High-End Headphones

Audiophile headphones do several things for music listeners – They provide high-quality sound, noise cancellation with top-notch comfort to the users. They provide the best music experience that you can get from your headphones and help audiophile to rediscover their favorite music.

Let’s face it, audiophile headphones don’t come cheap, they are costlier than all other headphones. 

Though these headphones are high-end products and price can go high from 10000 to 30 to 40K, you get what you pay for. The top-notch quality with a perfect balance between ambiance, comfort, and design.

In this article, we will discuss the things that you need to consider while buying high-end headphones. Before you spend money on buying any headphones and regret it, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right buy.

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Who needs these headphones

Audiophile headphones are a great choice for those who require great sound quality, comfort, active noise cancellation, freedom from the wired headphones, and ability to roam around the office or home while being connected with the source of music.

People who love gaming, love to listen to music while writing code, travel, or just love listening to music before going to bed can benefit from the purchase of audiophile headphones.

Gamers, travelers, and workers in the call centers require such headphones to cut the environmental noise while concentrating on the sound that matters most to them.

What to Expect

No wonder with such a high price tag, the headphones above INR10,000 comes with multiple useful features as follows

Built quality 

No wonder these headphones come with quality built. The over-head earphones like Audeze Mobius and many others use the best quality material and replaceable memory foam cushions for ears.

Sound quality

They are called audiophiles for a reason.

These headphones are known to provide the most cinematic music experience to the users. They use bigger drivers to produce highly accurate, best-grade sound to enhance the experience of the user.

Types of headphones

Audiophile headphones come in several types including in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones. You can even get the truly wireless earbuds in the price above 10,000 rupees.

Over-ear headphones are further divided into two categories as closed over-ear and open over-ear headphones. 

Closed over-ear headphones are designed for noise cancelation by isolating your ears from environmental sound while open over-ear headphones allow the mixing of some environmental sound with music. 

Headphones like Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT available as over-ear headphones while Jabra Elite Active 65t and Sennheiser Momentum come as truly wireless earbuds.

Truly smart headphones

Audiophile headphones can be termed as truly smart headphones as they can take and respond to the call, uses touchpad technology for various controls, and has inbuilt one-touch access the personal assistant like Siri, Alexa and google assistant.

Wireless freedom

Being wireless is one of the primary features of these premier headphones. If you ever used the wired headphones, you know how messy it gets and also limits users’ movements.

With the high-end headphones, you don’t have to worry about the messy wires and not being able to move around. These headphones are wireless and allow users to move around freely.

Better comfort

When you pay a hefty price for the headphones, you expect it to be more comfortable to your ears than the cheap headphones in the market.

Audiophile headphones deliver exactly what you expect it to be – the most comfortable headphones

Best battery life

These are the headphones that come with the best battery life and can run for several hours once you charge them.

Some headphones from companies like Sony, even run for 30 hours.

Audiophile Headphones Terminology


aptX is a technology put forward by a leading tech company Qualcomm and it is one of the leading technology that powers most of the hi-res wireless audio devices including the audiophile headphones.

This technology ensures that the audio is a bit rate efficient to provide high-quality audio experience to the users.

Noise cancellation

As the name suggests, these high-end headphones often come with noise cancellation features. 

Noise cancellation means eliminating the environmental sound either completely or partially as per the requirement of the user.


The term HRTF stands for the Head Related Transfer Function which is also called an anatomical transfer function.

Though humans have two ears they can perceive and analyze the 3 dimensional sound coming from various sources. Human body process 3D sound using external ear, ear canal, and brain.

Most of the audiophile headphones are used for gaming purposes and uses the HRTFs to reproduce the sound from the surround.

FeaturesHeadphones Under 10000HIgh-end headphones
Noise CancellationGoodActive noise cancellation 
Built qualityBetter than the headphones under 5000Durable and sturdy headphones made from higher quality material
Sound qualityGreat bass with good quality soundGreat bass with balanced and high-quality sound with the cinematic experience.
ComfortGenerally comfortable but can cause ear burn after longer duration of use.Highly comfortable headphones. Has memory foam earpads 


Overall, the audiophile headphones can be a great buy if you can afford them as they are priced high due to the comfort and quality of sound they provide to the users.

With the best sound quality, great bass, amazing comfort to the ears, and various other specifications like HRTFs, aptX, etc. these make a perfect choice of headphones for gamers, avid music lovers, call center workers and those who require high-quality audio with active noise cancellation in place.