Sunflame 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (CH Matrix 60 SS BF) Review


Sunflame always explores the possibility of having new technologies, designs, innovation, and features the suit the Indian kitchen. This product comes with a noise level of 62 dB with a cassette installation module. It comes with an airflow displacement of 1100 cubic feet per minute. The chimney is ideal for a kitchen with a size greater than 200 sqft and heavy grilling or frying. It is suitable for two to four-burner stoves, and it has a size of 60cm.

Powerful motor

It comes with a 190w motor that is efficient and useful. This chimney helps to absorb the vibrations created by the twin turbine and motor. It also maintains the noise level to reduce the rate of disturbance when it is in use. This also lets the fan spin faster while operating quietly and steadily.

LED lights

This chimney comes with lovely design LED lamps. These bulbs are positioned on the chimney surface to brighten your cooktop. They are energy-efficient and heat-free, unlike the typical halogen bulbs.


It comes with a stylish stainless steel design that provides reliable performance and long-lasting effects. The design is also sleek and compact with excellent efficiency, making sure you have a happy and smoke-free cooking experience. It comes with a steel/grey color and a beautiful pyramid shape.

Button control

This chimney comes with intelligent push-button control. The controls are positioned on the panel for easy access and operation. The light bulbs and speed settings can also be changed to whatever background you like. With this, you can have a perfect kitchen environment that is convenient and comfortable.

High extraction chimney

The chimney comes with good airflow and speed of 21m/s to ensure that it gets rid of grease, excess heat, and smells effective. It also ensures that your kitchen is kept clean, feeling pleasant, and comfortable.

Baffle Filter

The baffle filter is designed for various cooking styles. It is made of stainless steel material with excellent airflow. It captures grease from the air into the filter tray, which helps to minimize grease build-ups in your kitchen. To maintain this baffle filter, ensure it’s cleaned every six months.

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What Do We like


The chimney is reliable and comfortable to operate. This chimney will save you from spending so much on electricity bills and energy usage because it doesn’t take in a lot of energy whenever it is in use. It brings value to your money when it is purchased.


It comes with a durable body finish and sturdy look. It lasts for long, and it parts don’t develop faults that easily. The stainless steel body will make the colour stay for long and also add beauty to your kitchen.

What We Don’t Like

No negative feature for this product.



This Sunflame chimney comes with an excellent suction power and body finish, which is more durable than a conventional fan. The LED bulbs are good, which also makes it unique for night cooking. The size of this chimney is significant, it fits your kitchen perfectly.

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