Faber 90 cm 1000 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney Review

If you are looking for a decent and reliable chimney that you can use for your kitchen, then we would like to suggest something for you. We would like to introduce to you Faber 90 cm 1000 m³/hr Box-Type Kitchen Chimney, it is made of premium materials that you can rely on. You can use this chimney on a daily basis and will provide your kitchen with the environment that you are looking for. With the help of this chimney, you can enjoy better air quality in your kitchen, which will give you many benefits on the long run, particularly to your health.


3 Layer Baffle Filter

It allows the kitchen chimney to filter the impurities in the air faster and more effectively for a healthier kitchen environment.

Soft Touch Panel

This allows you to control the kitchen chimney with ease and comfort.

3 Layer HEPA

This chimney has additional layers of HEPA filters to ensure that no impurities or foreign objects are left out.

3 Speed

It is the feature that will allow you to choose from the 3-speed options that you can use in order to fit your needs.

LED Lamp

This will add to additional lighting in your kitchen for better ambiance and cooking experience.


This product has a year of warranty on the unit and 12 years on the motor.

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What Do We like

Silent While in Use

This chimney does not emit that much noise while in use, which makes it very suitable for use even at night because it only produces 62 decibels of sound while in use.


It has a nice color combination and shape that is surely a great addition to your kitchen’s appearance.

Outstanding Airflow

The suction power of 1000 m3/hr is good enough to provide the power that you need in order for the chimney to perform its functions.


It does not consume that much space because it is only 90 centimeters in size.

Easy to Use

It will not give you a hard time when you are using it because it does not have any complex components.

Hassle-Free to Set Up

This kitchen chimney is so easy to mount on the ceiling and could be installed quickly within a few minutes.

Highly Durable

It will last long because it is made of premium materials that do not deteriorate easily.

Trouble-Free Sanitization

You can clean this kitchen chimney easily because it does not have any hard to reach areas, and it has a smooth surface that can be easily wiped off when dirty.

No Maintenance Needed

It does not require you to do any hard maintenance on this chimney for it to function perfectly.

Low Power Consumption

This chimney does not consume that much electricity, which can save you some money on your electricity bills.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This kitchen chimney has a lot of good features that you can use to quickly improve the air quality in your kitchen. Some of its most significant features are the 3-layer baffle filter, soft touch panel, 3 layer HEPA, 3 speed levels, LED lamp, warranty, etc. All of these features are obtainable at a very affordable price.

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