Is Vinegar Bad for Washing Machine? 

When it comes to cleaning washing machines, many people get confused. Since you already put detergent in it how come washing machine isn’t clean?

To clean a washing machine you need something stronger than soap. One of the most commonly used material is vinegar.

Vinegar contains acetic acid which is often used as a whitening agent or a disinfectant as the case may be. It can also be used to soften tough spots or get rid of odors in the washing machine.

However, there have been many debates about the possible bad effects of vinegar on some parts of a washing machine

Some people argue that the acid in vinegar can destroy the rubber parts of a washing machine. That the corrosive nature can weaken the rubber when it is left in the washing machine without rinsing after use. 

While this might be true (although there has been no physical evidence of such), vinegar still remains the most effective natural ingredient for cleaning your washing machine.

However, there are two different types of vinegar. We have white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. White vinegar also called distilled vinegar is gotten from the second fermentation of distilled alcohol which has been diluted.

This vinegar has 4-7 acidity level and it can be gotten from barley, rice, and other grains. The Cider vinegar is gotten from apples and it usually has more acidity level than the white vinegar.

The recommended vinegar for washing or cleaning your washing machine is the white vinegar. It does not have any color and some of them are made specifically for washing and cleaning the washing machine. 

To be on the safe side, before you use any type of vinegar in your washing machine, make sure to read your machine’s manual.

If you have misplaced the manual, you can always check the FAQ section of the maker’s website online. 


A washing machine cannot clean itself. You are the only one who can do that. Try to clean your washing machine at regular intervals.

To prevent odor, remember to keep the washing machine’s door open between washing cycles to improve airflow. Wipe your seals, clean your filter and your washing machine will be as good as new.


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