Eurodomo 1100 m³/HR Kitchen Chimney Review

We are currently living in a fast-paced world; that is why we do our tasks as quickly as possible. Just so with our cooking tasks, because we are too busy with our everyday lives, particularly our work, we tend to disregard the odor, smoke, and dust that are present in our respective kitchens.

Thankfully, we have this kitchen chimney that you can surely be proud of and utilize at your own home. Introducing the Eurodomo 60 cm 1100 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, it is one of the most modern kitchen chimneys right now in the world. One of the few that has an auto-cleaning feature that is perfect for busy people like you.

Baffle Filter

It can easily filter out dirt and other types of impurities in the air inside your kitchen for better breathing and respiratory health.


It contains a year of warranty on the product and about 5 years on its motor.

Touch and Gesture Control

This makes the setting of the chimney’s option much easier to modify because you do not have to put a lot of effort into doing it.

Oil Collector

It is the place where the excess oil and residue falls off to avoid having a messy kitchen.

Auto Clean Feature

It cleanses the kitchen chimney automatically so that you will not have to put time and effort into cleaning it.

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What Do We like

Decent Coverage

It can be used for kitchens up 200 square feet that do medium frying or grilling on 2 to 4 burner stoves.


This chimney is made of the finest materials such as its stainless-steel body and crafted to perfection to ensure that it will not wear out easily.

Wide Coverage

It can accommodate kitchens up to 200 square feet with 2 to 4 burner stoves that perform heavy grilling or frying.

Easy to Use

Since this kitchen chimney does not contain any hard to understand mechanisms, then using it will be super easy even for first-timers.

Silent Operation

This kitchen chimney has a noise rating of only 58 decibels, making it desirable to use even at night.

Great Design

The beautiful exterior that this chimney has will surely be a great addition to the look of your kitchen.

Affordable Price

It has a low price despite its amazingly premium features.

Hassle-Free Installation

Anyone can easily understand how to set up this chimney because of its simple parts and components.

Not Bulky

It will save you a lot of space in your kitchen if you put this chimney because it is not bulky and has a tolerable size of 60 centimeters.

Strong Airflow

It has a decent airflow of 1100 m3/hr that can take away impurities in the air in a more efficient way.

Trouble-Free Cleaning

You can clean this kitchen chimney without having a hard time because its parts are detachable and can be easily wiped off.

What We Don’t Like

There are no cons found on this product.


This chimney has great features such as Baffle Filter, Warranty, Oil Collector, Auto Clean Feature, Touch, and Gesture Control. Those are perfect for people who are too busy but would want to freshen up the environment of their kitchen.

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