ASUS VivoBook X507UAEJ852T 15.6 inch Laptop Review

When looking for budget laptops, it can be a bit daunting. This is because most of them focus on creating laptops with an attractive appearance rather than focusing on functionality. Asus is very different as they have set a trend in the market to produce a variety of highly functional laptops with CPU’s that come with the best processors. The Asus VivoBook X507UA laptop comes with the latest Intel Processor. It can be used as a gaming computer and for your daily computing activities. This model comes in a very stylish and sleek design that will immediately catch your eyes at first glance.

ASUS SonicMaster

The Asus X507 uses a high-grade codec for superior audio quality. The large amplifiers and speakers on this laptop allow you to listen to a clear and good sound.

Amazing Performance

The Asus X507 laptop uses the latest Intel Core Processor i5. The processor is very powerful and can be useful for your entertainment needs and professional work.

M.2 Slot

The M.2 slot is for the dual storage on this laptop. You can decide to use it to upgrade your laptop from the customary mechanical hard drive to the SSD storage. You can also install the SSD drive on this laptop for maximum performance.


You can connect external devices on the laptop through its ports. The laptop has two USB 2.0 ports and one 3.0 USB. It also has an HDMI and channel to insert your multi-format card reader.


The Asus X507 uses lithium Ion batteries that have a long lifespan. The laptop charges very fast using its fast-charge technology. Your laptop can last up to 8 hours.

Fingerprint Sensor

This is another useful feature on this laptop. The Asus laptop has a One-Touch Access feature that allows you to log in to your windows with your fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor has a 360° recognition function to make sure that your fingerprint is read accurately even when you have wet hands. You don’t need to worry about anyone gaining access to your laptop or having to cram complicated passwords.

GO-Trust ID

This feature makes logging in easy. You can simply unlock your laptop safely using the Bluetooth on your mobile device.

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What Do We like


The Asus X507 is very portable and will fit in properly if you plan on traveling light. The laptop is very light and even with its compact design, it will serve your needs any day and anytime.


The laptop uses the latest technology to give you an optimized visual display. You will find the entire graphics on this laptop fascinating and very colourful.

No Overheating

Even after using the laptop for many hours, the cooling system keeps the laptop at a surface temperature below 36°C. The laptop is comfortable to use at all times because of the effective smart fan control.

What We Don’t Like

Congested Ports

The laptop works very fine but when you look at the left side of this laptop, all the ports are placed there making it look a bit congested


We will recommend the Asus VivoBook X507 because it is an amazing laptop and will offer superior performance. The fact that it is very affordable makes it a great choice. There is nothing to complain about this laptop and you will love its beautiful design.

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