Kobo Motorized Treadmill Review

Too lazy to move out of the house for a run outdoors  or even walk? Find the workout sessions boring? Well, as we all know, “Modern problems need modern solutions,” and thus, the all-new “Kobo Motorized Treadmill” is here, which can actually eliminate all your excuses to carry out the workout sessions thereby leaving no stones in you fitness run.

In a world where entertainment shows up to be the root cause for one in performing a particular task, the device has been made efficiently enough to provide the same, so, you are actually staying fit even after staying at home. You can even watch your favorite T.V show or listen to music simultaneously while carrying with your workout. Great! Isn’t it? So, here is a detailed description of the product which might actually lure you by the features it provides.

Colour and Display Type

The device is a classic black colored with a LED display, conveying the related information during the workout sessions.

Maximum Weight

It can bear the user with a weight of about 100 Kg while running and a suitable weight of 80 Kg while walking. It can be even multi-function with its massage vibrator that can, in turn, help you to stay relaxed and fit.

Track Size and speed range

It has enough running surface of about 43 x 15.75 inches with speed ranging about  0.8 to 10 km/h. Thus making it ideal for use.

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What Do We like

Motor Power

The device has a 1 H.P, green, efficient dc motor, which gives peak power up to 2 H.P, which is actually in terms of the common man’s reach.

Heart rate sensor

It has a heart rate sensor on the railings that give information regarding the heart rate.


It has wheels embedded to ensure hassle-free transportation and even allows for 90 degrees folding purposes that can help to save space when not in use.

Music system

You can connect USB / AUX cable to listen to music in its high-quality speakers, thence saving your session from turning out boring.

What We Don’t Like

Long Use

The treadmill might get heated up if used for a long duration.


Walking and running in the same specified area will turn out to be boring after some time.



The all-new treadmill is excellent for the innumerous features it has, and also, it’s lifetime frame warranty along with a year warranty for the rest of the parts is sufficient enough to trust it. It is easy to use, maintain and thus one of the consumer-friendly products of the KOBO group which must be present in your home.

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Hari Priya

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