Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill Review

Cockatoo provides you a wide range of gym equipment. This Cockatoo Velocity Steel treadmill has constructed smartly and effectively to take your journey to the next level. The system of this treadmill is completely motorized with 0.8 to 12 km per hour speed range to make your workout session easy.

Cockatoo has added so many other advanced features such as LCD display, manual incline, etc. into this cockatoo velocity treadmill. The Treadmill has a spacious running space that will ease you while running with your full capacity. To tone, your body cockatoo has given a manual incline in this treadmill.


Motorized mechanism

This Cockatoo treadmill is a motorized treadmill that is effectively designed to ease your workout. It has 1.25 HP DC Motor with 2.5 HP DC peak. The motor is an energy-saving, ultra-quiet and maintenance-free with high power. You will be not having a strain on your ankles by starting the running system because this motorized treadmill sets the belt in motion by itself.

Shock absorbing belt

The Cockatoo velocity’s treadmill belt is made of five layers; together these belts absorb the force of your strides. The five layers name: a wear-resistant surface, sound insulation layer, shock layer, compression layer, and avoidance layer.

Big LED Display

The treadmill has 5″ LED display to keep tracking your basic stats such as the Distance, Speed, Incline-level, Pulse, Calories, clearly while your workout session. You will get handrails and side storage slots so that while doing the workout you can store phone, water bottle, etc.

Heart Rate Sensor

The grip pulse sensors enable you to monitor your heart rate while placing your palm on the sensors. Heart rate tracking helps to burn fat accurately because if you can make your heart rate constant than it will be a more effective workout session.

What Do We like

Manual incline & Independent CPU

The treadmill has an independent CPU technology and a manual incline feature. This will help to optimize your workout while building your muscles activity. It will target several important muscle groups of your lower body parts.

AUX Input for entertainment

Cockatoo Velocity Treadmill has AUX input to play songs from your phones while workout. You can listen to your favorite music tracks by connecting your music player to the onboard speakers through its AUX Input.

Pre-set multiple programs

It equipped 12 Pre-set workout Program that is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer for you. It will be fun and challenging to keep your workout change every day with different programs.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Speaker Quality

While workout people love to hear good music to stay focused but speaker quality of this treadmill isn’t that great. It doesn’t provide the high volume and good sound.


Despite the poor quality of the speaker, this treadmill possesses so many advance features that worth buying. It is providing a lot of quality features within its budget to make your workout session easy and worthy. The treadmill will be the ideal selection to embark on your fitness journey. It does its work with smooth and silent operation.

Komal Pandey

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