security. As soon as you hop on to the treadmill, you will feel its robust presence.

130kgs of Max User Weight:

Its sturdy built ensures taking a weight of up to 130kgs of weight. Hence, if you are buying for your family, this one machine can become fitness equipment for everyone. Just make sure you keep a buffer of 10kg when you are running at high speed.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Max User Weight130kgs
Running Surface46 x 13 inches
Belt Thickness1.8mm
FrameSteel Built
RollersSteel crowned rollers ensure the smooth running of the belt
LCD DisplaySpeed, time, distance covered pulse rate, calories, and heart rate
Other ElementsStepper, Twister, and pushup bars
AssemblingEasy assembling and does not require any expert for installation

What Do We Like

  • Extremely durable: We were extremely surprised to see such an amazing quality of the machine. Its frame quality is extremely durable which we could easily understand once we started exercising.
  • Great choice for beginners: As we always know that starting with a manual treadmill is always an excellent choice for them as it increases the body endurance to a greater extent. The more you exercise in this treadmill, the more you can find your muscles getting tones and figure getting into shape.
  • Well Built: Whether you talk about the design or the steel frame of this machine, everything seems very robust. Its proper built makes it an ideal investment to make. Not only the frame but also the best quality is superb. No matter how much you run, it will not wear or tear even after intense exercising.
  • Accurate tracking meter: Most of the manual treadmill shows problems with the tracking meter, and fortunately we did not find any issues with that. We kept tracking its meter and whether it’s showing accurate result or not and we found that it’s okay.

What We Don’t Like

  • Did not Come With Any Manual: Well, definitely being a manual treadmill, this machine comes with some of the amazing features, but it did not provide any manual. This might become a problem for most of the people when it comes to installing the machine.


The Leeway 4 in 1 manual jogger treadmill is a great choice for both walking and jogging. You can perform your cardio exercises with ease just by buying and installing this machine. Moreover, with some of the amazing features integrated into this machine, this fitness equipment has become the final choice for people.


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